1. Thank God you were saved. I am near a lovely private hospital with sexy nurses. Only been there once but it was like Beverly Hills and affordable.

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE Sexy Nurse Hospital is the code name. Need self control when they stand by the bed. I’ll have to ask the official name. It’s off Phetkasem Road on the right on the way to Nakon Patom just past Soi 69 which is the Inthrapat area of my home. Besides a bunch of nurses I saw at least 4 doctors. It was great and a bargain. I had almost died from Zinc poisoning. But saved.

  2. I’m glad for the new vlog. Those hospitals are very expensive my son was born on one of the hospital you mentioned, you can monitor your expenses on one of the computer kiosks periodically.

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE It’s about 50k Php back in 2000 but it was worth it as it was a complicated pregnancy. My son stayed for a week in an incubator . Saved his life.

    1. Thanks.
      I gave my US doctor a positive recommendation.
      He also knows that he has limited time to spend with patients and that the system in the US is flawed in some ways.

  3. Healthcare in the US is really expensive. The healthcare in the Philippines is much cheaper and the medical team has better bedside manner and is more knowledgable too.

  4. Good story, I too had a emergency situation similar to yours , luckily I was located in Makati at the time. I went to the Makati Medical Center and received treatment and I learned that they had some top-rated facilities that compared to the United States if not better. And the price was reasonable although I had traveler insurance I just paid it out of pocket because it was so reasonable.

    That experience has taught me that as an older person to always look for a medical location in case you have an emergency when I’m in the Philippines also the importance of having medical travelers insurance.

    1. @ASIAN ROMANCE well all I had was a kidney stone, so you could imagine how scary that was, passing blood in urine. I passed the stone while there in the urgent Care, but went for testing the next day to make sure everything was ok. That included sonar gram, various blood testing and prostate exam, only paid $68.00. three years later I’m okay and ready for my next trip.

  5. I find American doctors to be intellectually lazy. They don’t give a proper exam, and just want to write you a prescription that will usually do more harm than good.

    1. There are hospitals in every major city in the Philippines. In my own experience (and I am not a doctor), the two best hospitals are located in Makati. Cebu may be trying to catch up, but I understand Makati is in the lead. It is just one more reason why you should consider Makati as a good place to live.
      Here is an independent ranking service that ranks Makati Medical and St. Lukes as the 2 and 3 best hospitals in the Philippines. Both hospitals are located in Makati.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I plan to retire in the Philippines and really want to retire in Makati, which is a great city by any standard. I’ve heard some horror stories about health care in the Philippines. My fiancée is from Santa Rosa Laguna, and over the past year she’s had two former classmates die during childbirth.

  7. Hi Nils, hope to see you in Greenbelt.. I gave birth in Makati Medical Center last January 18, 2019. For me it’s best hospital in the Philippines. World class. . .

  8. I got a more common sense type idea in regards to health. Eat a balanced diet and excercise regularly. You won’t need to spend on supplements and vitamins. This whole market on supplements and vitamins is a big scam to make profits for multinational health care businesses. Proper diet management and excercise is the key, all common sense.

    1. I totally agree. In fact, I try to get all my vitamins from real food.
      However, there are a few vitamins that are important to have on hand for vegetarians, such as B-12 etc. I normally buy this from USA.

  9. Nils, it sounds like you really lucked out. The Universe was with you on that day. The beautiful (and sometimes remote) beaches in the Philippines calls to many people seeking a nice place to retire. But they need to see this video first before making that decision! Well done. Thank you.

  10. i lived in BBG for 3 years because it was nice having St Lukes within walking distance. I never have had to go there but it was nice knowing it was so close ,,,,,but a my side note my gf friend was visiting and suddenly had an asthma attack (filipinas always have asthma for some reason ) and they (St Lukes) charged me 30,000 peso for an emergency 2-3 hour visit UGH ,,,my mistake as I should have taken her to some other local public hospital but I did not know where to go ….but still I agree with you I would not trust hospitals outside Manilla ( Maybe Chong Hua in Cebu is ok)

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