(Part 2of2) Video Diary Oct 04, 2014 – Met Someone

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  1. Hey Henry. .happy that you met someone again and hope you two can agree enough
    To have a future. Some advice..don’t tell women “you are not going to do this…until…”
    You seem to always give these mini ultimatums along the way..a woman needs to feel she has emotional control in a relationship…that’s a global thing with women..Keep it light and remember you
    Agreed to start this so don’t get upset with her if she is not all you think she is:)
    (Must admit she is hot)
    Last piece of advice. .a quote

    “There is no reciprocity. Men love women. Women love children. Children love hamsters. Hamsters don’t love anyone; it is quite hopeless”.

    Alice Thomas Ellis

    Go get em Mr.Romancer..Go get em

    1. @JackTripper if (IF) there were some deal-breaker or major character flaw down the road.. that’s what the whole one-year probationary period is for.  so, if it came up i’d be thankful i didn’t make an early dash for the altar.  it’s disappointing when things don’t work out.  but some matches just aren’t good ones, even if that person is a good match for someone else.  as for ‘keeping it light’.. filipinas do not know that concept at all.  they play for keeps.  🙂

  2. Very nice looking young lady Henry … fingers crossed.  Cool update, but I hope the weather clears soon … sucks to be stuck indoors when you’re living in paradise.

  3. I was highly annoyed by dating in the USA — the men always wanted exclusivity, but they themselves were definitely not doing that.  I wasn’t even snooping on them, but I kept finding out they were all liars and hypocrites.  That level of deceit, and things being so one-sided, I found very dishonest.  When it became obvious they had lied to me, I just broke it off.  I was nice to everyone and generous, but sheesh!  Having to be pestered by a man, sometimes for years, even when I’d moved, was very sad.  The best dates were with men where things were open on both sides. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I hear ya, Reekay!  I did just fine with it as long as safe sex was used and everyone stayed free — dating.  I loved the swapping thing, where I’d take turns with a man in paying.  I had this tiny income, so for food, I’d often offer to cook and serve at home and just do something locally (the men usually loved that and it was easy to find out what they liked to eat or drink).  Then, the man could pay for the next date, either more upscale or just as homey.  I guess I should have figured out, when I heard the exclusivity thing from a mere DATE, I should have run!!   The last thing I am going to do is check someone’s pockets, snoop on them, et c., but I kept finding these all-out liars.  Why not just be frank?  One of the things I like about this channel is the honesty aspect.  I have no idea what dating is like in France, but I dated three men while a student in Italy, no, four, and had sex with all but one, who wanted to marry me and I had to say no.  I was laughing, saying, “I wish I could fall in love with you!”  The guy is a jewel, and rich as can be.  He deserved to be told I thought he was witty and talented, hard-working, et c. but I would need time to see if any love could develop.  That was a heck of a nice marriage proposal, ha ha ha!!  (We are still friendly, no prob!)

    2. @slobomotion dating anywhere is strange.  but dating in the usa just depressed me more often than not.  so many men/women i know just hate dating in the u.s.

  4. glad you finally figure out on dating the filipino way…. and i hope and pray for the best to come on both of you…. just enjoy watching your vblogs.. and we almost have a bet how soon you can find a good pinay the way you go about dating there…

    1. @Isay Car i must say though that, while dating exclusively gets rid of a lot of the jealousy issues.. it also brings on a lot of expectation for the long term.  part of getting to know each other is so that each person can make a ‘yes/no’ decision for a permanent marriage later.  i can tell you that a western man (foreigner) might say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at the end of several months.  but from what i’ve seen of the several filipinas i’ve encountered.. their answer has been ‘yes’ to marriage even in the first few weeks.   so.. dating the ‘filipino way’ does set up the situation for someone to get highly disappointed if marriage does not happen.  i almost feel like the relationship should not go on any further than necessary once a decision is made for not getting married, as that would only make the hurt for the other person greater.  but it can take time for the heart to really “give the other person a chance” so… no matter what, there is risk in finding one’s mate of being heartbroken. 

  5. “Don´t Worry Be Happy”  –  Sooner or later You will understand that You do not understand – that´s  what makes life worth living – every day can be a wonderful surpise… – Best Regards from Your friend in Stockholm Sweden

  6. Henry, man I was lol when you were describing the scene as you were innocently “passing behind her” and you said “next thing I know I stopped” as if it was some supernatural force…perhaps it was.  Wishing you the best.

    1. @boat6868 men may have free will.. but even the hearts of men can have their course changed like a river due to just one stone being in the right place at the right time.   🙂

  7. Henry, good to see that you met a woman and have not given up on finding a relationship. You do seem to be in a very good mood. My wife and I wish you the best and God Bless.

  8. That’s great Henry it sounds like she could be the one,normal is better,see that’s what a lot of us said just, sit back and it will happen,Joan is pretty,very happy for you and really hope this works out for you and for Joan, 🙂 for some reason i always get part 2 first,ill have to check out your FB page today,thanks Henry.

  9. henry the best woman always come around when your not looking glad you havent gave up on looking hope it works out and she is what your looking for she talks to you for 3 hrs better than the cold shoulder i’m going to siquijor island in nov. for fiesta dont know how long i will stay there i want to stay till after new years so not all etched in stone yet depending on how long i stay there i might have to make a day trip to dumagette to do banking so that is all in the air as for now tho i will let you now if i come there tho

    1. @edwinodus actually, quite a few of my dates were employed.  one was even a very wealthy land developer.  rich enough to let me use her mercedes for 9 months.  🙂  but i really don’t look at a woman’s finances.  i’ll date (and have) Filipinas who come from a home with a dirt floor or one who picks me up in her Escalade.  i really don’t weigh that in as a factor.

  10. Brother Henry, you’re KILLING us!  There is NOTHING that reeks of desperation MORE than getting exclusive when you just met.  I mean after 6 MONTHS or a year–maybe!

    Well we’ll just hope for the best!  God Bless. 

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 That’s why they make the Nipa huts foundations from Bamboo, it has capabilities of bending and twisting, it’s a great asset in a Phillipino relationship.

    2. @Jason Wilson Desparation will not only bring you massive DSB, it will sink a relationship before it even begins. It’s kind of like building a house. If you want a structure that withstands the test of time, do you raise it on a clay foundation?

    1. @luckythumper1 i’ve been amazed at how ‘unfair’ people think i am when i ask for a year to know a new woman.  to me, a year is the minimum.  right away the assumption is made upon me that i am out to calculatingly rotate through women based on deception.  as if somehow marrying a complete stranger after 2 or 3 months was somehow a much more acceptable process.  truly mind-blowing.  

  11. It’s good to see that you have met someone.  We are happy for you although when you said you were “done with dating for awhile” the wife and I smiled because we know you are an incurable romantic.  We also think you’re a good guy and so high five to you Henry. 

    1. @Thomas Quinn thanks!  it’s good to know someone is rooting for me/us.  it’s a draining experience to end a relationship.  been through that enough so, hoping this works out.  🙂

  12. Henry. Enjoy your time with this beautiful lady. Whether it works out for the both of you or you separate after some time together, we always learn from our relationships whether they are good ones or bad. Best wishes.

    1. @JohnVia Risner yes, true.  i’ve had some amazing experiences in the past and am still good friends with three of my exes.  we don’t call much out of respect for each other’s new romances, but it’s good to know that if i need advice from someone who knows me better than anyone else, they make the time.

  13. Henry great work brother a call center Pinay nice !!!!!!!! hope it all works out for you and if not I’m sure it will be a fun ride thanks for being so transparent, what you are doing here will benefit many.

    1. @Philo M my hope is people will either learn from my mistakes (instead of making their own) or anything I might share as i make my way through life in a new land.  🙂

  14. Wonderful update Henry, she’s pretty , good luck to you 🙂
    This is a nice advise , full of wisdom and insights for those who think of dating  or just getting on the dating game.
    It took  nearly 5 years with me and  hubby before we decided to tie the knot. Long dating time. We got married in Dumaguete, his parents and sister and 3 friends came over for our wedding. Now we have 2  beautiful bright  daughters , our eldest on her 2nd year at university and our youngest still in high school,  time flies so quick. 🙂
    How you met your girl is kind of similar to how I met hubby . It happened  by accident / caught up in unexpected moment  in one of Dumaguete’s university student cafe haha. The internet is non existent in Dumaguete at the time , so as Cell phones are never heard of 😀 

    1. I also had a short romance with a Philippina/American. She was new in the Coasties as I was in the USNR. My buddies were shocked that she chose me! 🙂

  15. Hi! Henry, good to know you met someone like Joan, she seems like a good prospect for matured relationship at least she’s passed 30 though she may have children she does shows a sign that she is responsible for them usually when a filipina does that it means she can take care of herself and she does not need someone to give her a condescending feeling not that you would do but at least she puts it upfront for you to know it really gives you what kind of woman she is she’s letting you know what she has/is and you can either accept it or not that is how they behave kudos to you about “tampo” its like temper tantrum or having a silent fit to show she is agitated for what ever reason could be anything from jealousy to being ignored. But from what I observed about you Henry is that you learn quick about behaviors hopefully it will only help you make good judgment about character and I have a feeling Joan is the exception to your rule responsible people usually shows their priorities in check this will give you an idea where you will stand vice versa. Be frank about who you are, where you stand and she will let you know if she is willing to work with you or it will bother her. Good luck to you Henry, I hope this time it will work for you both. The way I see it when a person doesn’t hide anything they mean business no bs.

    1. @pmags1331 meeting women has been easy, since my first day here.  in my case, finding one willing to live without kids has been the major obstacle.  this woman has two children and we’re still working out some sort of middle-ground.  we’ll see how it goes.  i’m trying to be as open-minded as possible.

  16. So Henry tell me, is Filipino normal like Mexican Lucky… haha  Good Luck and wish you the best .  Nothing wrong with meeting new people and enjoying life.  Just take it as it comes.  Nothing comes to easy in this world.  Hopefully she is kid free with little baggage and doesn’t have a family that will drive you nuts. 

    1. @Tom D I have already shot an update on how things are going.  There is an interesting twist in things that few have ever talked about.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but it should be online for discussion within 48 hours.  Aside from that, she’s a wonderful woman and fun companion.  Very cheerful and amiable.  🙂

  17. Henry, I am doing the thing as you here in the states, getting all eggs in one basket so I can come over there to retire. I am a vet and I am looking for a hospital that I might go to pick up meds sometime. I like the place that you are living and is there places there to rent. I have a about 2 grand to live on too.

  18. I follow your videos from the first one on and wish you good luck in “stage 2” 😉 
    I remember your video set “Dating a Filipina – stage1, friendship, stage 2, exclusive relationship, stage3 marriage )
    I am sure you know what you do, and it seems it´s all right.
    Once I´m back Cebu, I try to come along…

  19. Why do you keep saying, you met a Filipina women, when everyone in the Philippines is a Filipino. Its different then living, say, in Honolulu or san Francisco where the population is a melting pot. There you can say, I met a Chinese, Mexican, Italian women or say, you met a Filipina women. then it would be o.k….in the Philippines, where everyone is Filipino, you should just say..I met a women.

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