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  1. I really appreciate you updating all the news and update i have a fiancé in tue Philippines and she was pregnant in May and my son is not under my last so i need to process his birth certificate and i have to be there

  2. Just read a article that stated, “The longer these countries choose to be in lockdown and not find a remedy to open their borders, the affect on deterring tourists from returning can be great”


  4. One big thing here it depends more on what city you are in than what CQ U are under. On most restrictions Dumaguete has the least followed by Davao then the most Cebu & all 3 are under MGCQ. It also depends on what restriction you are talking about Davao has no alcohol sales, while in Dumaguete you can buy whatever you want. Cebu has passes Davao doesn’t.

  5. Gosh rod so much much mess and mud on streets.your safe in your condo rod. How your handling the quarantine .hope your in good health..hard to wait for flights to cebu.getting impatient. Miss the Philippines
    Great video rod..stay safe ok.

  6. I had to go back to Texas in July for legal purposes. I went to my Barangay and got the Health Certificate but nobody at the airport cared or even asked about it. I flew to Japan and then to Dallas. No tests.

    Coming back was no big deal. I had a copy of my marriage certificate and my ACR card for the Philippines. I flew back August 4 with no problems. I had to wait 5 hours at the airport to get my nasal swab test and my quarantine hotel (listed by DOH) was not allowed. I couldn’t get a refund either. I had chosen a hotel in Cavite close to our home and emailed arrangements to the hotel but all for naught. I had to change hotels and stay in Manila. This was the only difficulty I had. I put it on the credit card and didn’t complain. I stayed two days in the hotel and was given really delicious food. I slept a lot. After two days I was emailed my certificate. I got a taxi and went straight home without a problem. No checkpoints stopped us or asked for the certificate.

    All in all it wasn’t too bad. My hotel in Manila was pretty nice.

  7. When and if the resorts, hotels, airlines, governments etc. increase prices in order to recoup losses it will be viewed as a serious deterrent by tourists and there will be fewer and fewer visitors. This will last for years!

  8. i bet anyone $100…the first ones allowed back will be chinese and koreans, so start charging a fee for a 30 day visa instead of giving it free , im sure most would pay $20-$30 no prob

  9. people are creatures of habit , the longer they are not allowed to travel,attend sports,eat out,go to concerts/ movies etc ..the less they will miss these activity’s,and when things resume they will be less inclined to want to do these things ,and others will remain scared for many years

  10. It’s also the country your coming from Australians can’t leave australia it will be January 2022.before australia will let citizens come to philippines

  11. Rod, you are the messenger. Your calm demeanor relaying the lastest restrictions in the PHILIPPINES. Quarantine passes, smart phones / dumb phones, age restriction. Extremely frustrating for all Filipinos and foreigners. Mexico looking better more and more.

  12. Lockdowns affect the poor more than any other class according to the World Health Organuzation. Gee…who would have thought that? Brain-dead politicians love the control of the lockdowns. Less than 7,000 Filipinos have died as a result from COVID related illness. Complete chaos! Foreigners complaining about these restrictions makes me laugh as most are as brain-dead as the local politicians. Tourists will not be allowed back in until the end of next year. It’s not about testing, it’s about the cure.

  13. Good morning Rod, thanks for flooding update, our place is in low lying Junquera/R Landon area…now am worried. Getting a lot of useful travel info pertinent to my situation like.. now I have to rebook my Dec.10 flight which was rebooked from March 13. I’m also from So. no ferries…don’t mean to vent out…but thank goodness for your vlog…calming and optimistic.Reaally..someones “not like” your video??

  14. It looks like PH will cling to the hysteria as long as possible, likely until the end of 2021, so it’s time to give up on going back there. The good news is that Belarus and a few other places will still let in Americans.

  15. I am an expat now retired and now living in central Luzon. My 3yr anniversary is 3rd quarter March. I am 70. I moved here because of copd and Parkinsons disease. After many interviews with immigration, I am being told that I MUST leave the Philippines irregardless of age or medical condition, no exceptions. I will be exposed to increased probability to Covid-19. FYI, my fiance and I have planned marriage as soon as the annulment is complete after almost 3 years, final court date was weeks ago, now awaiting Judges degree. Does anyone know of the possibility of an exception so I do not have to leave my home and leave the Philippines?

  16. Hey Rod, good video. I’m in that boat with others, waiting until it’s back to some what of a normal. My fiancé lives in Mati, southern end of Mindanao. Only mask required and almost every place open and back to normal. No dine in at McDonald’s or Joliebe. Seniors can go shopping.
    But my old friend lives an hour north of Subic and they are required to wear mask and shield everywhere. And all businesses won’t let him in because he’s over 60. They even wouldn’t let him take his car in for service.
    As for airline prices, I’m finding them to be a couple hundred higher than what I’ve paid before. I’m going to try and fly Lou to America for a month to help me pack but she’s worried about her return and all the quarantine rules. Might have to wait until spring. I agree with you about future travel. I think we will need a proof of vaccine card before to long just to board a plane.
    Parks and camp grounds are over crowded here because people are not traveling out of the country. Used RV’s are selling at premium prices. You need reservation just to insure there is room for you. People here aren’t trusting hotels. Reminds me of my childhood when everyone traveled America in campers.
    Stay safe

  17. Far to many government agencies and employees are making vast amounts of money during the covid-19 crisis and do not want it to end. The longer it can be extended the more money they will get.

  18. I don’t know I think one test is enough you know let’s not get overbearing this is it I have three more months here in the US and I’m going to go Philippines with my soon to be bride oh yeah I’ll get a lawyer runway and that will stop .

  19. 4 years engaged with my filipina. I’ve researched everyway possible to return to my Filipino family with no success. Been away 11 months now. Was ready to retire and make my final move there last September 9th. Pandemic has me going crazy putting hold on my ss and work pension. Come December if I can’t get back there I’ll need to file yet another extension on my ss , Pension. I can’t even get my family there out of Manila and back to her homeland of Mindinao kidapawan to be close to her aging parents.

  20. Just goes to show how the Philippines is taking huge advantage of this pandemic. For $100 a day you can rent 3 nice condo units

  21. Rod, I heard that the Philippine government just introduced a fast lane for Chinese visitors! WTF?? 😳😳😳. If true, then this Duterte government is not really serious in fighting this infection, because they are ignoring the fact that Covid originated from China!

  22. Thanks Rod and I’m so fed up with this now days, I came here to retire and travel and not being able to go to a different islands is crazy and it doesn’t look good in near future here in Phills.
    Being stuck in Cebu is better then anywhere else thou, we have many resorts open now on Lapu x2, I recently got Bluewater Resort membership for 8k it’s good for 18 month and it comes with one free night stay at any Bluewater of your choice and many other goodies.

  23. I got charged 80 dollars for covid test at manila airport the true cost is 10 to 20 dollars so somebody somewhere are making big bucks out of this bs

  24. My sister is a virologist and she said COVID does not mutate like the flu, as of yet, unlike the flu. So as of now, once we have an effective vaccine, and if most people take the vaccine, the pandemic could be over. It’s people who are our own worst enemy with that being said.

  25. On and on about the virus ????
    It’s not as bad as they claim, millions of people die every year of the flu(s)…
    Besides, it’s only the ungodly who are afraid of meeting God……
    If you don’t believe in God then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about…. All of your troubles will be over, just nothingness, like sleep !!!
    But we all know that God is real and God’s HOLY Word repeatedly condemns anyone who practices evilness and those who finds pleasure with those who practice evilness…….
    Smug today and Burning Forever !!!!

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