PH To Allow Entry of (Some) Foreign Nationals Starting May 1st

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  2. The Bureau of Immigration has misinterpreted the IATF announcement, and are requiring a DFA exemption for 9A visas which is basically the same as we have been under the temporary ban.

  3. Thank you sir for the update, and hope you and Vi are doing well, and your mom is feeling better. My wife and I will continue to keep you all in our prayers.
    God bless, Jay & Gladys

  4. After watching your video of your trip to California…. No gracias Reekay…. too many troubling questions to deal with to consider a trip to the Philippines or just about anywhere overseas… especially with the terrible news coming out of India!!!

  5. When you talk about “VISA” is this a special Visa??? Because I am Dutch and normally don’t need a visa to enter the PHP and Yes I am married to a Filipina. Can you clarify this? Thanks….greetings from Aruba

  6. Thank you for the update: I am married to a Philippine and will travel with her. Supposedly I the past week for those that arrived in Cebu, Philippine citizens they did the test in the Airport then people had a one to two day quarantine until they got the test results then they could be done. It seems weird that they are requiring 7 day quarantine for some and one to two days for others. John Yamas

  7. I also seen where they are doing Motion For Reconsideration for those that have overstayed their tourist visa. They will extend it anywhere from 30 days to 120 days. The 30 day extension is if you are planning leaving the Philippines. The 120 day extension is for those planning on getting married and getting a marriage visa. The cost is around $1,000.

  8. Does it also allow foreigners who have a filipino dependant child in on the exemption tourist visa that was also banned at the same time back in March?

  9. My thinking is NO Tourist this year.. They want to use the vaccine first. But it is slower than a Turtle ! Next year is my guess.

  10. I would not consider going to the PH unless I was vaccinated. Not worth the risk of coming up positive. Especially a false positive, if you have proof of vaccination by a good vaccine (Moderna or Pfiser) then if you tested positive, you could argue for a re-test.

  11. Hello Reekay..Thank You for the update . I hope to return yet this year. This news seems like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel ..

  12. Thanks for clearing it up for us Reekay. You made it crystal clear……….I love your explanation and it reminds me all the time why I subscribe.

  13. There was some variation on quarantine time if you flew into Cebu, rather than Manila. I’ll have to see if that is the case still.

  14. I won’t consider them really open until they lift the travel cap. Not sure I would fly in before then even if I could get a visa. Any easing of the restrictions is still good news.

  15. Just because your married what does that matter. You can’t have covid if married? Open up if you are fully vaccinated and test negative. Simple…

  16. Reekay RU sure that you are correct about the spouse of a Filipina is able to enter the Philippines with out her as long as you have a valid visa? Other vloggers are saying that this is not so. They say you must be traveling with he/she

  17. Thanks for the clarification and the ordeal you shared with us. It’s almost unbelievable. Apparently, even under the restrictions that were just lifted, i could, as the spouse of a Filipina, traveling only with my daughter (an adult Filipino citizen) obtain a visa. That’s what the embassy said. What about quarantine in Cebu, Isn’t it swab test upon arrival, then leave hotel once result comes out (2 days or so). I don’t understand the 7 nite hotel booking. Is this something new or applicable only in Manila. In Cebu, my wife left the hotel after 2 nites, so did someone else, recently, under the restrictions just lifted

  18. Hi Reekay, after watching your last video….anyone who is NOT sick…WILL GET SICK when they are forced into those COVID ridden Hotels

  19. How does PI only have 17k deaths and the US has 560k deaths. Yes, the US has 3x the population but something isn’t right with those numbers. Someone is lying.

  20. Good news to married to a filipina people. BUT if there’s no planes flying there from the departing country then its useless for now

  21. Hi Henry, We are happy to hear the BB Program is back but after your ordeeal we have our reservations…I watched that entire video of what you went through aand it was torture! Imagine me going through that with two young children and my wife. And the “real” mortality rate is much lower after removing the co-morbities. Very similiar to the annual flu. This whole thing is a sinister con job and very dishonest all around..Good video updates, we are watching and considering our return very carefully. May wait until quarantine element is done and overwith. john

  22. Since you were tested positive did you get tested in the US upon your arrival to make sure either u were positive or got a false positive

  23. This is the text on this web site, kind of lengthy. From March 22, 2021 to April 30, 2021, ALL FILIPINO CITIZENS whether returning Overseas Filipino or Overseas Filipino Worker shall be allowed to return to the Philippines. The entry of foreigners is also still suspended except for the following:

    Diplomats and members of international organizations, and their dependents, provided they hold a valid 9(e) visa or 47(a)(2) visa, as the case may be, at the time of entry
    Foreign nationals involved in medical repatriation duly endorsed by the Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs (DFA – OUMWA) and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), provided that they have a valid visa at the time of entry
    Foreign seafarers arriving through seaports under the “Green Lanes” program for crew change, provided they hold a 9(c) crew list visa at the time of entry
    Foreign parent/s, spouses, and children of Filipino citizens travelling with them, provided they have valid visas at the time of entry
    Emergency, humanitarian, and other analogous cases approved by the Chairperson of the NTF COVID-19 or his duly authorized representative, provided the foreign nationals have valid visas at the time of entry

  24. I un subscribed from one of the expat channels, because he only wants to talk BS stuff for 90% of his video. He messaged me wanting to let me give him an idea of what maybe to post about. This was like 2 days ago, your timing was on the spot this was exactly what I suggested.

  25. Thanks for the updates. I believe another requirement is a DFA endorsement to enter the philippines. This would be through the filipino embassy is this correct with my 9a Visa.

  26. Until that quarantine nonsense is removed, nope nope nope. Shame really want to blow that stimmy money vacationing in Bantayan island sipping on red horse and eating fried fish everyday ha

  27. After what you went through Reekay , I’ll wait until next year..they will only shut it down when that new Indian mutant starts to surface..cheers and love your channel..

  28. Thanks for clearing this up, it would be great for the Philippine immigration to be clear and on one accord. Right now too many grey areas. Hopefully in the coming months things will get better, especially if ones vaccinated.

  29. Fellas, it’s time to face reality: The Philippines is off the table. They have displayed through what happened to Reekay, throughout new announcements and policies every 5 minutes, through the random inconsistencies….they have no idea what they’re doing. And it’s a shame, because while there is nothing like an English-speaking Filipina, we simply have better options for dating with our expat dollars. Do you really want to get stuck in Manila in some horrible quarantine hotel while some freedom-robbing idiot (“sorry sir”) makes up new rules to keep you there? No thanks. See you in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe where there is NONE of this. Enjoy the poverty, Philippines.

  30. Thanks For The Update Reekay. I’m So Looking Forward To Being With My Wife, And Our 2 Year Old Who Are In The Phils. And I Pray Things Will Get Back To Normal Soon, So You Can Reunite With Your Beautiful Vi.

    P.S. So Pleased To Hear That Your Mom Is Doing Well.

  31. I have an American friend that is married to a filipina BOTH residing in the USA..Is it possible for him now to go to the RP WITHOUT her? She is the one working…

  32. Thanks for the update Reekay !!! I must admit when i first saw the article i got happy for a sec but then i thought wait, this is the philipines lol 😂. I hope they at least open up for fully vaccinated tourists some time this year. It’s been too long, i miss my girlfriend 🙁

  33. Yes Reekay, but when would you estimate with 30 day free Visa again and no quarantine time? I have my Pfizer covid inoculations so they should have just swab at entry and let us be, yes? Usually I’ve visited filipina wifey in February, but covid wrecked that. Lol. Got any approximate guesses? Maybe December or February?
    Thank you.

  34. My fiance told me yesterday I was allowed back in……no I’m not. Open is open to tourist …Open to quarantine is not open at all…No way I could do what reekay did…

  35. I wonder after over a year, how are all those hotels in all parts of phils dealing with this crisis? most common ones like the RED PLANET and HOP INN, etc, are they out of business?

  36. My fiancée lives in the Philippines when do you think they might open so I can be with her and see our wedding comes through,?

  37. can i fly over if my wife stays in america our marriage is registered i want to go fix our house up from the typhoon then come back to the usa and move over with her in november

  38. I don’t think the Philippines will open for foreigners at all. The Philippines is through with foreigners coming to their country. Even after the virus is controlled. They have plenty of OFW money coming in, they don’t want or need tourist money. Hence if you waiting for the Philippines to “open up”, it isn’t. On the other hand Colombia is open, they have various visas for foreigners that

    want to stay there. Although there are some requirements. If you retire there, you will need to prove you have minimum $2,500 a month coming in.

  39. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when hearing your voice change when you said ” a qualified acredited quarantine hotel”. LOL Have listened to your entire video where you exited the Philippines. This video is very helpful. Thanks.

  40. I’m curious to know once one tests negative on the 6th day, will you be released from quarantine altogether or will they make you go to your final destination and finish 14 days?

  41. The COVID testing in Manila is subject to the 7 day quarantine with the 6th day of testing but if you fly into Cebu they are taking the test right away and you wait for the results which is averaging about 2 days but you still have to book a 7 day at the hotel but after results in cebu your allowed to leave…

  42. Thanks for the update, How are things going for you in California? Did you hear about a DFA, (Department of Foreign Affairs) Exemption for marriage purposes, by writing a letter and asking for an exemption?

  43. This is no real news. The Philippines needs to come up with realistic rules for entry of Foreigners. Why don’t they simply ask for a negative test 72 hours before entry or proof of vaccination. This is much better than subjecting your visitor to some substandard 3rd world hotel in Manila or Cebu. Keep in mind that there are so many variables such as your flight being canceled or once you arrive at the Chinese Covid camp and test positive you may be subjected to the same hell that Henry suffered. How will they account for those that have been vaccinated and may test positive on antibody tests? I’ll just avoid the Philippines for now.

  44. Does this ban lift mean that as parents traveling on a parental visa won’t have to have the child with us during travel as it was prior to April 22nd ?

  45. They change the rules every 5 mins.As of Sunday night 2nd May, Jaime Morente the BI commisioner said no foreigners are allowed at all.Even if your wife is with you.Maybe one day we will get a clear answer!

  46. Hello my name is Keith I’m from Fort Wayne Indiana yeah it’s so hard to do everything go in the Philippines I have a fiancé in Philippines and I was planning on going there but I’m scared with all the stuff going on actually in January I was positive and I was in the hospital for two weeks I was very sick they wouldn’t let me leave so I had stayed in the hospital in United States cell find stay there in till they had me iron IVs and everything and I seen your situation you went through heck over there so I’m gonna play this by ear

  47. Thanks for the update, its really great job you do for us, I waiting to travel back cebu, I already travel more than 10 years cebu, now I’m stuck in Belgium it’s in Europe, i only have one girlfriend the day I arrived, we normally get married 2021.
    My girlfriend already been 2 x here belgium, off covit she went back, I’m stuck here.
    Can’t wait to travel back without vacation, already get covit positive tested some time ago, all fine.
    I have house and condo there in IT park, still can’t travel 😷

  48. My Consulate is not giving 9a Visa’s to Foreign Spouses unless they are traveling with spouse/child. I was just denied applying at my local consulate for the Visa. They said they are only allowing former filipinos in the country.

  49. After spending 3+ months online on social media trying out the dating apps/websites down there I have to say that girls with 1-2 k followers and more just are online waaaay too much, and they do it to hustle, sell, bustle and scam money out of you – if they met you online and not in rl… there’s just an incessant stream of messages of u must send money help me NOW or I will die tomorrow, or my mom got in an accident or whatever. Always a new reason not to go to work and earn a living the common way really. 😐

  50. IF you are covid positive on day 6…you are OUT of QUARANTINE protocol facility…and off to COVID protocol facility….for 8 days. If you assume anything else…you are in for POTENTIAL rude surprise. DOT administers quarantince…assumes you are negative going in. DOH administers COVID protocol…very different assumptions.

  51. THE ONLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY headline that matters in the next 7 months…starts “DUTERTE OPENS FOREIGNER VISA….any other headline is hope hope hope. WE all HOOOOOOOPE…execution is the only thing that matters…we have all suffered mumble, fumble and stumble for 15 months already. EXECUTION!

  52. Here is the new update we can all see every day…Vaccination Update: 70M Filipinos Vaccinated by the END of 2021….right there front of ManilaTimes.NET….and the update 1.8Million Vaccinated…2.6% of Target. Does any one doubt the resolve of this PResident….does anyone want their 15 minutes to “PERSUADE” this President…I don’t see a single person in this world that wants that opportunity. So what is so hard to read here? In all prior administrations, we have had demonstrations by now. Any or this President? Are you marching? Why should we doubt his resolve. I do not!

  53. In your honest and very experienced opinion when do you feel fully vaccinated Americans will be allowed back into the Philippines? Thanks.

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