1. well no better then in canada , its screw up everywhere , wait next year when the vaccine comes out finnally lol
    double dose u get …..
    would it work , maybe in 5 yrs , or 20 yrs lol

  2. Yes Rod bad everywhere…i teach English on line..i have a Korean student in France not good…another student in Ghana,West Africa he told me he is stuck there he told me for 3-4 years he was supposed to go back to Korea every 4 months…so sad hasn’t seen his wife and daughter for over 8 months.

  3. The uncollected garbage was a major part of why Cebu City flooded…for most part recently…and bet it’s another reason to the flooding in metro Manila…if they would pay for the garbage and burn it like the Swedes do to generate electricity…it would be a great thing for the country

  4. Here in Melbourne Australia. No new cases overnight for more than 15 days here n no deaths. City just opened up last week after 4 months of lockdown n this weekend city residents are free to travel to the countryside

  5. I think USA getting ready for another lockdown. Oh happy days! Yeah let’s destroy our economy even more. Fuaci is even saying no to lockdown.

  6. Here in Oslob now. Arrived today traveled from Cebu City. One check point just north of Oslob checking where you are going and issue you travel permit. Not here for the whale sharks but if you want you need book on line first. I think website is explore Philippines.

  7. Davao City is getting worse Trackers required and coming to a city near you. Longer curfew hours and requiring 14-day Quarantine to enter. We haven’t even received the heavy rains from the typhoons here. Expats and would be are always telling me how unsafe Davao City is, I have never felt unsafe here. We had a quake here & I have felt heavier turbulence on a jet.

  8. Here in Texas it varies from what part of the state you are in. El Passo is in bad shape right now and they are sending people to hospitals in other cities. The news is saying its due to the colder weather but after seeing so many huge Ines to vote and record turnout for the election I think it is from that and with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming up it will get worse. Stay safe Rod

  9. My wife elean is from becol Camerine sur..lot of damage Bec of flooding and wind.complete Brown out..let us pray for whole Philippines..Great video rod…

  10. Thanks Rod👍we live in Rush city close to Forest Lake, we moved here from the area by St Cloud and so far we are getting a better weather, some snow on the ground😊that devastations is worst specially in the areas affected, they’re talking for more lockdowns too👍 I don’t think we are traveling in those vacation places as of now😌take care🥰

  11. The survivors will rebound fast. I was so amazed at how fast they bounced back after that Yolanda. I know some people who just took the blown down trees and built a house with them. So resourceful.

  12. Hi Rod, the UK is in second lockdown as of 5th November to 2nd December but maybe extended. The north appears to be hardest hit with increasing cases, nationally approx 40k daily. Furlough has been reintroduced till March 2021. Shocking to see flooding at roof top level in Manila. Last month ,Europe got hit by storm Alex.,particularly Southern France near Nice.

  13. So still no word on international tourism to the Philippines??

    Here in Arkasnas USA still no, and never been any lockdowns thank goodness.

    The testing parameters are outrageous now and used for political gain more than public health and safety.

  14. Getting married soon we Hoped to get entry international Travel 2021 Hopefully Early , Haven’t had typhoon last November when I went. Quezon city Pasay city flooded

  15. People are passing away every day because we cant see our doctors and we get covid flu jamed down our throats ..may as well get out my star of david for my trip to camp covid

  16. Hi Rod, I know my partners family have managed to travel down to Moalboal from Paknaan to see her over the last two weeks. They had no issues at all using the coach services down to see her, they have done this 3 times over the past 14 days. Only wish they would hurry up and open up again, so I can fly in from the UK. Stay safe and keep these great videos coming.

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