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  1. Jonny I was in Khao Lak yesterday and like phuket 95% is closed down, tough tough time for thailand, im sure they will recover, I sure hope so, really do. stay safe

  2. I think it will but how long no idea with the continued spread of you know what, It won’t be a fast process and all depends on controlling it to a manageable levels so things can open fully with that airlines and travel.

  3. So sad brother. I have stayed at Patong several times and it always amazed me how it was one of the most bustling places in all Thailand and to see it like this makes it look like ground zero war zone. Really hope it comes back….

  4. My first time in Thailand… I went to patong in 2000 and like you said patong is close to my heart …. it’s not nice to see it like this 😔 but give it 5 years “it will be like nothing happened”

  5. its a very sad site too see not just patong but all of thailand in the state its in and unfortunately its only going to get worse before it gets better 🙁

  6. The issue is exactly as you say Jonny. Thailand needs to reopen for places like Patong, Pattya, Kho Samui, and the others to recover. These are high tourist areas and make good money from them. I live in Udon and we dont have much tourist but some of the bars where closed for a while and some are still struggling. Something I have noticed is that some people that worked in these areas ( Patong, pattya, Kho Samui, and the others) are now going back home to work the farm lands and making a lot less. Before they can make more and sand money back home to help but now they have to go back to help.

  7. Jonny as of Wednesday midnight all of Melbourne have to wear masks. Or receive a $200 fine. Its getting pretty scary over here. Stay safe mate,

  8. The corona scam plandemic has been designed to rapidly transform the Western Democracies into highly authoritarian/totalitarian systems while eliminating the middle class, small businesses and using counterfeit currency (aka money printing) to buy up assets while devaluing the savings and purchasing power of ordinary citizens.

    It is one giant wealth and power transfer from the average Joe to the Zionist 1% globalists who run this world and want to bring in their luceferian one world government system to make the average Joe a debt slave dependent on them (JobKeeper, free government money etc).

    It is a cover for food shortages, for race wars, for 60 ghz/5-g poisoning (5-g is a weapons system), it is a cover for forced vaccinations that will sterilize and rfid chip people, cashless society and so on. If you are too blind to realize what is going wrong with the world right now then you deserve what’s coming.

    These globalists have been planning for these events for over 100 years. But keep wearing that mask, keeping 6 feet apart and washing your hands 50 times a day… they will need obedient little people who do as they are told.

  9. Thai tourism was taking a nose dive before the virus lock down. Constant price hikes meant Thailand was no longer the place that mediocre, middle aged munters could escape to and escape the straight jacket back home for a few weeks. I feel Western business owners were chasing Western level profits they could use back home in a country where a lot of Thais are used to slogging their guts out from dawn to dusk for around 500 baht a day. All very well saying Thailand needs to go upmarket and ditch the mediocre munters but cashed up tourists pulling in six figure salaries back in the West are a rare species with only a limited number to go round. And Bali seems to have a hold on these cashed up tourists.

  10. It really is a sad situation – there and all over the World. I’ll be surprised if the World is even close to being back to “normal” in two years. I hope that I’m wrong. At my age that could mean not in my lifetime. Especially if this gets worse and I wind up coming down with this virus myself. It’s ugly, so stay safe mate.

  11. Everywhere is quiet but that’s another level, incredibly sad to see for anybody who has sat in traffic and experience the crazy noise there.

  12. Very sad looks like a ghost town most of the worker’s back home in there village probably let the Chinese who caused this back in first.

  13. Wow So sad to see 🤔⁉️ If it wasn’t for the high prices now , the COVID crap 💩 and the Baht being so overrated, There. Maybe at least some tourists 🙀🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇦🇺

  14. Wow,my heart is so broken to see Paton look like a ghost town,I spent beautiful moments over there,things gonna comeback to the normal 🙏🏻🙏🏻.i hope you’re safe in Hua Hin.

  15. Mate your right, ghost town is appropriate for this Blog..I am sure it’s the same in most countries on the plant, Thanks
    a lot CHINA?..I live around Campbelltown area , 1 hour South West of Sydney, the shops here are virtually the same before
    the Virus, there just social distancing of around 1.5 Metres (4ft 9″) .Most shops are open, as long as they keep there distance. Good luck over there, hopefully there will be a cure for this rotten virus soon…Catch ya Later Matee…

  16. The so called virus will never go away. We have to get back to life at somepoint. The video was sad to see how dead it is instead of the hustle and bustle of any tourist place.

  17. Thanks for sharing this jonny it is a sad state to see other parts of the world that depends on tourism as a way of survival . Florida has gotten bad as people here do not follow the mask mandate 15000 new cases everyday. There are even people suing the goverment for this it is totaly crazy

  18. I was there the on the 19th of march when everything closed down, very sad. I lived in Phuket for 5 years and have been going since i was 13 and now I am 35 and my uncle has been there for 34 years. I can tell you it will get back to what it was know for 100%. The whole world is slow at this point because the world was racing and it just had to stop and take a few deep breathes. We’ve all seen what happened in 2004 to Phuket and I was there at that time and thought the hard working people (from all around the world) we made it bounce back so no doubt it will bounce back this time.

  19. Hi Jonny yes very sad to see and will be difficult to come back to normal levels of tourist with borders closed etc. Challenging times ahead. 😁🇬🇧🙏🇹🇭

  20. So very sad to see we can only hope things improve very soon but as you say Jonny I don’t think it will be until next year sad to say , my thoughts go out to all the staff who would be working and now have no money coming in . Here in Wales it much the same the coastal resorts where I live are only now starting to open up so every where looks very sad indeed , they are already say about a second wave coming in the winter here with the flu we get anyway .

  21. Very sad to see. I usually spend 4 months there every year but stuck in Australia this winter.
    Covid-19 is a worldwide scam.
    Please go to and watch the videos of doctors and professors speaking out about this huge scam and the agenda. It’s all free to watch just enter email address to sign in. This stuff isn’t on YouTube as they keep deleting everyone who speaks out so the guy who runs London Real TV created the freedom platform. Watch the video David Icke 4. Goes for 3 hours and gives full details of what’s really going on. Thanks guys

  22. Unfortunately it’s been going down hill for years now overpriced and with the thai baht the way it is will never get back to the days of yesterday

  23. Wow even McDonald’s closed that must be saying something about Phuket if they don’t open up for tourism it will be the end sadly….😪😪

  24. Thailand will recover! This world will recover. And when it does, there will be a lot of people in need of a serious vacation. All we need is a little more honesty and transparency in the news and by all governments. Love your vids man. Thank you

  25. I wonder how much Anutin Charnvirakul wants the dirty Western money that comes with dirty Western tourists now. Feel heart sorry for your ordinary Thai that has been impacted by this, hope they can bounce back. As for the ruling classes, hope they feel the pain more than most. That lot have been keeping the ordinary Thais down for years.

  26. The Only two good things come out of this virus,the Tuk Tuk mafia and the jet ski scammers are hurting. I hope the government don’t allow them Back when things start to turn around. Have a decent and fair bus system running from Patong to Karon,Kata and phuket town. Get the baht buses in there like CM,30 Baht Maximum. Phuket will bounce back eventually, 2 to 3 years minimum.

  27. This madness needs to stop. Covid is real but look at the stats and stop listening to the health officials. These officials would keep the world fearful of a bug if they could…wait they are. Here’s a tidbit of earth shattering information. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face and mouth. Keep the elderly and health compromised people away with care for them. Covid is not a new virus, we have had viruses since the dawn of time. We need to get over this fear, open up bc the world needs to move forward. My words, not yours. D

  28. So sad see mate not good i haven’t been phuket for round 10 years feeling sorry for the thai people phuket and pattaya hope this virus fucks offff sooner then later we need get people back help out the thai people any way hope you tital som are all good and stay safe and her today in melbourne mandatory have wear a mask or $200 fine rather be in pattaya then here

  29. Jonny, I think in the areas like Patong or any of the islands like you mention they are very dependant on foreign tourists. In areas not so foreign tourist dependant the Thai’s seem to be enjoying their country just fine. I believe that Thailand will be fine. These foreign tourist dependant areas may need to adjust their business to cater to a domestic audience. Things may certainly look different on the other side but I’m not certain that is a bad thing.

  30. I was in Patong earlier this year and it wasn’t that flash then.
    It’s heen going backwards since 2016 and this just finished it off

  31. That’s totally up to the government, they have understand that they have to take a change and open up, yes i think there will come some more Covid but I understand that they can make test in the airport so why not do that plus all farlangs have to use mask, I understand its not funny, but its a way to get things, people, economy going up, and we can when we use mask show thais that we respect thais and Thailand….. In some countries they open up, wirh bigger problems, they can not bring up Thailand if they only invite business and rich people, this is what they want, the not want us simple farlangs because some in this government not like farlangs, we all knows that, I not understand it we are many farlangs who use many money in Thailand, and maybe will use much much more in the future, here I think about buying house maybe car and hopefully travel more around in Thailand…..

  32. Many businesses going out of business permanently. This is far worse than the great depression. The powers that be want to usher in a totally Green and Digital economy.

  33. Thank you from my heart everyone love Thailand but now situation not normal from covid-19 and Government but I wish come back soon not long time ^_~

  34. I was in Patong in Februrary and no one expected major lockdown. We all refered to IT as a chinese problem. Westerners were also glad not many Chinese were in Phuket. Although it is not a nice thing to say. So many Thai people lost their jobs and businesses.

  35. Very sad to see having lived there myself too Jonny…sad mate! Let’s hope it changes very soon for all the people’s sake over there.

  36. Hi Jonny, I think the future is bleak for a lot of those businesses it’s looking less and less likely that the borders will be open in time for “high season “.
    A other view would be that it’s a poke in the eye for the price fixing mafia, now they have nothing to fix.

  37. ผ Hi Johnny, I have never been to Phuket but it is very sad to see it now.It is very sad for the Thai people that live their.My home is about two hours from Pattaya and it looks like is is slowly picking up but no tourists you say it’s bad all over the world and Thailand is a good place to be now.We all want Thailand to get back to some kind of normal as soon as possible.

  38. What a shame.. thai government is responsible of this situation. This is nothing to do Covid19 but is about politics and corruption of Thai government

  39. Very dismal times we are living in. Don’t like to say this but it looks to me that civil unrest, yet again, is not too far away in Thailand, I’ll say no more for obvious reasons.

  40. Had some good times in Patong before it outpriced itself, seen lots of changes in thailand but when a vaccine is found Patong will rise like a Phoenix.

  41. The real nuts and bolts right there today BUT … this place will rock again. No question. So many folks around the globe waiting to come back and the Thais know that we are here. Thai people are many things and at the top of that list is ‘survival….. …. they will prevail …. hopefully with a little help from those at the top….

  42. The dictatorial Thai military government don’t seem to have their priorities in place and have created paranoia among its people. 58 registered deaths related to COVID 19 so far in 2020, most likely among the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. On the other hand, Thai media reported that 12,304 registered road accident deaths took place in Thailand in 2019, but the actual death toll is far higher when all data is collated, where victims succumb to their injuries after leaving the accident scene. Thai road death statistics are staggering when compared to Covid 19.

  43. This too shall pass, even if it passes like a kidney stone but it will . The creator has his own ways. Humans need to be little more patient and positive .

  44. How are the prices now compared to when it is open. Is it more expensive or cheaper in, for example, the market and hotels?
    Thanks for your video
    Micke from 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  45. That’s really sad to see,so many people out of work because of the pandemic,really hope international borders will reopen in the near future,as long as it is safe to do so,the economic impact is enormous. take care.

  46. When the Family Marts, McDonald’s AND 7-11’s are closed… it’s a bad sign. I think it will be AT LEAST a year before things get popping again Jonny…

  47. It is sad to see all those closed down businesses, but man in a few months there’s going to be once in a lifetime opportunity to open a place cheap, and get in for the beginning of the bounce back. Everybody needs to remember, this was not a slow economic downturn, this happened overnight, and while it won’t bounce back overnight, it will be a very quick rebound once the borders open and people start traveling again, the demand will skyrocket! This was not a slow economic downturn, it was a forced overnight closure of things. There will be never before, pent-up demand, and demand and money will flow like a big beautiful river once the borders open.

  48. I checked out Times Square yesterday, it was like a ghost town, businesses shuttered and no people on the street. This is a world wide disaster. Stay safe.

  49. Very sad Johnny 💔, with no end insight. Once the border’s open, as long as there not too strict about entering the country, the tourists will come back. I’m on my way 😊 as soon as.

  50. Nothing to see here. It’s not surprise Thailand tourism died. Covid just sped it up. With Philippines and Cambodia offering the same thing cheaper Thailand’s death knell was on the cards. When I started going it was 70 to 80 baht to the pound. Last year it was an insulting 37 to 39 baht to the pound.

  51. There is going to be record unemployment and poverty in all countries so there will not be much disposable income to travel anywhere and also because Thailand’s baht is one of the strongest currencies on earth this makes Thailand even less desirable I lived in Thailand for many years I left 2 years ago after much soul searching I was sick of the greed, jet ski and other scams and the attitude of Thai people I think Thailand has burnt their bridges regarding decent honest farangs who in the past have come to Thailand and spent their hard earned cash, I now visit countries were I am respected and get excellent value for money as well as beautiful scenery and excellent food etc

  52. Yes thanks Johnny Great written report and video very special and what devastation it is to Thailand but Thailand is a strong country and the people we will recover. first class⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  53. Totally heartbreaking I was on one of the last flights out a couple of months ago leaving a lot of good friends behind. I know we are all suffering but they are desperate 🇹🇭♥️🇹🇭🧡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😿

  54. To be brutally honest, Phuket has been so so overpriced for a long time! That said, this is bloody awful to see, very sad!
    Will it recover? Yes, but not quickly. It will take a good couple of years.
    Will it return to the mafia Tuktuk prices and stupid jet ski scams etc etc? I doubt it, it probably needs to fall in to line pricewise compared to the rest of the country and it needed an adjustment anyway, and this will probably be the catalyst for it to do so!!
    At the end of the day, the Thais are a very resilient bunch of lovely people, and they will get things up and running again, but like the rest of the world, they and we all need to navigate a safe path through this f**king virus, it seems like China has sent a nuclear bomb to all corners of the world and we are all paying the price with our money and with our time, time we cannot get back!!!

  55. It’s hard to see Thailand like this I have been going to Thailand for last 10 years especially in Pattaya and I hope Thailand will be better in 2021.

  56. That was a depressing watch. I feel especially sorry for all the employees of bars, restaurants, fast food joints, currency booths, etc.. They are all without income and no real hope of working again in 2020.

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