Our New Insulated Metal Carport Roof ($394/400 Square Feet – NO MOZZIES!)

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  1. I think you need to measure the air temp below the metal vs the nipa. You were measuring the temp of the metal itself. Maybe? Not really sure. Roof looks good you must be planning to stay for awhile

  2. TREES..NATURES BEST SUN BLOCKERS.. Theres even non-invasive bamboo that grows tall and stays in its line and does well to cool the house and provide privacy as well..

  3. Wow what a great structure you’ve had installed, and nice to see you all together on VBLOGπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ‘

  4. Yes Ned, Filipinos are indeed tough. In body and in spirit, all the calamities, and in the aftermath, digging themselves out and returning to normality. I see it all the time, and a big thank you for giving them the tip. By doing that, you lift all Westerners up a little.

  5. LoL, Zoey’s a happy well fed baby. Ned, it looks like you’ve settled into the family man role pretty nicely, it looks good on you! πŸ™‚

  6. One thing we always liked about Ned is his great attitude. The guy appreciates the things in life that matter. Little stuff, I can understand a man like Ned. I am a do it yourselfer too but when I need help, nobody is better at being a good neighbor than a Filipina.

  7. Ned, nice…I am sure you will enjoy. I noticed a gap and daylight between the house and carport roof. is there a gutter running between the house and the carport roof? I looks like an area where rain will poor down…it would be nice to keep the area under the carport dry. With all this work being done, looks like you have decided to stay put in your apartment for a while longer? I know you were looking at other places for a while. How’s the backup power solution with the lithium batteries working out? Didn’t you mention also looking at going solar? Zoey is really growing up quickly!

  8. Interesting that you mentioned the Colt m1911 pistol. I’ve never researched it, but I remember my 9th grade history teacher telling us that in the mid ’70’s. He told us that American soldiers were being killed by dead Filipinos. The Filipinos would charge out of the jungle with a spear and the American soldiers would shoot them. They would be hit but their momentum would stab the American soldiers with the spear. The M1911 ACP was developed to be powerful enough to blow the body backwards, ending the forward momentum of the spear. Does this sound like what you were referring to?

  9. The 45 also came in handy against the Japanese in WW2- My Dad had first hand experience in US Army infantry Late ’44- late ’46 in the Philippines against Japanese….little did he know then that his future youngest son would go to Philippines 70+ years later (5 Times) and fall in love with a Filipina-

  10. When we replaced the nipa roof we found so many butiki and butiki eggs to my surprise. And we put chicken wire over the nipa and it was there 10 years later when we left.

  11. Hi sir, I will be moving to the Philippines not far from Dumagette soon as they allow foreigners, my fiancΓ© is there…
    I notice you have guitars in your home. I’m a Bassist and I would like to get involved in music when I’m there.
    Do you still play, or know people that do? Can you tell me about the music scene in Dumagette…..
    Thanks Chaz

  12. Hi Ned, I was just wondering if a second layer of insulation about one inch below the other layer would help reduce the heat even more? Take care of yourself and your family. Stay safe and healthy plus try to have fun.

  13. WHY would you EVER use nails with metal roofing panels? It makes NO SENSE! Use self-tapping screws with neoprene washers under the cap-heads, then do not over-tighten them, NO LEAKS and no need for Vulca Seal.

  14. Ned I live in Australia I was a roofer but believe me if it took 4 days here if you not do in a day you lose money one day max 2 guys. Next is we dont nail anymore we use tec screws with a cordless screw driver as the have a rubber grommets to stop leaks. The insulation we use a thing called sarking lts like aluminium foil sheets stuck together with a tar mixture to reflect sun heat silver one side blue underneath. You lay the wood battens then sark with foil just nail after sarking on that you put sheeting on top. Once sheeting is lapped correctly you use cordless drill with hex screw attachment to secure roofing sheets and sarking. Securing is as per wind ratings the more chance of typhoon the more screws. Ned you should of at least used some poly sheets for light too as the have great sun and heat resistance and you can see lol.
    I saw some philipinos roofing once and was amazed how stone age it was. In fact if your in town and they are breaking concrete up they use a hammer and cold chisels omg no jack hammer.
    Not saying they are lazy but technology doesnt seem to be important except in major developments.

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