Our Weekly Vegitable Shopping At The Outdoor Market

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  1. Still amazed at the difference in climate over here, in different parts of the Philippines , up here in northern Pangasinan, haven’t had any decent rain for two months already, last time was typhoon Rolly early November, even then tho, although we had a lot of damaging wind, only had 2 inches of rain.
    Temperatures at night, feel pretty cool now as well, around 20C( even switch off the wall fan in our bedroom during the night, too cold lol ( have the windows wide open! ),goes up to 32 Daytime tho, but very little humidity.So quite comfortable!

  2. O no fish Marcel, lol. I see there using paper bags now instead of plastic, great news, but maybe not so great if bag gets wet in the rain 🌧️ could lose everything,

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