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  1. Thanks for the update👍 you think tourism could come back this year? I know no one has a crystal ball, just wondering what you thought as you on the ground. Stay safe!

  2. Brian thanks from the bottom of my heart for doing this video. Really appreciate it. I can’t believe they turned the sound down music down and let you into the night moves bar well done.. I frequented that place twice a week.. I guess these places must come alive as a cafe otherwise they won’t exist. And also thanks for the info and video on the Clarkton as it’s the only hotel I have ever stayed at in Angeles city before I got my apartment at Balibago . Dave Australia. Like MacArthur said I shall return God knows when.

  3. Excellent info….those were all the bars and hotels i was wondering about. Clarkton imho has the best lunch buffet in all of ac along with really good pizza. Hope the majority of the bars remain bars and not morph into outside bars like thailand. Im surprised no girls have proposition you in the area unless they all went back to their provience. Is rnb still open as well as rbi steak house?

  4. Another great vid, thanks. It’s nice to see more of Perimeter, i have walked all the way along there from where the road starts under the flight path for Clark airport all the way back to my hotel at Walkabout. I used the Clarkton for a rest stop, had a beer or two and some food, seems a nice hotel but a bit far out from the main action. I’ve visited a few of those Perimeter bars on some of my trips, allways more laid back than those closer or on the Fields, and a good way to while away a few afternoons with a cool beer looking at the dancers……..i hope all returns to normal in time when we are allowed back again…….

  5. Hi Brian. Met you today outside Brettos. Great to meet u in person. Maybe you forgot to mention about the Wild Orchid and Orchid Inn opening when tourists come back. I told you that some chismas about it being closed for good.
    I told Kevin the boss you would mention it maybe it would stop the rumours. Maybe in your next one mate.
    Good job. Keep the videos coming. Cheers Brian
    Malcolm. Manager at Bourbon St Apts ( part of Wild Orchid Group

  6. I hope that things will return to normal, someone at the Tourism department has said that they wish to reopen in the 2nd half of 2021 for Foreign Tourist and that they are focusing on their Domestic tourist market starting next month in October but things change daily in the Philippines.I will be making a trip back home this December after the Philippine Embassy issues me a Visa, I have a family there in San Fernando where my teenage kids go to school. I won’t be going home immediately so I will need to quarantine myself for 14 days at some other location after I quarantine in Manila for 2 to 3 nights after getting the test at NAIA. This is to protect my family just in case I get this Covid enroute to the Philippines or on the plane itself, Who knows but I will take this precaution for my family. Thanks Brian for posting this video things have changed, as they have for the past 35 years that I have been visiting Angeles I just roll with these changes.

  7. In 2018, I went to the Clarkton for a Christmas buffet…it was excellent…1,000 P beverages were extra. Great desserts…they didn’t offer it last year…won’t be offering it this year either by the looks of it. 😂😂😂
    How are the locals surviving with 50% unemployment at least. I help one family but that is all I can do as I am retired and on a budget.

  8. Kuya Brian I have a aunt and a cousin that owns a cafe in Dagupan Pangasinan called Lola Jean cafe and it’s opened to the public. Maybe one of these days you and lot lot drive over there. Instead of driving the demon car probably rented a car because Dagupan Pangasinan is a long drive from Pampanga i don’t want you and lot lot get stuck on your road.

  9. Great video mate.. I just can’t see enough people eatting in all the bars to make
    Money cause I’m Sure all the locals guys and girls eat at home or at eatery’s.. it’s a shame

  10. That side gate onto Clark is a royal pain in the ass; if you travelling UP Perimeter Road towards Clarkton for instance, there’s always a queue of traffic waiting to turn right onto Clark, even worse now as the guards presumably are checking everyone has the correct bs to enter….another road management fail!!!

  11. Thanks for the extended Perimeter walkabout. I liked to eat at the hotel were you started (Phoenix). They used to have a Roast Lamb special once a week, very popular with UK/Aus/Kiwis. Not many expats out when you were walking. That area used to be quite popular in the afternoons. Still only hearing rumours about international tourism. I live in hope, but I won’t hold my breath.

  12. That empty building used to be C’ Italian Restaurant. That’s why there is a big letter C on the pavement in front of the door. It was destroyed by fire and never reopened. They eventually reopened in Manila. It was one of the best in the city.

  13. Thanks for showing Clarkton hotel Brian..i loved staying there excellent food and service highly recommended..u do need a trike or jeepney to head to walking st..didnt know it wasnt walking distance when i was there..

  14. Brian- Another informative vloig… especially for me… and before I forget… I big ‘THANKS’ to whoever suggested you travel a bit further up Perimeter Rd… you mentioned a closed hotel n this vidfeo… can’t remember ever hearing you mention it before… the Clarkton Hotel… why is it so ‘special’ to me… read on my friend… read on…

    When I was stationed at Clark AFB back in 1967 a bunch of us (mostly medics) would hang out a a small hotel just outside the then Side Gate to the base… the name of the hotel was ‘The Skyliner’ which had a lounge inside (small bandstand… bar… tables and chairs and a small dance floor… as well as a jukebox)… there were no performing ‘dancing girls’ as you call them… and the hotel clientele was mainly the air crews from the commerical flights that would bring in new troops as well as fly them back to Travis AFB, CA… so this lounge was mainly patronized by them and GIs from the base… very few if any locals patronized it…

    I have been looking for evidence of The Skyliner ever since finding your channel… with no luck whatsoever until today… as far as I can tell the Clarkton Hotel occupies the area where the Skyliner used to be… I’m sure Mt. Pinatubo’s devastation of the area did in the Skyliner since it was only a 2-story building more resembling a motel than a hotel…

    My best to you… Lot… and Hannah Grace… stay safe… stay healthy…

  15. I loved Night Moves it was my home from home. I’m glad the set up is exactly the same and ready to revert back when the time is right. BTW the overnight barfine on that machine would be much more than ‘Little Roxy’ with the big jugs. Another thought… you noticed the price rise at the massage parlor. This is a common practice, to the Pinoy mind if business is bad – raise your prices. They honestly think they can recoup their losses this way. NB. The Clarkton Christmas dinners are exquisite.

  16. Will AC ever be the same as before ? As it looks rigth now the situation with Corona in 2021 will be pretty much as it is now, which means no foreign tourist will be visiting the Philippines at least for another year or more. Angeles will be dead for a long time to come. I have been at this fun place on and off from 70s up to the end January 2020 ,the memory will stay on forever. Thanks for your daily updates.

  17. That was the Phoenix Hotel where you started. I stayed there quite often. Great people. And Night Moves, next door is now owned by the HA, I beleive. That’s why the scooter on the stage. The Clarkton is my favorite hotel. It’s really pretty at night in the pool area, and they have a pizza oven in their buffet restaurant.

  18. That was a enjoyable video. Talk about funny names for bars a friend of mine had a bar on first street in the 1970s named the typhoon tavern and another friend had one named Moon Doggies on fields ave and another one on fields ave named The Holy City Zoo.

  19. a joke I was told in Mexico many years ago. What do you call a person who speaks 3 languages ? TRI Lingual. Two languages? BI Lingual . One Language…..AMERICAN….Philly why do you not speak Tagalog, Visayan or Cebuanno..???? salamat sa iyo…ingat PO

  20. Salamat Po for showing us what going on Perimeter Road. Hope to return to Philippines soon when these travel restrictions are gone…. Who knows when that will be??

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