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  1. You’re right in your analysis about the Ivermectin Rod, but its too easy, correct? Again i say, i won’t hold my breath. And, who should take remedial medicines, the whole population or, just those who are feeling unwell, the mind boggles. Should everyone take it like the flu jab, for example when i took the flu jab early 2020, it made me quite unwell for several hours, normally i’m strong and healthy.
    Cheers Rod, Bob.

  2. I would like to ask you a few questions since you are the best source for Cebu area.
    Presently in Southern Luzon in Batangas Province.
    I want to relocate to rural Cebu.
    Just what do I need to have for
    Traveling. I would need to travel by Ferry service so that I can bring my car and motorcycle.
    As yet I have not found out which port to leave from ( either Batangas City Port or from Legaspi City )
    If not able to go to Cebu my ultimate location is Dumagete.
    I am an USA EXPAT with 2 years remaining on my SRRV Visa age 64.

  3. Ivermectin would be the best solution for the Philippines.
    I dose of 12 mg every 7 days for a total of 4 weeks. It is both a cure and a preventive. When taken along with daily doses of Zinc and Vitamin D 3 it is even more effective. Much less dangerous than the vaccines and much less expensive.
    Remember the Vaccines require 2cd dose 21 days after dose #1 and then you are not protected with the vaccine until another 14 days pass.
    Lots of information on YouTube about Ivermectin and Ivercar. Check it out !

  4. Ahh Sir Rody, the weather there in Cebu seems refreshing like Capiz. For about a week now gloomy w/cool north breezes w/little rain. Be careful w/animal medicine, I thought I detected you w/a little neigh…

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