Our Travel Plans Have Come To A Halt. Sunday in Thailand

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  1. Years ago I watched the building of a house they dithe concrete pillars. Too establish the height they used clear plastic hose filled with water because water seeks its level they put the hose on one and put the end on the other pillars to get the height

  2. It’s no good here in Europe….(and USA)….like the flu…It’s here to stay…vaksine only hope….and now lock down in Thailand so long time for tourist to come.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss, I have no idea how you did it with all that delicious food around you, it makes me raid the refrigerator just seeing it on video. I’ve thought before that growing next to the river with all the nutrient rich sediments and having the wall there to block some of the afternoon sun was a great idea. Happy New Year and many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  4. You ARE lucky to be there, brother!!….(you getting it now, about the wu-flu?..or just voicing it now?…haha)..Be careful about expressing opinions!…..the thought police will get ‘ya!!!…😂😂😂❤👍🙏

  5. Hiya Chuck and Page, Happy New Year to you and the family.We have just come back from Koh Chang where we spent Xmas but the whole island is so quiet, the only place with any live at all is White Sands and that was extremely quiet.Cheers Bruce and Noi from Korat.

  6. Chuck-ee…It sucks State side right now brother…. Been so preoccupied haven’t been able to tune in to too many of your videos caught up with you guys on this one it’s good to see you both…..
    hi Paige 🙏

  7. Great job as usual… once again… HNY from mine to yours. As I like to say; “If I don’t see you in the future, I’ll see you in the pasture.” :-))

  8. Hey Chuck-ee, Happy New years 🎉🎊🎈🎆🧧by the way…
    To you Paige 🙏 Paul Red
    and all of the street Mafia.
    A special hug for Ma… 🥰

  9. sorry chuck.. paige has way better odds of getting a 6 pack of Leo than you do of getting a 6 pack of ab’s. lol
    I saw the weigh in on Joe’s vlog and you did great!.. 🙂

  10. Hey Chuck, I can truly see your heart is hurting for what is happening to others around the world and maybe sometimes find it hard to level that with the message you want to verbalise on your channel, which is always a place of positiveness, not an easy one to balance and voice but I think you have get it right.

    I heard a lovely saying yesterday about one person who asked another how they deal with depression and anxiety (seems to work in the current climate), their answer was that if you keep one foot in yesterday (depression) and one foot in tomorrow (anxiety) then your are pissing on today – so in effect live in the present – take each breath at a time, there really is no time to be sad.

  11. Chuck you should eat like a diabetic you will lose the weight, you can eat everything. Its diet and exercise we all know that sometimes getting yourself to do that is the issue. Your gonna do alright in the scale test that you set up between the 3 of you. As to things getting better all i can say is if you wake up in the morning to see a new day life is good. I’ve coded in the hospital some friends of mine have also do to unforseen health issues comming up recently had a friend i have worked with for 30 years pass at 67 he always said life is too short to worry bout the things i cant fix. I and the men and women who had the pleasure of working with him pretty much at the stage of life we are at think the same way. What im trying to say in my own way is dont worry so much if you cant control it, so work around it if you lose a vacation here and there so what. Enjoy the day live ,love,eat,sleep it will all pass in time our great grandparents lived thru harder ,maybe harsher times. So i look at it as its my turn now to buck up and get er done.

  12. Thanks for another great video, don’t worry about the weight loss challenge, you already won the lottery meeting Paige and being able to live a great life in the most beautiful country in the world! Cheers, Tony

  13. Be so nice to wake up there everyday before the sun rises and sit on the bank with a rod in the water and watch the sun come up… with a Bia in hand of course..lol.Maybe even sell your catches that you don’t keep for yourself to markets? So peaceful and listening to those birds sing.
    LOL thinking of the birds singing made me think of the other creatures making their calls….is there any of those F U lizards (gecko?) in Thailand? I hear many Vietnam Vets talk about them from their tour in Vietnam.

    Here in the US covid isn’t going to go away,it isn’t going to go away in the rest of the world either.Not as long as people still roam about like it’s a vacation,heck just read a story of some college kids that been traveling across the country fishing.People here in the US have been acting as if it’s time for a vacation since this all began.Till people get locked down in the counties their primary residence is it isn’t going to slow.I said many times since it all started like most everything else even with a vaccine it’ll mutate,and now the UK already has cases of mutated covid (called SARS-CoV-2 VUI 202012/01) and the US now have cases of mutated covid because they will not lock the borders.There’s also another strain from South Africa that has made it’s way to the UK.It’d still likely have made it here even if the borders were locked though,just for the fact it does actually mutate.
    This covid problem isn’t going to end.This may be the very bug mother nature regains it’s foothold on how things happen in nature.Humans been trying to get rid of the natural selection for a long long time.It’s what keeps all forms of life healthy and populations under control,yet we keep trying to get rid of it.
    History has proven when a organism gets to large to be supported by the earth it succumbs to disease,famine,or some other catastrophe.

  14. Well it is about 6 hours before new years and thought I would end the year saying Good job on the diet you’re looking really slim in the face hope you and page have a great New Year and follow up with the the rest next year. I have my time in for retirement so soon as I can get the papers done I’ll be at least ready for exit strategy whenever they get all this crapp figured out with traveling and hope to buy you a beer next year take care

  15. Good morning everyone loved the video keep it up love it cheers from mick and donna in Australia hi page looking good cheers 😎🙏👍👍👍👍👍

  16. As someone said, ‘Bad timing for a diet’, but I am sure even if you don’t achieve your goal you will give it a good attempt and burn out your mountain bike.
    Things seem happy at the ‘Soi Mafia’ household and the food looked good, ,as I do miss Isaan food.
    Anyway, best of luck with the diet and have a great 2021.

  17. Chuckee often i hear you comment about losing weight you should do the liver and gallbladder flush google it . I have done it twice now my pot belly gone and i no longer have to take blood pressure or cholesterol pills its a life changer .Happy new year from Bisbane Australia

  18. Keto diet and intermittent fasting will helping you lose tones😀🙄😫🤔
    I watched Joe during this challenge and pretty much ate keto, and definitely losing beer time will double help …
    I was vegan too until I met my Thai wife and for a year I converted to pescatarian diet…
    Happy New Year!🙏🎉🍾

  19. Over 50 years of experience in Thailand tells me Thai people must be scared before they pay attention to issues, thus the media presentations. Being part of a Thai/Chinese family we pay respect to family ancestors each year and clean up the graveyard, old Chinese custom continued in Thailand.

  20. Chuck , You know you should not talk about Covid or the Covid Police will come and get you. I have the same beliefs as you but the others have FEAR. Now that I have passed 3 Negative Covid tests and am out of quarantine I am going to laminate the Certificate from the Thai Government and wear around my neck to show I am Covid Clear. My condo management wanted a copy in case someone said Covid Farang. in Bangkok.

  21. Covid is just a means to scare the world into submission. Only the old need to be concerned. Im a truck driver,drive all over the western US . Havent caught anything yet.
    Face masks the new plastic bags. Lets ban them.
    Holidays are off diet time.

  22. Looks like a great time, Happy New Year. That party in NYC would get you thousands of $$ in fines, what a sad and sorry state we are in over here, needless paranoia.

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