(part 2) KAMALA BEACH, PHUKET, THAILAND | WALK’n’TALK | What Keeps You From Your Dreams??

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  1. Found that excessive self doubt wasn’t helpful to achieving my goals. Doubt from others is extremely motivating. Personal motto: You mess around & you mess around, pretty soon, you won’t be around to mess around. (the clean version). 11 views, only 3 thumbs up?

  2. Do you think that CIO was trying to run you off and get you to quit? I’ve heard about tactics like that being used to get people to quit voluntarily which can be less paperwork than doing an involuntary termination

  3. Very Inspirational Mike…I am at my crossroads right now and it really helped…Always mention Maui it will make me smile…have a good time…thanks for the fun

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