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  1. Goodmorning Sir Brian. Today is the day… Super exited. You look like a kid ready to snap a cotton candy ..hahaha… Congratulation for your new vehicle… Take care !!!

  2. We will wait for your next video. It will be interesting to see the process of getting a car loan here in the Philippines. We bought a second hand 2019 Nissan Almera for 400k and we thought it is a steal. The only downside is it is a manual tranmission and I am afraid of driving it so John drives it instead . This is an exciting day for you, guys, congratz and travel lots and enjoy your brand new vehicle. Great choice of color.

  3. Hey Brian my friend, congratulations to you and lot on your beautiful new ride. I know that it’s very exciting, I was the same way when I bought my new vehicle. Good luck and God bless you, lot, and Hannah grace always my friend.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  4. Install your dash cam first thing! Im sure either vehicle was a good choice. Can see the smile and excitement in Luisa’s face driving in the trike. Nice dealership, probably have their mechanics Toyota trained. Nice color to keep clean. ROAD TRIP TIME!!! hehe The accessories look good on that color. Does the fuel door have an internal release? Thanks for the video! Enjoy your new vehicle!!!

  5. Congrats on your new Toyota rush!!! Brian and Lot. Now, have to get the transponder as we use it for fast track here in San Diego, forgot what they call it there, starts with a letter “R”. Drive safe and God Bless your new vehicle.

  6. Congratulations and a wise choice. I love the colour and hopefully it should keep the inside a bit cooler in the heat of the philippines. Good to hear that you’re both happy with your choice. Enjoy and happy motoring 😎👍🚘

  7. Congrats Brian… enjoy your new suv

    Just a little tidbit for a SINGLE foreigner….you’re screwed lol
    * Needs * –
    1) ACR Card with “resident” tag
    2) PH identification (license)
    3) Bank account

    It’s a catch 22…. you can’t get a bank acct because you can’t get a resident ACR card unless you’re married
    I am currently in this status….not fun.

  8. Everybody please Hannah Grace pleased I know when I Got a Car ahead of you kid approved LOL fun thing about a new car it’s playing with the buttons see what does what LOL

  9. CONGRATS on the shiny, new Rush! I really like the black trim you chose … not overdone .. just enough to make it more sexy, and give it that extra “pop”! Happy and safe driving coming up, and enjoy that new car smell … smells like victory! Lol. Randy

  10. Congratulations you two, I like silver colors you earned it for all your hard work especially Luisa, right Brian ? We have a Toyota, a Honda and a Silverado Z71 and can say they are Quality cars .

  11. Filipinos like to pimp up their cars with accessories. Maybe add up a wind diffuser on the hood to protect the paint. Will Lot ever drive the car alone, it can give you palpitations just thinking about it

  12. First got keyless option years ago on a VW Passat. At the time, I didn’t think about it, just thought it was a fancy part of the high end trim model. Turns out it was the one feature I now enjoy more than any other. Just have it in your pocket. Walk away and the car locks, walk up to it and it automatically unlocks. Great feature.

  13. Nice one Brian and Lot lot. You deserve your new ride. Had mine since 2011. Getting bit old and dirty now 10, 000 miles only.
    Hyundai i10. Great car.
    Enjoy the ride.

  14. Congratulations on the new car! Excellent choice. The only thing I personally don’t like about it is the white padding on the doors as they tend to get dirty and yellowish quite easily, but hey, nothing a little cleaning can’t solve! I’m sure you guys will create new memories with the new non-Demon car in the future.

  15. Welcome to the new world. I’ve had those keyless entry cars since 2000. But I’m glad you’re enjoying this one. You CAN listen to the radio just by “tapping” on the ignition key. That will power up electronics, sound system, windows, etc. Then you HOLD the ignition button down and it starts. You should get on YouTube and search for your vehicle. Toyota will tell you everything you want to know and more about your new vehicle. It’s really great. Not to mention, you will never turn around to look behind you when backing up again! This is an awesome car. Toyota brand rocks. This thing will run like an old American refrigerator…just change the oil every 5000 miles with Mobile Synthetic, and you’ll literally never have any other maintenance until you flush the transmission at 50,000 miles. Enjoy!

    Now, Please show us the terms you got with a PH bank. Documents they needed, down payment %, also what dealer fees did you pay, etc. I’d love to see that invoice. Curious to know if they charge the old “document” fee which is usually $600 or so in the U.S., but you can negotiate that away if you’re strong. Look forward to more info on this purchase. Kudos!

  16. I plan on moving to PI in Clark once this pandemic is over. Does it make sense to buy a new car knowing how bad drivers are there, cost of repairs, etc.? Outside of the monthly car note if you can afford it. Serious question and not trying to belittle anyone with my comment.

  17. Congrats on the new car. Spend a little more and have detailing done on the outer paint, will be easy to clean and maintain the look for years.Best wishes & Happy driving Brian

  18. Yeeeesssssss The Toyota…. Excellent Choice….There Buildings are first class with all the amenities. The Service Mechanics are usually higher than say a local shop but the computers are set up in the Shop to tell you exactly what needs done. My Fav is the red but I’m an Arkansas Razorback Red guy… But Luv the silver. Great car enjoy

  19. Congrats love the car. I got a Ford Ranger Wildtrak in Duma. I got my first live stream coming up Sunday 11pm your time if you are available. Enjoy your new beast.

  20. Lets hear about the finanical deal. Total price, down payment, amount financed, term of loan and annual percentage rate of loan [APR]. Most people don’t like to talk about that when they finally figure out how bad they got cheated. Brian i know you will be a good sport and tell us.

  21. There is so many Bells and whistles the Blue tooth audio,Radio,Cell Phone all should come through the car. The dash may also change to Gas millage,Distance remaining till tank is empty, Miles or Killometer per gallon ect ect. I know my 2017 has more options and toys in the dash computer system that I have ever learned to use. Good luck… All the features will take time to learn and some you may never use ..lol

  22. Make Sure and get you a car cover, and every time you go out get her washed up and waxed. There is so much salt in the air it will start rusting after a year or so! Also watch the service visits, if you don’t put a lot of klm on it there is no need for a lot of stuff they try to get you to pay for, just tell them you don’t need it!!! Like 8000p for an oil change , which you can do for almost nothing!!!! Congrats and enjoy travels in the new ride , Toyota makes a solid care!!! Take care Stay safe!!! LOL you look so EXCITED, hehehehe Best wishes!!! I keep forgetting to ask, did you find the Honey you were looking for?? Also you can go online and watch the toyo videos to see all this stuff!!! Nice color!!!

  23. Wow! That’s very nice looking vehicle. That gray has a richness to it and no as common as the white ones. Nice accessories, I’m looking forward to you pimping it out like MadMax! All you need now is it’s name! Good luck and god bless, as i wish you and your family safe passages with the new vehicle. Being that Filipinos are very religious, do they get their vehicle blessed?

  24. Hahaha..yea..my 1st keyless put me off too….old skool driver i guess..lol. i got a isuzu mux 1.9 turbo..2019 model..instead of the 3litre leather model.saved me 400,000 piso ..for no leather and smaller more economical vehicle! Sweet!😁

  25. Brian, tell Lot Lot not to put things on the dashboard, the airbag is there. If it were to go off it could propel the item into your face with deadly force. Be safe and enjoy you new car. People also sometimes ride with their feet on the dash, I have seen broken legs as a result.

  26. That ride is so nice y’all going to keep taking to us? It’s a nice nice one. Worth putting on a ferry and visit a few islands. They are trying to lock us down again. It’s stupid. About 4 vaccine mfg now. CDC says kids safer in school. Mayors or Governors say no. It’s all political crap.

  27. Wow you did great!! I am happy for you. That car is beautiful and very roomy too. Just enjoy it and drive safely. Oh, by the way, that free drink of water you had in the dealer, haha sorry, but you paid for it. Will your wife get to drive it? You are blessed to have her too. Some guys have all the luck.

  28. By chance did you inquire about personal outside cameras? I believe I saw where you had them on your old vehicle. I would like to see what the dealer cost would be to add them at the dealership.

  29. Hey guys congratulations on the new motor that’s what we say in Ireland looking forward to seeing maybe future trips with you and the family I guess next year as this pandemic thing is still going strong but hopefully soon we all back to normal anyway thanks for sharing looking forward to your next vlog take care see u in the next one cheers from Ireland

  30. Hey guys congratulations on the new motor that’s what we say in Ireland looking forward to seeing maybe future trips with you and the family I guess next year as this pandemic thing is still going strong but hopefully soon we all back to normal anyway thanks for sharing looking forward to your next vlog take care see u in the next one cheers from Ireland

  31. Hi 👋 Brian how you doing nice car mate I like the colour you guys enjoy your new member of the family it’s been awhile 🤠 since I can put comments on all your video bro but me and the Mrs watches all of your new video and also Lot

  32. You won’t go wrong with a Toyota very nice looking car , have a look at your keyless remote you might find it has a key inside and look on the steering centre for a cover it might let you use the key to start it if for some reason the remote stops working beautiful car guys

  33. Hello BRIAN,from Abilene tx, awesome new vehicle! I love that new car smell, of course it’s been forever since I ‘ve bought a new car. My wife’s Nissan Altima is push button start, a d to just turn radio on, u keep foot off brake and push start button twice quickly. That’s like turning key to Assy. Anyway, congrats on new vehicle, hello to all a d stay safe. P.S., you going to have a “Name the New Car “contest?

  34. Beaut of a car, good choice, i remember my first new car, did not want the wife with me, wanted to enjoy it alone for an hour or so without ant distractions, one man and his new car sacred bond.

  35. I’m happy you guys got your car. I was like you when I got mine, little nervous first driving it, LOL. Ya, you can use your car accessories without starting the vehicle (by just pressing the auto start button) without stepping on the brake. I’m a bit surprised the car didn’t have mud flaps already installed, I thought that would be standard. Also, when we bought our vehicle, we always get freebies, i.e., Side rain visor, seat covers, umbrella’s, so not sure why they didn’t offer that to you. Enjoy, I’m sure we will see many adventures in your future video’s…What’s the cars name going to be “Silver Streak”? Take care.

  36. SHE’S beautiful wife there! Happy to watch you guys enjoying Philippines. Our dream is to retire in the Philippines soon but because of Pandemic I think it will be later than that. Anyways good taste there! Filipina here🇵🇭🇲🇾

  37. I don’t know where you find your optimism in your future money flow given the present political and economic circumstances. I also was a correctional officer and have a generous public safety pension, but I do not even trust it’s solvency given the totality of what we’re up against now and in the future. I mean no offense Brian. I pray I’m wrong and continuing making payments on your brand new vehicle won’t cause you and your family future financial problems. I personally would have bought used cash in the under 350,000 peso range and had a good mechanic go over it before buying it given our present day circumstances, or forgone a vehicle purchase altogether for now and waited several months or even years to see how the future pans out. The future sure is looking economically catastrophic considering what’s happening. I wouldn’t even trust any promises as far as pensions are concerned, even “Rock Solidly Secure” public employee pensions. That’s the next bubble that economists are saying is going to burst, so big a bubble public employee pensions are projected to go bankrupt requiring governments to reduce promised pension payments/benefits, even for current retirees. This is no conspiracy theory. Governments promised way more than they can deliver and tax revenue is way down and welfare way up, and will remain so for quite some time. The public is going to be pretty pissed off public employees and retirees haven’t lost a dime in this ‘pandemic’ while they lost their livelihoods. They’re gonna demand we ‘share the pain’. Considering the ‘laws’ that have been ‘passed’ this year, you bet reducing public pensions is a very good possibility, Especially if the stock market crashes. I certainly wouldn’t trust the future security of the Philippines either considering it’s history of foreign invasions. Again no offense Brian. I pray I’m wrong for you and your family’s sake. PS – If your loan comes thru, sharpen the spikes on your fence and rig up a kill switch and tire locking mechanism on that car. Buy 4 ramps so you can elevate your car jic of flooding. Best always keep it under a car cover too. That brand new car is a thief magnet in that country.

  38. Now you got brand new car. You will never have a problem within 5 Yeats of Normal use. But to get the 3 years warranty, you got to change oil under their Supervision and more expensive change oil than outside. But warranty remains. Congrats for your new vehicle.

  39. Toyota was a good choice. I am really in to cars. Recently I have owned BMW X6M, Toyota 4-Runner, Ford Eco sport. Never had any issues with Toyota but OMG, BMW and FORD!! More time in the dealer than in my garage. All cars where brand new when purchased.

  40. Actually, much more cost effective to get a year old vehicle that has depreciated already. You know that new vehicles are a big loss right off the bat. Must be nice to be rich!

  41. Wow that’s very nice, color, the body shape, all the accessories that you put on it,, excellent 👍👍
    Well guys enjoy your new vehicle 👍👍
    Take care, stay safe and God bless you all 🙏😇🙏

  42. It’s very good to see you all happy with your new car! I think Toyota is always a good choice for a reliable car. Have fun & enjoy your new car! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  43. Brian, it is a beautiful vehicle. You made a good choice. I have had a camry and a supra and both lasted me for 17 years. So take care of it and it should get many good years out of it.

  44. Your looks sick kuya Brian!!! Opo when you read the vehicle manual book if you have downloaded music on your cellphone u could put them in the car stereo. Oh yeah Brian maybe you could order those floors mats from weather tech.

  45. I guessed Toyota since Brian liked it a lot on a previous video. The metallic silver is a good alternative to the white. I would have LOLed if Brian and Lot had chosen red. Don’t fall for the dealer’s wine and dine. You know what happens afterwards haha.

  46. Nice choice. Definitely a huge improvement over the Demon Car. Enjoy your new ride, drive safely, and watch out for those crazy, undisciplined drivers on the road especially with someone counterflowing almost hitting you head on.

  47. You have big balls to buy a brand new car where you live. I would only drive a used car over there because of all of the scooters going every which way. But the car and the extras look very nice, good luck with your new car. By the way how much does a car like that cost over there, if that’s not too personal? Also I forgot to say you have a nice wife and she is a pretty women.

  48. Congratulations you 2. I was hoping for the Honda BRV but you’re the one making the monthly payment. I suggest dash cam right away. Our Honda dealer threw in the window tint and car cover. I know the service and oil changes are more expensive than elsewhere but if you don’t keep up on them it voids the warranty. Anyway enjoy and be safe.

  49. The Toyota Hylux would be perfect for you, it will handle the bad road and it will also work well for your business.I like the Toyota Hylux or Toyota Prado. Congratulation anyway.

  50. Very nice, makes you wanna just drive all over when you get a new car. I was 2 for 2 on the guesses, Toyota/Silver. Now you have a Toyota, Yamaha, Honda…next a Suzuki?

  51. You might want to add some door guards to protect the doors from dents if you accidentally hit a wall when opening the door. Great buy! You can’t go.wrong on a Toyota. ✌️

  52. ……… *CONGRATS FOR THE NEW WHEELS KERVERS* ! ! ! ……..i guessed you’ll get a Honda though i’d personally suggest a Toyota so i say it’s good…….Honda is great too but the PH is Toyota country……… enjoy guys………yep you can’t go wrong with a Toyota…….. 🙂


  54. Awesome lookin’ vehicle. So you have to press the brake to start it? Safety feature I’m guessing. Just remember to stay away from them tricycles, they all think they own the roads everywhere.

  55. Congrats on your new ride. Metallic silver is a good color. Be sure to get the car blessed. May you and your family have many wonderful adventures ahead in your new wheels. How exciting. God bless.

  56. Make sure u service it well one thing is they need there regular oil change with the correct oil stated by Toyota.If you don’t keep with the service you will forfeit warranty ok.

  57. don’t touch the brake, just touch the push to start button and you can operate the accessories without starting the vehicle. Nice choice and thanks for the video

  58. I would be getting a front and rear dash cam if I was you. Saves a lot of dramas when the poo hits the fan. A nice set of wheels. Can’t beat Toyota for quality/price.

  59. When you couldn’t get the car started, one word came to my mind, “BRAKE!” I did the same thing when I got into my Nissan Juke the first time. Did you also wonder where the “choke” was? Hehehe

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