Plan B Failed, Back To Plan A

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  1. Couldn’t you put a quick small section of shade in the of the middle pond where it is deep like you did over the Azolla Pits, temporary Intill the trees grow?

  2. You need to create a small venturi pump using PVC and a marble; You could actually make several of them along the out flow pipe and inject a ton of air into the outflow pipe. They take about 10 minutes to make and use a marble and a peach of PVC.

  3. Brian, if you put the air intake on the pump outlet pipe instead, you could make a Venturi Aerator, that would inject a lot more oxygen into the water than a sprinkler

  4. I understand where are you coming from but like I said before in previous videos. You are working it like a suction dredge that could make a lot of air but you have do not have enough power. When I was mining for gold it was a 5 horse power. Something like that would work very well

  5. Brian, ipil ipil can be poisonous to non-ruminants, I’m not sure about fish. But Malunggay would be safer and it grows from sticks similar to ipil ipil.

  6. Why don’t you cut off the out put side before the elbow and just shot air to into the pond . anf also don’t try putting air on the input side , cut off that one too so it can hold prime

  7. Put both pumps inline with each other. Suction in pond, discharge to suction of other pump then discharge to sprinkler. Tiny 1/16” hole, preferably smaller, drilled in pipe between discharge of pond pump and suction of sprinkler pump. Twice the pump expense, but cavitation action for oxygen and sprinkler for cooling twice as effective. Very awesome 👏

  8. Add air in the suction line of a water pump … that’s like instant cavitation, wear out the impeller quick. I might make that pump with just a couple feet of pipe on the outlet so the pump can flow with minimal restriction. Seems you’re over tinkering.

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