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  1. Good morning, Brian. I have yet to see any part of the Philippines outside of the Cebu City area since I moved here in February. But I really look forward to your video updates. For a few minutes you help me escape my home here in Talisay and travel to Angeles City. You are the closest thing to me having a fellow Westerner friend here.✌🏼

  2. Time for people wake up to this control there was thousands of people in Germany over the masks and the so called quarantine …there is video out there about this.

  3. Yes sir i walked that park three to four times a week. Many people (50+ on dry days) show up around sun rise (5am) until about 8am. Then it thins out probably because it gets really hot out.

  4. The greatest criminal duping of mankind. Scamdemic, Plandemic, Feardemic. Stop acquiescing to these globalist tyrants, there’s nothing more to lose! Get your identity and self respect back! No more masks and no more social distancing! They can’t arrest everyone! Stop being afraid!

  5. I Like what you said …. ECQ, MCQ… BARBEQUE …. Yeah… People are really confused of QUE’s….. Nice walking Video… Always waiting for your video daily…. Thanks for your time….

  6. You mean they haven’t been enforcing wearing masks there? Here in Cebu City you would be arrested for not wearing masks for months now! You guys have had it easy there!

  7. It’s said sh*t flows downhill. From the news I’m reading, the national government doesn’t know what it’s doing so what can you expect from the local governments. There’s very few local governments that seem to know what to do.

  8. 14:09 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman with a smartphone sticking out of her back pocket in the Philippines before. Very common in Singapore. As for masks, it’s not a huge hassle to wear a mask.

  9. Manila and Metro Manila..if you are caught by the police or other law enforcement and not wearing a will be jailed and fined 5000 pesos. No excuses.

  10. Thanks Brian, for the nice walk and talk. A big difference between Police in the Philippines and elsewhere is that in the Philippines, they are not a revenue center. They are there to maintain law and order, not to generate money for the municipality. One of the funniest videos I’ve seen was done at a Police checkpoint. The Police were checking for helmets and proper shoes on motorcycles. The vlogger pointed out a couple dozen motorcycles pulled off about 100 yards down the road waiting and asked the Officer “What about them?”. The Officer looked at his watch and said “They’ve been sitting there for about 45 minutes now and we’ll be here another hour. They got the message.”. You know, in the US, they would have called out SWAT teams and helicopters to chase them down and ticket them all. Gotta make that revenue. Not there.

  11. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, El Presidente is updating biweekly a.c addresses on the Wuhan Flu. He appears to slightly release some restrictions and then cracks down a little more. He does this in an attempt to give some hope to the uninformed, desperate, and poor. He will never lift restrictions until sometime in 2021 when a vaccine comes from China to save the day. Lockdowns will get worse, the poor will suffer and will die in large numbers. Foreigners will not be able to return until next year. The president realizes that if he can not keep this under some control the poor health care system will collapse.

  12. I have never seen one person out without a mask in Angeles since they were mandated…not a single one…anywhere here. I fear they will shutdown my access to the land of milk and honey (SnR)…I need that American drinking water because the local water has an amoeba that attacks my immune system.

  13. We live in San Marcelino Zambales. My doctor is in Angeles. Now I can’t even enter Olongapo without a medical check and a travel pass. To get to Angeles I now need a virus test plus a travel pass. It’s far more regulated now that the LGU’s have taken over. Each town now has its own regulations. It’s a clusterf**?(

  14. Virus exploded because airport was open the people coming in from other countries and ofw coming back home….to be honest im not wearing masked forever ….but the store wont let u buy food unless u wear masked….that virus is still flying around on air one place to another

  15. Because of what’s going on in Manila (6K new cases on Tuesday), you’re seeing other areas tightening up. They’re on the verge of losing control of the virus in Manila. A doctor’s association made it known in the media that hospital’s are triaging patients, meaning hospitals are prioritizing care for those who they believe can be saved. Even Duterte knows the Philippines cannot allow the hospitals to be overwhelmed which would bring about desperation and chaos.

  16. Love all the friendly people there and looks like a beautiful day. The schwarma was lookin good, we dont have those here in rural PA. They give us IHOP instead. Thanks for the video!

  17. That’s one madhouse. When are you taking a trip to Manila next? I heard plastic face shields are a must on public transport along with a face covering. I miss the philippines very much.

  18. In Victoria in Australia its 200$ fine approx 7000 p fine , if you are tested positive and the army are checking to make sure your staying home , if not home isolating its approx 5000$ fine 175000 p fine ,many fines have been issued curfew from 8 pm to 5 am .i don,t notice any difference in the traffic in a/c people are still out and about cooking eating much better than in other country’s.If i was over in a/c at this time i would stay put.

  19. good, they need to cite those that don’t follow the rules whether you like them or not. I have to follow rules as a foreigner been here since 2007 because this country has a code of conduct you just can’t do as you please.

  20. Sir Philly, can you shooting the newly Clark Airport Loop Bus route video for us?
    I think it is a very convenient transportation from airport to SM Mall.

  21. Do you have to wear a mask if you’re in your own yard with no one else around? Their check points seem to be causing a bottle neck forcing people to be in close contact.

  22. Can’t believe people don’t respect the pedestrian lanes and you’re the only one stopping in the stop sign 🛑 you’re right the difference between laws and how you can stop for a minimum things, think it’s just an excuse to check us up😩Take care and your family too👍it’s more stricter in Manila and the metro accdg. To my relatives😌

  23. Thanks for another informative video, or vlog, whatever is correct. Typical traffic mess….trikes using side walks, etc. After you have lived there for 10-15 years, your opinions of the local PNP, barangay enforcers, etc., will very likely change. Ever notice that PNP officers are NEVER assigned duty stations near their home areas? There is a valid reason for that.

  24. Oh….have to thank you again, for the tour of La Grande Residence! I e-mailed them and got no reply. However an owner of one of the 1 bedroom units has contacted me and we are working on possible arrangements for me setting up a long term lease. I will keep you posted…..Mike

  25. Nah, wear the masks… We don’t have to wear them in the community so I don’t bother but I have to wear them at work so I do… OK, so the masks are crappy quality and there are not enough of them but I wear them…

    I would like to see the Science as to how much good a crappy dirty mask is (particularly if the wearer doesn’t wash their hands anyway!) but I just try to follow the rules, whatever they are. That is why we have laws; to try to protect everyone from other people’s bad behaviours…

  26. I see at 12:25 into your video that someone confused a jeepney tire for a urinal. That’s one thing that I don’t like about many areas in the Philippines is the strong smell of urine in some places as you walk around in public places. One of the worst places, was close to the West entrance to walking street. As you always say, it is what it is.

  27. Thank you for yet another very informative video, I’m in Scotland and we have to wear masks. I am praying that this dreadful virus will ease soon. I am desperate to be able to get out to the Philippines to see my granddaughter who just had her 3rd birthday. Love to you Brian Lot and Hannah,stay safe ❤️

  28. Im actually quite surprised how obedient Filipinos are with this lockdown stuff. They just go with the flow with restrictions that would never fly in the states

  29. Hi Phil. Just touching base with you down there. Hope you are all ok. I am becoming concerned. The trend is worrying. Cheers from San Fernando City area.

  30. They check for local addresses. If you’re heading north, then they wanna see that you have a Mabalacat address or have a good reason. If you’re heading south towards AC, then they wanna see that you have an AC address or good reason for entering. They may also ask for the green quarantine pass.

  31. Checkpoints causing backup of vehicles with people inside them (especially the jeepneys), no distancing, if this was really a virulent, lethal virus like in the movies, everyone would be dead in an instant…

  32. I was WONDERING why we haven’t seen a guy PISSING in a public street in broad DAYLIGHT lately🤔 Then my PRAYERS were answered today!!!😕 12:29

  33. Here’s what I’ve noticed just by observing various video reports, obesity is much more prevalent in bigger cities like Manila and Cebu, probably because they have a more Western diet including processed and fast food. Ironically the poorer people in smaller towns and villages eat fresh vegetables and locally raised meat and fish and walk much more and do physical labor. This is also one reason why the U.S. can spend 4 times as much on healthcare per capita than any other country in the world and has by far the unhealthiest people on the planet. The Industrial Food Complex is killing all it’s customers!

  34. One of the biggest problems especially here in the States the governors have trying to reopen things to quickly which has cause a rash of covid cases. Now they are struggling to save face while at the same time attempting to restrict things again. Looks like the same thing happening there but they have learned from the mistakes going on here and getting a head of it. Many states like here in Indiana now have mask requirements. However there are not fines associated if found not wearing a mask. They just will not allow you into any of the stores. Would love to see the school and the madness, haha

  35. Instead of annoying check point and passes, why not put all money available in healthcare system . Let people not sick do their business and wear masks. Buy testing kits. Do contact tracing.All oligarchs and elected officials help can help.

  36. U seem to have the supportive attitude regarding the MASKS 🎭 but let’s see how U feel when they start Implementing, in ANGELES, the plexiglass separation between the Motorcycle DRIVER and the passenger as they are doing in DUMAGHETTO😆

  37. You are working very hard to entertain us with your beautiful videos
    When I was in Manila forty years back the Jeepneys use to put horses on the bonnet but I don’t see that now ?? Any comment to that ??

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