Paul McGill God is Good Old Dog New Tricks May 17 2020

Paul McGill God is Good Old Dog New Tricks May 17 2020

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  1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Glad you got an “A” for evolution & just as glad the water is back on! Congratulations on 13,700 subscribers Paul. Cheers from Perth 🦘🦘🦘🦘✅

  2. I’d wondered about that ‘bird’ always on the couch with you.
    Three legs? Same as Ian the lawyer? Like Rolf Harris and ‘Jake the peg.’ diddle diddle leg..

  3. I see how God works here in the Philippines and it holds these people together. That’s why I live here. In many ways these people are more moral than we Westerners. Abortion is illegal and life has value here, family’s are strong. That gives me peace. I see God in them and they way they treat old people. It’s major cool. When I ride my Harley and fly my tattoos I get nothing but love…….God is in you.

  4. God is God; Author, Sustainer, Sovereign of everything seen and unseen; Lover of our souls. I found it fascinating that you and I are approximately the same age, grew up a handful of miles from one another, and had very similar questions and experiences about God and Creation. Thank you!

  5. you experience life as linear because you live in the past or judge the present moment through the filter of past experiences. You ask where did God come from! In the absolute present moment where you have let go of the past you are receiving What you are. God is actually you. And me also and everyone. See everyone as God and you will see wholeness. We project individual judgement colored by our separated experience and think we are individuals. It’s a smike screen. We all are God. Time does not exist in the present moment. Only you. GOD. Eternity is the present moment. Enjoy it. I know you will.

  6. He is good. For now, we’re separated from Him. Through the blood of His Son all things are made clean and we’ll eventually make it Home. Thank God because this world sucks. Lol

  7. God is good ?
    Hmmm, It depends.
    There are times i have cursed him.
    He’s better then the devil
    He’s a better being than I
    But I think, even he has bad days….
    God is forgiving!
    God is wonderfull!
    God is great!
    God is love!
    But good? Not 100% of the time.
    Remember, he did create some bad things in our world .. Mistakes?

  8. I used to go to church until my ex-wife left me for, and married her Bible Study partnter, and then the two of them became pastors. I believe in God and thank him every day for the gift of life and the many blessings he has given to me. But,,,, I don’t believe in organized religion, and most churches I’ve been to appear to be nothing but a business for profit. I find many important lessons in the Bible, but,,, I am skeptical of it’s complete accuracy because it was written by man. Back in elementary school the teacher would whisper a story to one student, then that student would whisper the story to the next student and by the time the last student in the class heard the teachers original story, it was a completely different tale. I believe in parts of the Bible but take a lot of it with a grain of salt. That’s my journey. LOL!! Thanks for sharing your journey


  10. You’re a great communicator, but wish you would share the answer you received from that pastor at the restaurant and what you got from reading the Bible. I’m still confused, about this whole thing called life. I like the concept of “Don’t Worry” because I sure have done a lot of that. Been to many churches, listened to many preachers, but still don’t get it.

  11. I was raised Catholic but I now call myself a Humanist. Basically believing in the good and right things of many religions. The fighting between the different religions and different sects of the Christianity community to me are bunch of bullshit. You don’t need a Religion to be a good person and treat other people and this earth the correct way.

  12. Paul, I am as you say a professional Christian. I’ve been going to church since I was born. This, however does not mean that I have all of the answers, not by a long shot! I will always be a student to the greatest teacher. I don’t want to sound condescending, but I am proud of you for not giving up your quest to have your questions answered. God, and only God knows why Pastor Stan was the one he chose to give you the answers you sought. If you never give up on God, he’ll never give up on you! You are a fascinating man Paul McGill, and I do so enjoy listening to you and your videos. Selfishly motivated or not. 😉 Take care my friend.

  13. Enjoyed this video, I didn’t grow up in church myself but the girl I dated that later became my wife got me going to church. I had all the same questions and thoughts that you had. Took several years and started reading the Bible myself but began to understand it more and more. I’m still far from perfect but that’s the beauty in it. Christ died for all my imperfections and I’m so thankful for that. The best thing that’s ever happened to me is my spiritual journey that led me to a relationship with the Lord. Sorry to hear about your son and pray he overcomes. I grew up in that as a child and that’s another part of my testimony. 🙏 Take care

  14. I respect your search for faith. I also had a journey of discovery that took me to a very different place and conclusion. Whatever makes you happy and gives you strength is a good thing. Keep the videos coming. 👍🏼

  15. A religious belief gives people comfort. But look around, at all the things mankind does NOT understand. Yet we vehemently proclaim we KNOW what happened in the beginning of time, with creation. Isn’t that a little arrogant, or maybe simplistic? A Google search reveals about 4300 religions..which one is “the right one”? Do people just generally believe what they’re taught/told? It certainly seems that way. It depends what area of the world you’re born in. People go with the flow.

  16. And then there are these cult religions that claim to be Christians. They say Christ was just a man. They also separate people because i cannot have a relationship with my partner unless i convert. She wont even look at the verses in the bible that proves Christ was not just a man and her church founder is not a new messanger but a delusional man. How do i get her out.

  17. Paul,
    While the video is for “you” as you mentioned, It will cause someone to reflect and it could well be the catalyst for their change as well. Another good video, thanks.

  18. A zebra crosses a croc infested river with its foal. The foal gets caught by a croc. You can see the female zebra is distrested Then just carries on She knows there is nothing she can do to bring it back. But a human would need professional help for years to get over it Because we think to much. Dogs act like dogs Cats act like cats Humans dont act human because they think to much. My Grandfather was a machine gunner from Ireland in the first world war And a Roman Cathlic After cutting Germans in half with machine gun bullets He would then go out to rob the bodies He said there cant be a God to let this go on. After the waŕ if he saw a young boy with a toy gun He would take it and throw it a hundred yards away So I was brought up not to belive. But at my lowest point in life I went into a book shop and for some reason asked have you any books on the Budha he said no But I found one I could not put the book down it was so profound My wife had left me I had lost everything Then at about 3 O clock in the morning on mý mothers sofa reading the book I went so high the bliss became painful I thought I cannot go through life being this high That thought started to bring me down Then I am trying to claw my way back up In the back of the book it had the tel phone no of the Ĺondon Buddhest soc I phoned up and went on their summer school holidays. I met a multi millioñer with a country estate in sommerset He gave me a job on his estate and living in his manor Now I gave retired to live in Thailand

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