1. no Rod that was a cattle ship going from New Zealand to UAE i think or Japan there was 2 Australians and two New Zealander’s who were looking after the cattle and lots of Filipino helpers only one was found alive a Filipino but they cant find the ship or any part of it

  2. There will be EXTREME HEAT PYRO worldwide! REFRACT it with satellite disc. At peak heat turn OFF the Electricity. Fill all tub with water; cover it. Go UNDERGROUND or dig about 3 feet; then, let an exhaust tube [used in washing machine] to run from the 3 feet hole to your home: that is NATURAL AIRCONDITIONING without electricity. Blocked the windows with bamboo, clay [kahit lupa lang]; or if you have aircrete [mix of concrete and soap suds; search aircrete]. This will happen; because, they DESECRATED a Blessed Sacrament in Canada; which for us Roman Catholic is a DIRECT OFFENSE AGAINST GOD!!! PRAY the HOLY ROSARY.

  3. Listen to me Ron. If you were the first person to take the vaccine you’d be a hero! You’d also be famous. There might be some risk, sure, but the benefits might outweigh the possible downsides. Everybody would know your name, your channel, and you’d be on Filipino TV!

  4. Tap waters in manila are undrinkable unless you have a filter. In the cebu city it is even worse due to high calcium particles content.
    The government is really desperate for this “vaccine” knowing they would billions from taxes alone. And is willing to make it’s citizens as lab rats. This “vaccine” alone will not work. They will say you will need another drug make it work.
    They still refuse to use hydroxychloroquine because the u.n. says no.

  5. I just get the hubby’s on 10th of September.. I did have my spousal Visa… I also had to show my marriage license.. Which is from the Philippines cystic societee…

  6. You can go to Moalboal as long as you come from a MGCQ area and have proof ie a quarantine pass. Went last week for 3 days, very quiet, some hotels are open (you can find out on all the booking sites ) but most of the bars, restaurants, shops are closed.

  7. We use mains water for concrete batching on the Cebu Link and have it tested regularly and it conforms to international potable standards. In most cases it is not the actual water but the pipes. If the wrong pipes are used that can be a big issue as it can contaminate the water.

  8. Dogs, roosters, people calling out “Balut!” or “Isda!”, motorcycles, people honking car horns, buses, trikes, air-cons – did I miss anything? When I come back to my home country I have trouble sleeping because it’s so quiet.

  9. I am in the process of getting a spousal Visa here in the U.S.
    You don’t have to physically go to the embassy. The Embassy as instructions on their web site of the requirements that needed to be mailed to them to apply…
    Here is what the Philippine consulate in San Francisco sent me.
    I hope it is helpful for someone.

    The following nationals are exempted from the current travel ban going to the Philippines:

    1. Filipino

    2. Dual Citizen (with Dual Certificate/Documents)

    Pursuant to Resolution No. 60 of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases and EFFECTIVE 9 AUGUST 2020, the following shall be required to secure the appropriate visas in order to be allowed entry into the Philippines:

    3. Foreign spouses of Filipino nationals, regardless of nationality. 

    4. Foreign minor children, and foreign children with special needs regardless of age, of Filipino nationals; and

    5. Foreign parents of minor Filipino children and of Filipino children with special needs regardless of age.

    You are included in the travel ban, if you are not in the above mentioned list.

    For the 3 above mentioned visa required foreign nationals kindly mail your documentary requirements to the following address below for EVALUATION:





    Visa application processing time is 1-2 weeks, if the documents received are complete. The Consulate will return incomplete documents. All in-person application are all temporarily suspended, we accept visa application by mail only.

    9(A) Temporary Visitor’s Visa


    1. Foreign spouses and parents/children should also show proof of marriage or filiation (copy of marriage certificate, based on the current regulation and Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases resolution, the Philippine Consulate General may only accept documentary proof issued by Philippine authorities or foreign governments, EXCEPT those inconsistent with Philippine regulations (e.g. same-sex marriage and common-law spouse certificates); or birth certificate).

    2. Together with proof of citizenship of the Filipino spouse or parent/child and proof that the Filipino spouse or parent/child will be traveling with them or is living in the Philippines. (Copy of valid passport, IDs. etc)

    3. Original Passport of applicant (valid at least 6 months from return date.

    4. Duly-accomplished Non-Immigrant visa application form (http://philippinessanfrancisco.org/uploads/pdfs/Non_immigrant.pdf), typed or printed legibly in black or blue ink, and NOTARIZED by any notary public.

    5. Travel Itinerary (We will accept 1 way travel itinerary if the applicant is planning to extend his/her stay in the Philippines)*

    6. One (1) colored photo, 2” x 2”, taken within six months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. No sleeveless attire. Blurred or low quality photos are not accepted. 

    7. Proof of Financial Capacity (photocopy of latest bank statement and an employment certificate from the employer indicating position and salary, or affidavit of support), for Tourist Visa (for pleasure only).

    8. For minor visa applicants (below 18) traveling on their own, affidavit of support and guarantee from either parent, as well as photocopy of parent’s bank statement.

    9. Self-addressed return envelope, with appropriate stamps for express or priority mail with tracking numbers via US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice, if Passport with Visa is to be mailed back.

    10. Visa fee, according to fee schedule below (non-refundable), payable in cash or money order made payable to “Embassy of the Philippines” (or “Philippine Consulate General”, if application is made at one of the Philippine Consulates General in the U.S.). Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted. 

    For nationals of countries with visa agreement with the Philippines: 

    1. *Single entry valid for three (3) months US$ 30.00 (Required travel itinerary)

    2. Multiple entry valid for six (6) months US$ 60.00 

    3. Multiple-entry valid for twelve (12) months US$ 90.00 

    Note: The Philippine Embassy/Consulate General assumes no responsibility for any delay or loss in the mail, or while the documents are in the custody of the courier service. The applicant should note the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted. 

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.



    Philippine Consulate General

    447 Sutter Street, 6th Floor

    San Francisco, CA, 94108

    Website: www.philippinessanfrancisco.org

    Like us: https://www.facebook.com/PHinSF

    Follow us: https://twitter.com/PHinSF

  10. Water is one of the things that everyone needs, where are these guys gonna get the water to supply these potable plants during the time of draught a big desalination plant would be the fix, ice caps are melting in the south and north hemispheres adding to the ocean levels which are on the rise so there is a supply that would take care of the demand.

  11. I would not look for a vaccine anytime soon as this COVID 19 can go into the cell nucleus and up-regulate and down-regulate certain signals so it can replicate itself sounds like a pretty smart cookie to me as this cookie gains knowledge it can use more receptors, eventually, someone will crack the code and get this cookie stopped in its tracks so we all get can back to the lives we had.

  12. Wow Rod. It’s almost like you’re a prisoner but you gotta pay rent for your cell. Rod I’m curious if hydroxychloroquine zinc and zithromax are available there? Seems Africa has pretty much zero cases because they take hydroxychloroquine for malaria it seems. The info here points to most fatalities for the chinese import is seniors with pre-existing conditions. People under 45 or so its pretty much like the flu or common cold. In my opinion I’m not so sure its all about a virus. Anyway take care and thumbs up.

  13. Not Philippine news Rod but we were talking about California wildfires. I said they were Arson. It’s confirmed with arrests that Antifa is setting the fires. As they say, they are going to “Burn It Down”. Good video. In Philippine news, Fiancée now informs me that checkpoints are still up in CamSur. And they have caught some more drug dealers. I think they are allowing movement because they have collected all the low hanging fruit criminals and they need to let the rest move a bit to reveal themselves now.

  14. My representative to a bureau of immigration district office was told by the director that there is talk that visa overstays may be told to leave the Philippines. If this comes to be it will be announced in January.

  15. You can’t sleep anymore, in my country from Monday trade, in general, will close sooner, unfortunately the number of daily cases has been increasing and the schools will open what will increase the number of cases

  16. People are insane if they are going to try the Russian vaccine. No one takes that seriously anywhere in the world. If you’re under 65 the viruses less harmful than the flu so why people are even considering this is beyond me.

  17. Interesting video Rod with lots of good info as usual. Schools in England are back open now, COVID cases rising again to highest level for for three months, but deaths not rising pro rata. Many places looking almost back to normal now, but high case areas subject to localised restrictions. Travel restrictions change almost weekly, so not much incentive to fly anywhere for a good while yet. Hope you are staying ok mentally with all of the stress there .

  18. Rod your one of few Vloggers in Asia that are woke up to this bill Gates Fauci experiment bill Gates is not even a medical expert many of his vaccines ruined thousands in India and other places polio vaccine, imagine flu vaccine has been for 70 years and flu has not gone away

  19. Exactly why I won’t live in the big city of manila to crowded to noisy to polluted. I’ll be back as soon as they allow international travel again

  20. The ship you were taking about left New Zealand from Nelson on it’s way to Japan it received a maritime seaworthiness certificate while in Zealand it had a Australia vet and a New Zealand Stockman on board too the search was called off yesterday the families from New Zealand and Australia are asking our governments to help search for survivors it’s said the crew were abandoning the ship when it was struck side on my big seas then capsized all crew members were wearing life jackets . On water my wife and I are gonna start a filtered water shop for our family there it’ll hopefully give them a nice income to help

  21. This is what we did when l was a kid we just bring bananas or eggs to the sarisari store and barter it with something we need because we don’t have money we don’t drink our tap water too much bleach but we are lucky we have spring water

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