1. Very good news, I am a retiree military. I have a house where my fiance is residing. Is it anyway I can apply for the retiree visa here in U.S.?

  2. My visa expires Sept 21st after 3 years here Im hoping they open for tourist by then . I could get a SSRV now but it cost about $13000 with $10000 deposit in the bank I just don’t know if I should ?

  3. FINALLY!!!! A step in the right direction! I’m hoping September or October they offer visa on arrival… With proper health documentation πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

  4. Rod this is good news. But I think thailands news is better with covid testing at Bangkok airport 1hr 30mint waiting time. Thailand soon open up. With no lock down.

  5. This is very promising news, it is a start for future tourism. Thank you sir for putting out this video. Keep putting out great videos.

  6. Can I ask , I thought canadians or Americans doesnt need visa to come to philippines, does that mean they can come cause they have existing visa and doesnt need to get tourist visa

  7. Thanks for posting this. It’s great that people who were living there are finally getting to go back, and also encouraging news for those of us who are thinking of relocating there. (Plus, it gave you ideas for three new videos!) As an American who wants to spend at least a yeaar traveling in Southeast Asia, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever get to go anywhere. Any thoughts on the chance of borders opening to us by year’s end?

  8. true pinoy patriots should assassinate all kano expats in their country. They are the new colonialists, Take their money off their corpses. it is what is owed you from 5 centuries of oppression

  9. People with long-term visas won’t do much for the hospitality industry like hotels. They need to get regular tourists back in. They can allow tourists in with a corvid free certificate. Florida had over 60,000 cases reported in one day. The Philippines has that in over four months. If they maintain this quarantine their economy will be damaged for years to come.

  10. Rod hello, I do hold Balikbayan entry visa for me nd my son my wife Filipina citizen. For us US passport holder. But we have been out for 11 mn. Do you think they will permit us to enter
    The ks Rod I thought asking you you first I guess we eat to wait and see latest updates by DFA nd Immigration

    thanks a lot. Pls keep us updated

  11. @Amazing Philippines The article states “According to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, they must first have valid and existing visas at the time of the entry, meaning no new entry visa shall be accepted.” I wonder if my 6-month visa qualifies?

  12. Seems like things are moving forward there hopefully by October or November tourism will be opening for foreigners and I may be able to get there. Thank you for the video

  13. Good news Rod, thanks for the update. Hopefully further restrictions will be lifted in the near future, so that people can return to work, tourism can resume, and the damaged Filipino economy can start to improve. Take care always and stay safe.

  14. I’m hoping that when i go back to the Philippines in March, they will have waived the requirement for quarantine by then…I hope…

  15. Like All Governments around the world,, it is easy to keep things locked down when the ones making the calls are still getting there PAY like clockwork,,,

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