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  1. Till the roadblocks restrictions testing are lifted its useless to travel. NO Travel passes. NO curfews, NO 14 day Quarantine. Bus airplanes and ferries running everywhere then its open till then its not.

  2. The Day you can arrive at NAIA with a US Passport and gain tourist entry to the Philippines then they will be opened up….but the baby steps they are taking are a good sign.

  3. What’s the reason for restricting under 21s. This age group have more chance of dying from slipping on a banana skin than CV1984. The high risk group are the over 80’s with existing health conditions.

  4. 19,630 recoveries in the philippines today. Sounds like the end of the next year before people will return. Restrictions won’t be lifted until a vaccine comes. They are protests already in the uk against anti-lockdown.

  5. it will come when the vaccine is ready and 85% of the Philippines has it , and it will go back to normal slowly but i will only travel there when i dont waste my time siting in stupid hotel for 14 days , because think about what if someone flies there only for 2 weeks , what your going to do site your ass in hotel for 14 days , Nobody will fly there , they need to lift the restrictions otherwise no business will come there because big waste of money and 29 hours flying time !

  6. The bars have collapsed and the foods way overpriced. Not a lot of reason for the normal crew to come to angeles. The freelancers opposite envy have no health checks or Pap smears so not a good idea at all.

  7. Domestic travel here in Indonesia is allowed. I flew from Medan to Jakarta last month, did a rapid test the day before the flight, had to download an app so they can track my movements, face mask and face shield was compulsory at the airport and on the plane. All-in-all, a pretty care free process.

  8. My family wanted to visit so bad but husband doesn’t have visa. The Philippine embassy here in AZ won’t be open till 2021. My daughter and I have the Philippine visas stamp this year like it’s 6 months old because we were there for vacation. Do you think we’re allowed to visit now?

  9. Europe & a few other places starting to lock down again ~~ next few weeks will be pivotal ~ so don’t get your hopes up , with a few good news stories ~ some governments trying to give their citizen’s hope ,in spite of the Truth

  10. Its great to hear things are opening up, its a good sign. Though I’m not sure I would bother travelling to anywhere right now as I can just imagine jumping through all those hoops to get there, to find that I still have to wear a big sheet of plastic on my face and nothing is open. I saw a restaurant here that had big plastic sheets in the middle of the tables. sorry but who wants to eat out with family and friends, if you have to sit in plastic pods. The irony being that you probably drove their in the same car.

    Great to hear things are opening, but right now it makes no difference to me.

    Though I do want to say how much I appreciate your updates. You seem to be the only reliable source of information here. Its like living in the dark ages.

  11. Hmmm… Boracay might be open but if we cannot get through Davao to fly anywhere then we are, literally, stuck in Kidapawan…Some places might be open but we do not really want to go places when there are so many protocols that you might as well just stay home and be comfortable. Travelling seems to be more stressful than staying put in my opinion.

  12. To many protocols, rules, tests, restrictions and unknowns. Waste of time and money, unless your desperate to get price gauged and regulated every minute of your vacation. Best to just wait it out, save your money, until all or most restrictions are lifted over the entire country.

  13. Hello Brian , it sounds like Boracay , has been closed for a long time , even before the CHIMP problem , But here i think is the problem , i listened to you very carefully , and in the article you read , it never said you could travel from Boracay BACK to your home destination , Never ASSUME anything in the Philippines ,,,,,,, Just sayin ,

  14. Philippines is opening for TORISM??? I think you mean TOURISM🤔 Even your spelling is starting to sound like FILIPINO😆😄 You should probably fix that in the THUMBNAIL😕

  15. Another very informative video – thank you! Concerning the reopening of INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL (INTO) the Philippines, I very seriously doubt that anywhere near the numbers which wished to come to the Philippines before Covid-19 will want to fly to the Philippines after International flights are allowed. Yes, some will, mostly those who do not perform their due-diligence, meaning really study what has been practiced in the Philippines since March 2020. Of course, time will tell, but I do not believe the numbers will be anything like before, if so, can you blame them?

  16. Good information, I am pretty sure only the richer filipinos will be able to afford to visit places like Boracay. I don’t see the ban on foreign tourists being lifted anytime soon. Here in UK we are seeing a second wave of new cases, coinciding with university students ignoring all advice regarding social distancing, which is likely to increase the rate of transmission. Young people may be less susceptible to covid, but they can still infect others.

  17. At this point, it is ridiculous to travel to Boracay. The admin costs alone are going to run up to P8,000 per person, in addition to air fare and accommodation. For those living in this area, Subic, for some reason, has been more relaxed. I have been going to Camayan Cove Resort for a month. No restriction, no travel pass required, day passes are half-off, and we are almost always the only guests on Mon- Wed. The restaurant is open daily.
    Also, Villa Alfredo Resort in Biliti, San Fernando is open, with 8 pools maintained, landscaping perfect, and a staff of 75 keeping things in tip top condition. You do have to bring your own food or have it delivered. Options !

  18. Well its not possible for me to return soon , my family there have not seen me since last year.our business there has been destroyed ,
    Iam safe inAustralia but without my support my family there would be starving
    I think travel and freedom to move will be a memory ,we will have to learn to live with the virus
    thank you China and the WHO


  20. Hello from old city Saint Augustine FL … Florida is now fully open!!! Waiting for the Nov 3rd election…if the stable genius win, a mass exit pending … phllapines looks great for 2021.

  21. I have been here the whole time through this and in mid Nov early Dec my son will be born. I still talk weekly to relatives in the US and it is insane there. I am just glad my family live on a farm well away from Seattle, but have many relatives living in that area. Although i am not rich by American standards (100% disabled combat vet) I am able to keep the family in good order with a roof over our head and food to eat. I have had to help parts of the family a few times just to keep them from going hungry, mostly getting a bag of Rice and dry fish to keep them afloat food wise (when this first happened i gave 10k to them to get food for 12 people and it lasted a month). most of the family are farmers so they have had to relearn how to keep heads above the water mostly trading locally for needs. cabin fever set in 3 months ago lol. at least i got a balcony overlooking the river here in Roxas. when everything opens up i hope to come meet you and your family. been watching you since before i moved here and i been here for going on 8 months.

  22. Good update! Instead of Boracay and all those costs… or Baguio.. just go to Elyu.. / San Juan la Union! easy to get to, and open now for all MGCQ areas! Businesses here would love the business!

  23. Here’s hoping the IATA can convince governments around the world to agree a ‘test before you fly’ protocol which would save us having to quarantine on arrival. I’ve been waiting since my flight of April 22nd was cancelled back in March. Thanks for the update philly

  24. You know Brian i get what you’re saying, but my partner comes from Leyte! No problem there, no cases,
    until some come home from Cebu, then they have 3 cases!!
    Luckily they could control it, but if they didn’t??
    Pres Dutuerte said no travel until Sept 21.
    Stay safe mate, you and your family. 👍👍

    P.s, what happened with the drains, lol. I know many are asking.😄

  25. Thanks for these info. but I think, am just gonna wait for a little longer when there is no restrictions anymore. I rather see relatives first. They are the one that will help us in moving👍take care👍

  26. Let’s be very clear; the protocols are killing even the most simple day trip. Try to book a nearby hotel or condo for even one day! Only 10 people allowed in a pool…in a resort that can accommodate 500 people. Must wear a mask and only husband and wife can stay in a room…no girlfriends allowed. Airlines are happy to take your money…but most all flights never depart with no refunds. Don’t waste your time.

  27. Will take awhile to get tourism going again I’m afraid. Would expect other countries might be weary of US tourists coming to there countries. Just have to go with the flow, too much stress nowadays. I went to local Harley Davidson dealer yesterday to get my Ural inspected. Lots of riders there hanging out, talking and some nice bikes. Good people. Be safe and stay well!!

  28. Hello Brian, I am very interested in what services do you use for your news articles? I am interested in using them when we return to Philippines in December. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  29. Latest information in united states . Vaccine for corvid should be here around the election in the united states . They made enough for trail test which is going on now . Not much news . All democrat major cities was in riot . Been quit for a while expecting more around the election time if trump wins .

  30. Brian when you travel with Lutt ( sorry if I spelled wrong?)who watch’s your store? I love your channel Brian and thanks for your efforts on keeping us apprised to what’s going on…

  31. Hi Brian, I have not been able to go many places since this stuff started, I am an old guy so can’t get quarantine passes, but the wife is going to try to get one for me tomorrow. We met you when we were getting away while the Volcano eruptions were going on, and before the virus hit. So I am hoping she can get me a pass and I can get around a little more.

  32. I was meant to visit Angeles June July just passed, the Air BnB owner was great allowed me to change to January 2021 then here in the UK they say we could or might be under CHIMMP rules for another six months which would take us to March 2021, the owner again allowed me to change yet again so I hope that from May 7th I can get there, not sure if he will allow me to change a third time. I don’t want to cancel had to cancel my flight and lost money on that, this time just waiting until the Philippine government says its OK for UK residents to visit
    Another good informative video keep up the good work, all there take care and Stay Safe

  33. yeap, and again a misleading title only to get people open it and watch it (at least few first minutes ) before they find out is all bullshite, Philippines is NOT opening , only lifting some internal restrictions,

  34. Traveling thousands of miles is both physically (time zone changes, etc) and mentally (dealing with immigration/customs, etc) stressful especially if the destination is a third world corrupt country,. Now international tourists have to deal with the added bs on top of the “normal” bs of immigration/customs/etc. I can’t see what sane person thinks this is worth the hassle. How does getting all these documents stop an invisible virus? There will be a realization that these are nonsensical measures not based on data. By that time there may be no tourism.

  35. Good luck, Philippines on locals to spend their Philippine peso’s? And Good luck on that other Asian bubble, I’m sure that Thailand, VN and others in that bubble will not able to afford a two week vacation to the tourist trap of Boracay Philippines. But maybe Rodrigo Duterte will open up to China before the USA? I heard he loves China?

  36. Hey just to share with the group if you’re a foreign parent of an in-country Filipino minor child or special needs child that is in adulthood already or younger you can request for a visa in your country that has a Philippines Embassy. There will be a visa form on their site to fill out and you will need to provide a PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) Live Birth Certificate of your minor child/children that has YOUR NAME LISTED AS THE FOREIGN PARENT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MARRIED TO THE FILIPINO NATIONAL PARENT, (if your married legally to a Filipino national this does not pertain to you but same requirements to get the visa) along with your Passport dates of travel an exiting ticket and proof of income to sustain yourself while in PH, (first page of your bank account showing deposits in your name) you can pay for a 3 month up to a 1 year visa max $90-$120 for the year visa with multiple entry’s and exits within the year of the valid visa all this info plus your passport you will send the embassy, an if they approve it, will affix the visa to your passport and return to you (don’t forget to include a pre-stamped envelop for them to return your passport and documents) and your good to go… Remember to take a copy of the documents with your on your travel to PH. I’m in the process now of receiving my visa for travel there to PH in Nov, I will come in at Clark and go through their protocols to enter which is not bad, you can go to their website to see the procedures. USA to S Korea as a travel transit only (not leaving the airport into S Korea) will fly Asiana Air from there into Clark.

    Philly, I hope this is ok for me to post, I’m sure their are many like me who want to see their children and do not want to wait till tourism is opened back up! If there is any issues I can follow-up. Again would love to grab a bite to eat with you at Tequila Reef while I’m there.

  37. Yeah nice try Philly…nice clickbait.

    Stupid PR by the kids in charge of the Phils so some rich politicians can fly to Boracay. Useless for expats with no international flights to Caticlan 😷😡

  38. I understand what they doing allowing people in the country the move around that generates a little Revenue. But international travel I don’t see happening anytime soon because asymptomatic people. Here in the US there are people who are tested negative but still have the virus so if you allow international travel those people the slip through the cracks. It’s hard enough trying to protect the medical field if an eviction cases increase again. You don’t want to put the strain I’m trying to take her a people from other countries just my thoughts

  39. Tourism is going to be nonexistent until constant monitoring and testing is over. People will be staying home. If the people need incomes then they will need to make it welcoming to come.

  40. you can get a visa if you have a spouse or kids there i just found out last week I’m waiting on my visa to be mailed to me working time for this visa is 5 working day you need some doc like marriage certificate and photo copy of your wife passport to go with it you also need these doc when you arrive in manila also plan to stay a a quarantine hotel up to 2 days untill get your test back before your able to go free one more thing the quarantine hotel must be booked before you start your trip on booking at the airport is allowed

  41. This all seems like a big Fee Charging Scheme in the works. Right now there is a less than 1% death rate from the China Virus. The regular flu is much more deadly. On November 4 all of this will end, all the hype is just to make Trump look bad, they already blame Trump for the virus.

  42. Maybe 2021 Is Questionable For International Flights To The Philippines And Maybe Could Also Be Year’s Before Traveling From Abroad To All Countries Of The World Is Allowed Because A Vaccine For The Covid19 Coronavirus Is Very Far Away From Being Found To Innoculate Against The Covid19 Coronavirus Or Maybe Never Will There Be A Vaccination Against The Covid19 Coronavirus

  43. People are starving and dying in the Philippines. The cure is worse than the disease. Incompetent leaders there especially the President. A lot of people who would usually go to the Philippines are now going to Thailand and Vietnam. The longer they allow the Philippines Travel ban the less likely tourists will return when they do decide to reopen the Philippines because people are discovering It’s more fun in Pattaya.

  44. So overly restrictive. Less than 4% of those infected with CoVid have succumbed to death. The entire pandemic is a total over reaction and had served to enslave the world with crazy restrictions to our lives.

  45. guaranteed the first to be allowed back will be the koreans and chinese they spend the most money…what is really outrageous even people born in the Philippines but living abroad must acquire a Philippine passport before being allowed home ..and at this time ,acquiring all the numerous documents from overseas for said passport is almost impossible ….they are going to have to change that tourism moto ,from everything is more fun in Philippines …to everything is much more hassle in the Philippines ..even more so now than before … me its obvious the gov wants to force people out of NCR and back to the province..and at same time reducing buses jeepneys trikes,and sidewalk vendors…..

  46. Sorry, I am not in the mood to listen 15 mins to this reading lesson and I am not interested, if kids below 21 can go from somewhere in the Phils to another place in the Phils now or not. Can anybody summarize, what Brian is telling about tourists from western countries? Guess that can’t be longer than 5 sentences, and the video would have finished after a minute 🙂

  47. What will happen to the bargirl scene? What is Duterte up to? Americans are most attracted to the Philippines, Clark Airforce Base nostalgia included…but as the new generation replaces the old, and you can PHYSICALLY SEE the investment that Thailand has put and continues to put into Pattaya (and I hear they are going to loosen visa’s by 3 months) and it is easy to see Thailand is targeting Philippines tourism…without the extra excitement, Philippines will struggle here.

  48. People are really suffering there. I believe once the ruling class of Millionaire Filipinos there start to see their bank accounts go down a few more months, they will open up. Especially if there is a vaccine.

  49. International coming from Canada , only for Local. No 14 days for me scrap it .mid 2021 , property hit hard especially the poor so sad. March 2021 summer .Have to stay a month if 14 Thanks Buddy for updated

  50. Thank you for the update. If someone really wants to visit PI, they will jump through those hoops. Otherwise, most guys will just wait it out. Just my two centavos. Thank you for the vlog. Stay safe.

  51. HEADLINE: Boracay looking for human volunteer Guinee pigs, foreign Guinee pig volunteers apply next year. The GP8 colors are looking great but a bit too much fisheye.

  52. Looks like a baby step in the right direction…starts with domestic travel first and periodical validating before they can open up to international travel…although it sucks, maybe the US can learn a thing or two…we have far too many people not taking this thing serious and prolonging the misery for the majority of us.

  53. Wasn’t this only domestic tourists not international. I think I’ve seen this article online on one of those FB newsfeeds. Plus there is a suggestion as well that all international airports in the future will check if you have taken the covid-19 vaccine. Have to show your vaccination documents or be denied traveling at the check-in.


  55. I would think the govt probably has a general guideline as to when they hope to have full tourism back in the PH. I just wish they would share it. give us some idea of what it is.

  56. Thanks for the update Brian. hope it opens up more by July 2021 for our trip. My wife is itching to see her family again. We’d also like to try and visit you guys too when up that way. Stay safe and healthy.

  57. Hi Brian, I read most of the comments on this topic, mostly negative . The Philippines has handled the tourism industry horribly . It will never be the same and I’m not living in a bubble to have a so called vacation.

  58. It is their business what they do. I just think it insane to have this harsh shutdown. They are only making the people suffer. No other county is as harsh and for what? a .03% death rate, mostly among 60+ year old’s. All based on Chinese propaganda and nut job Neil Ferguson. Death rate of 60,000-80,000 a year, which is for 5 months and we don’t shut the national economy. Or create fear telling everyone you must wear a mask and stand mile apart or you will die. But yeah, sounds like they have it under control.👍

  59. Are you from the Coal Region of Pennsylvania, because you sure have the accent. You really need to lean how to pronounce the words of dialects in Philippines.

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