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  1. If you have trouble finding Face Sheild…I know Score Birds has some at the front desk..90p? While supply lasts. Also S&R had some 2 weeks ago in 5 packs…
    Stay safe

  2. What’s up Bob from Delaware.Fast sheild protects eyes as virus can come into.Also face shield can be made from 2 litter.soda bottle cheap U tube many ways check out.

  3. as i understand it, the virus can enter through your eyes, need to have respect to this country. you just talked about this, so call it what it is instead of trying to make it a joke. respect the government

  4. I think ‘sheeple is a appropriate term. Most strict lockdown and now the highest infection rate in south Asia, go figure. What a ridiculous waste of time

  5. Covid is a microbe….the only thing to protect you is the mask a micro-biologist wears or the mask you’d wear in a nuclear power station…anything else is pointless…….but the elites want to be seen to be doing something while actually achieving very little……

  6. Suggestions as follows: For Sale “P1000”, “CMMP” Made me do It, I’m a welder, I’m a “Trekkie”, “Someone Got Rich”, “AH Pokeman”, “I wear glasses too”, For Sale “USED” P500, “SNAFU”…..Let me know what my prize is Later, LOL

  7. I checked City Hall website and their Facebook page….There is NOTHING about wearing a Face shield…Can you show us their OFFICIAL news release about the wearing of a Face Shield please

  8. Hello Brian! Itโ€™s Charlie from Fabulous Las Vegas! Write โ€œcooperatingโ€ or โ€œFollowingโ€ on it. Or maybe even the word โ€œRulesโ€ ๐Ÿ‘

  9. As an aside I live in regional Victoria Australia under stage 3 quarantine. Melbourne Victoria’s capital, is stage 4 with a curfew. We also have mandatory face masks, I ordered 3 shields via ebay for AU$28 I immediately was presented after checkout 10 shields for the same price! So Angeles City price is fair.

  10. Here’s a good one…My gf’s younger sister was told that even though she will be taking classes online they want her to be in full school uniform with the proper hair style….:)

  11. Soon they will want everyone to wear a hijab as there may be a possibility you get the droplets on your hair that could spread to your face, nose, eyes, and mouth when the wind blows As the saying goes, give an inch…. People are so quick to give up their freedoms, just wait and see how long it will take to get these back if ever.

  12. So funny but serious, canโ€™t believe the itโ€™s required to wear diapo for adults too๐Ÿคฃnightmares for the women that loves thongs๐Ÿค“ here too, people are all wearing.masks and few souvenirs when you go in a public places, I donโ€™t like superstitions๐Ÿ˜ฉ thanks for your funny vlogs๐Ÿคฃ take care too๐Ÿ™

  13. How you can keep saying the mayor is doing a good job is beyond me. What is he doing that is good? While it’s not all his fault it’s the collective government of the Philippines. They are spreading fear and panic over a virus where 99% of cases are mild or asymptomatic. According to the most recent stats of the approx 75000 active cases, only 389 are serious! TB kills 10 times what covid has per year in the Philippines, but no one panics over that. Just ranting over this nonsense, but like a good little expat I’ll wear my plastic virus and germ magnet until someone comes to their senses!

  14. May I suggest “INFECTED!” on your shield. That should make people keep their distance. Over here in the UK face masks and shields are compulsory in enclosed places ie indoors. So outside you don’t have to wear anything if you don’t want to. You don’t have to wear a full face shield however as long as your eyes are protected, so sunglasses or even your specs are adequate. Apparently they are still learning about this virus. Now they say that it is airborne and droplets can be carried in the air and people can be infected through a droplet entering the eye and hence the reason to wear eye protection. Take care.

  15. Probably the mayor or the president will ask all the people to wear PPE suits next. The 3 most effective way combating covid19 is 1. Wear face mask, 2. Regularly wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer and 3. Always practice SOCIAL DISTANCING until the bloddy covid19 vaccine is available

  16. “WOKE” TRUST ME THE GOVERNMENTS WANT US NOTHING MORE THEN ASLEEP TO ALL THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS! Also good work putting the hottie in the thumbnail lol

  17. Brian, news update from the US. They say now that the virus has mutated. That mask have no effect unless everyone is wearing them because it’s not just big droplets from coughing or sneezing that spread it but also just talking when you have no mask can spread it even if you don’t have symptoms. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I will heir on the side of caution for my family’s sake.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  18. Brian, perhaps you should locate a fully enclosed bio-hazard suit and present yourself to the mayor wearing said suit, asking if that is sufficient to keep CHIMMP from spreading!

  19. With all due respect, the reason people believe the virus is man made and not nature is because of our success at combatting infectious disease. The proof that it could be natural is how easily it jumps to cats and dogs. Viruses mutate when they replicate ( a possibility ). The human population is 8 billion+ which is a large target for infectious disease.

  20. Gezzz how much more crap are they going to makeup I’m in the U.K. and just waiting for the next saga to unfold on this SHAMDEMIC the MSM government and leftists are having the time of their lives.. keep smiling over there

  21. People still sneeze and cough in public without covering. And the worst spit everywhere. I’ll still wear facemask and face shield. You might regret it in the end.

  22. They are playing with your mind…. sad to say they will only create more problems, people in gov are simply to old… to be running a country… they are losing the ability to manage…just like antibiotics, you can only trick the bugs temporarily, before it learns, and evolves… it’s just a matter of time. they are creating superbugs, and super criminals. EVOLUTION my friend

  23. Having a plexiglass barrier on a motorbike, is about as intelligent has wearing a seat belt on a bike. I was told a Californian politician some time back was going to make it law in California, but quickly changed his tune after a biker got him to sit of a bike, and then promptly kicked it out from under him.

  24. Brian I heard that a face shield or goggles with a face mask is good enough to separate the driver and passenger riding together on a bike, a full face helmet is also acceptable, but still need the mask. Check it out.
    I would write Philly in the Philippines and there is no doubt who else is with you when you see them in the street, also good advertising, by everyone wearing it. You may even think of making up cheap labels and giving them out for that purpose.

  25. Hi Brian How about writing +6,216 on your face shield to remind you of the daily number of Virus cases. Probably many times more as the poor cant afford to go to the drs. Seems a good idea to wear a face shield protects the wear and deflects their breath down. protecting others. Thanks for the videos

  26. covid cases in filipins rising and spreading like wildfire ๐Ÿ”ฅ them mayors must be petrified out of their wits, hence the new souvenir rule, lol …..

    P.S., write CHIMMP on ur shield ๐Ÿ›ก brings the msg. home!

  27. The virus can enter thru the eyes. Check your own Wills Eye Hospital. My wife had covid and had kidney damage…needed dialysis treatments and she is only 36 and WAS healthy 120-pounder…This is no joke.

  28. Brian, your biggest problem is going to be your cap, darn it’s going to be annoying. Me I’d just write a line from my favourite rock band, Acdc, those 2 guys who waved at you, lovely fellows if only everybody had that kind heart and friendly outlook, anyway chin up dude or else you’ll have to wear the cap backwards.

  29. Next thing you know ; they will force you to wear a hazmat suit . In Melbourne Australia ; Still in lock down ; where you must wear your mask inside your home . If not you may be fine . This is what I heard from the utube rumor .

  30. I understand that it sounds quite ridiculous but the science what does backup face shields. They’re trying to limit the exposure of your tear ducts which is a mucous membrane that covid-19 can get through. Mask do not stop people from breathing on you fully especially depending what level they are and if you’re into close quarters like a bag boy for instance it would be extremely useful for a extra layer of protection in limiting the virus.

  31. Please Brian stop calling the covid virus the Chimp or Chinese virus. You are making it political and I thought your did not want your channel to be political. Yes it started in China but the 1918 flu epidemic started in the US but they don’t call it the American flu epidemic. Get my point?

  32. I seen those faceshields near JJs supermarket…..I ordered those faceshields a few months ago thinking this would happen….This is kinda too little too late IMHO….About those shields on backriders, they are dangerous and I have not seen anyone use one in town yet…..I dont even know if they sell the IATF approved versions around here….

  33. You know what I love about ex-pats in the Phils. . . absolutely nothing, especially my fellow Americans. Always reklawmo, reklawmo, reklawmo. Go home, oh no you can’t because the vast majority you can’t afford to live there. Adapt, and shut the hell up and enjoy your life here. It’s ain’t gonna change so you should if you want to be happy.

  34. Hey Brian, Tom here. I was at Tequila Reef today for breakfast and then walked down to the mini-stop. There was an old lady following me trying to sell me a face shield for 2000p. Hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚

  35. Tyrants, opportunists, crazies and corrupt. These authorities are masking their incompetence and corruption by issuing these insane rules. Is this ok from the Duterte adm.? He used to be a pragmatic and hands-on leader, now looks like every barangay, mayor and governor make up their own rules.

  36. R.I.F = Resistance Is Futile

    Yep I still love living in the Philippines, even though they make me jump through the hoops.
    Nothing like surviving the pandemic in paradise.

  37. Face shield ๐Ÿ›ก and face mask is a must ๐Ÿ‘Œ,
    Our face is a open source for the virus to spread out to our system. # 1 our eyes ๐Ÿ‘€ is a open wound.
    The virus is a Airborne.
    Bacterial is in a surface ( but the virus is Airborne ) to our system again like eyes ๐Ÿ‘€ and faces and hands. That’s why we are not allowed to touch our face if we can avoid.
    C19 is not a joke to play with of no one.
    We should take a seriously matter.
    Most of people have not seeing the person has a C19 at the hospital how thier fighting for thier life, then anyone should see . I work in the hospital here in the US ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ is very sad ๐Ÿ˜ฅ to see . I pray ๐Ÿ™ everyday these virus will go away for the sake of everyone. Pls i beg ๐Ÿ˜” ๐Ÿ˜ข everyone to take this seriously for your own sake and your family ๐Ÿ‘ช.
    Mr Brian and your family
    I know you cared.

  38. Very simple, just wear the Shield Mask with your Face Mask and avoid problems with the Government especially with Immigration.. Remember you’re an ex-pat.. Don’t make your life so complicated. You’re doing fine as you are.

  39. Any barrier to invisible germs is better than no barrier. Not only will a face shield better protect you from germs landing on your face, it will also decrease the distance germs that you breathe, sneeze, or cough can travel. As to what words you want to put on your face shield, I suggest, “This too shall pass.”

  40. How many peeps canโ€™t afford their shields there? Some perhaps many can barely afford even rice now …. If you work with patients in close quarters then ok a shield may be beneficial but the guy on the street? Doubtful.

  41. Love your point of view but I’m astonished how everyone just rolls over and takes it. We’re still standing against this hoax here in North Carolina.

  42. The face shield isn’t just for the wearer but for the people around you also. Ridiculous or silly as it seem, just remember that the virus can and will restrict your breathing. So yeah just remember that when you’re in the hospital because you thought of wearing a face shield as a fricking souvenir and ridiculous. There’s already 155k people infected and there’s still no end in sight, if wearing a face shield helps contain the virus, I’ll wear it if I have to.

  43. Price for face shield is from 70p and gf here bought 30 of them and she sold every one for 65p……name for your new shield..Batman…
    Or Face man

  44. Here’s an idea Brian try going into Metro Manila and Manila itself without a mask and a face guard and see what happens my friend. They will have you in jail so fast it will make your head spin. Myself I like the idea of having both to be implemented because I want to be healthy and safe

  45. Brian- Here is a term I have been using for a long time… feel free to use it on your ‘new souvenir’ “Sheeple”… it was a term I thought of when people began acting like sheep… whether it be following alleged experts (influencers) of social media… or in politics… they do because others are doing and don’t think about what they are doing… keep up the good work with the vlog…

    Stay Safe… Stay Healthy… and of course my best to you… Lot and Hannah Grace…

  46. Hey good job as always !! Maybe you can do a video on how long they can let the meat sit out to be safe. As you know itโ€™s not done in the USA. Iโ€™m coming to live there with a visit first but that kind of scares me. Thanks for all the good videos and love the one you did about moving there what to expect good and bad. Thanks again

  47. Don’t do it! It could be misconstrued as a anti govt statement and get you booted from the country!
    be careful your not in the United States/ Your a guest in their country!

  48. I always go by the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) and therefore, I would suggest you simply write CHMMP (Chinese Man-Made Problem) across your face shield. Nobody but your subscribers will know what it means. That way you won’t get into trouble with the authorities for making fun of the situation and it can be your own little joke. FYI – No face shield mandate yet here in the Davao area. I’m hoping it won’t come because I will then self-quarantine to my house because at that point it gets too ridiculous to handle. I’ll try to catch you on your next live stream.

  49. Many economies have been hit hard by Covid19, Uk is down 20% GDP. I don’t blame the mayor doing his best to protect the local economy. PI people are poor as it is. Let’s see a local video of vendors and compare income before and after Covid. We are also westerners, we believe we have the freedom of speech. Be careful the mayor does not deport you for expressing yourself. Your are in their country, unless you are a PI citizen. No disrespect intended. Watch yourself and be safe.

  50. i hear there in the Philippines they are starting to make you to ware the mask in your house now and you need to keep a 4 meter distance when every one in your house. so i ask how do you keep your 4 meter from your wife when you only have one bed to sleep in what a joke

  51. Policies based on not looking at current/emerging evidence (in the overview, 95% of confirmed cases with outcome worldwide have recovered – source worldometer) . Worldwide contrived fear, ignorance, stupidity and overreaction. What has been exposed from this whole thing is 1) Alot of “leaders” and “experts” in government are at the end of the day, stupid and corrupt; 2) Alot of people live in a bubble, cannot/will not think for themselves, and just want-need to be told what to do by their masters without question; and 3) The rest have no choice but to live alongside 1 and 2 without getting in harm’s way…

  52. Maybe they get them free from bungary hall then put price on them heheheheee

  53. Is a Illinois professor has videos on YouTube that have been banned he says that the monkey was made More strong and leaked out of this lab in North Carolina or south Carolina said they had something to do with aids and sars I believe they say China created to blindside the masses ask me this is a start to control us I heard their already buying big companies just for more control

  54. What about if I wear prescription glasses or sunglasses already. Do they need that on top of everything?
    What if you are driving your bike, wow….no sense at all!
    Yes, just for the vendors, it will and should be required.

  55. Why not just ask the government how much is the tax to go back to normal? There’s a number, just look at the amount of b.s. ur spending on a mask, Sheild, n whatever else. None of that stuff will work.

  56. a selection of simply words: Paranoid, stupid, worthless, idiotic, ineffective. If you want to be less direct about it just go with: souvenir. Choose one that you like.

  57. Actually, front line workers have shown that the shield is in fact somewhat effective. You can get the virus in your eyes. Of course if only protects from the larger droplets as the smaller ones can just move around the shield. They are trying to do everything they can. Why make it political??? For the economically disadvantaged, you should be able to make this from a clear 2 litre water or pop bottle.

  58. I bought two of the boxed ones at SM Hypermarket for 50 P each yesterday.
    Not a souvenir, the shield might be a daily requirement for the foreseeable future…

  59. I don’t get where your souvenir references come from but ok. I got a bunch from Lazada for 25P, but I don’t like that type. It’s the one with the foam thing that goes across your forehead. I like the ones that are two piece with glasses included that sorta hold the whole thing together. I paid 50P I think, for those at Wilcon. A few weeks ago they were 14P at the Generic counter at Pure Gold, but they’re long gone now. The going price seems to be 45-90P. 100P+ units are being sold by those that want to make some profit.

    In regards to the why we have face shields……well, the Phils has no money to give to their citizens past what they already have. They have no healthcare infrastructure to speak of. The only thing they have in abundance is the ability to use rules to hopefully cut down virus cases. Does that work? What happened to Manila in June when they allowed them to go to GCQ which is not that far from total freedom. That’s when the numbers went up.

    Two weeks later(that’s the magic number) cases went from 6-900 cases a day for the entire country to 1494+ beginning July 3rd, and not stopping as we are now running 3,000-6,000 cases per day. No real issue with deaths.(15-60) Most of the cases are centered around Manila and Cebu City. A blind man should be able to extrapolate the truth from these numbers supplied by Worldometer. It’s been my opinion that they should put Manila and Cebu City back to ECQ for a month. But, they won’t for economical and financial reasons. Instead they’re gonna go back to GCQ. The number will probably rise even further beginning two weeks after that.

    Your town(AC) has gone from less than a handful of cases per week to about 15-25. Do you know what they’re doing now in Mabalacat when one person gets sick and is awaiting the test results? They close the street leaving one way out. NO TRIKES. Only personal scooters, motorcycles and cars. Food delivery? Yes. Can you leave by yourself? Yes. Can you have a trike follow you with stuff that you can’t carry on your scooter? NO! Basura? No, until the stupid Brgy figure out that they have to. Tubig blue bottle? So far…yes. How long waiting for the test results? Doesn’t matter negative or positive. You’re in the game for at least two weeks possibly four. Bear in mind AC is far more strict than Mabalacat.

  60. Jesus , Twix, Snickers, joke, freedom that’s just a few if I come up with any more ideas I’ll let you know that’s the only ideas I have for now

  61. You know what really going to happen we’re going to be wearing a hazard suit or a bubble suit to cover our whole body that’s what’s going to happen next and that’s going to be ridiculous one more thing you can put down silly on your mask

  62. ‘CHIMMP spray shield’, ‘You spray I pray’ or ‘CHIMMP defence device’ Brian just go with the new saying here. Mask up, shield down. Good luck mate, pray for a vaccine.

  63. Just go with the flow Brian. Sheep on your faceshield could get u in trouble especially you’re a foreigner. Don’t do it! Is my suggestion. Sooner or later someone will figure out what sheep on your faceshield means!

  64. That such a racist word..chimp… very racist. Sound horrible. It is not a China virus. Research what you talking about because because that’s very sad that Chinese people are getting attack for that. Even filipino are getting attack because they are being mistaken for Chinese people. The shield is only to ok…but not necessary but if you do use the shield you need to mask. But the mask is important, so she is probably right about it just about money. Thats dumb because many have no money for it. Write nothing on your shield… very dumb. Philippines has no clue how to lower their virus. They should see what other countries are doing.

  65. Face shield killer or zombie killer Tasmanian devil that’s my character the Looney Tune characters you could put Daffy Duck Marvin the Martian Sylvester Tweety I forget the other characters Yosemite Sam Wile E coyote Roadrunner

  66. I blame Trump for Virus getting out of hand not China . School are not going to open until sept 2 Philippines i notice. 2020 is a year i don’t want to remember no trip this year. Believe science doctors who know this stuff don’t fire pandemic response team 2018. .

  67. Hello brain , just write ( C.H.I.M.P. ) on it thats been your code name for this virus from the first day so i think that will be a perfect word to write on it…….

  68. I can understand the need of face shield for health care workers, however a masque should be fine for the general public. Still we are Farang when we are there, and must follow the rules of the Land

  69. How about from the band Police, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” hehe. Que Mission Impossible theme. On the serious side, research shows when someone if facing you and talking the droplets are being dispersed and could come in contact with yours eyes. Thanks for the video.

  70. Brian you already have the perfect slogan to put on your shield โ€œCHIMMPโ€ thatโ€™s all you need to say ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, we are not required to use them however we do have them. Be safe and take care.

  71. As someone who had Covid and was down for six weeks please take this virus serious. I would like to return to the Philippines soon but because people like you have this attitude that certain things proven by science are an inconvenience it does not seem like I will be returning there anytime soon. At least the President there is listening to SCIENCE not like here in the USA. Oh wait. He did change his mind here suggesting masks work

  72. Sir Brian, After watching your gave away the “Souvenir” at your store. You seems to be short one for your beautiful daughter in the bag. I just noticed. I’m sure she’ll get one special. Take care brother. Thanks for the update.

  73. I look you like a brother, if you don’t like living like a sheep among sheep’s before you start trouble… come home.
    To complain about changing things when the problem is getting worse is selfish.
    The health officials are making manor change so they don’t have to shut down everything… including your business.

  74. there is talk of that in the states too about the sheild. next they will want everyone to dress up in mop 4 or be like the old movie boy in a bubble. smh. how about SheepSheild

  75. You need to go find some TV rabbit ears and attach them to your new souvenir, everyone is already being messed with mentally, rabbit ears will add to the mystery and maybe create some badly needed humor.

  76. It’s all about control , most likely you have as many contaminated test kits there as we have here. I am sad to say I had to go to the DMV and they require a mask so for the first time I wore one. I got a 2 year tag so hopefully I won’t have to wear it again.

  77. SO STUPID. NEXT WILL BE A FULL SPACESUIT WITH HELMETS. That motor bike shield so stupid. Need that but is ok to be together in a enclosed car. Laugh at all this… At least usa not this dumb.

  78. Gidday Brian, I am from Queensland, Aus. Population 5 MIL. Current deaths 6, current active cases 9. The public does not use masks. Soap and water, social distancing, isolation and good government are the best souvenirs. Good luck and good health.

  79. NOTHING!! If you don’t like complying with the laws of the Philippines go back to the USA. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the laws or not. You complaining and trying to make a statement will not change anything.

  80. If they give them to the people there is no money!? But that sux ๐Ÿ˜ก. PS all that complaining is going to get you some jail time or worce!? ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  81. It’s not like its difficult. It’s just that you are forced to comply with a stupid mandate that serves no good purpose to help reduce the spread of a flu bug.

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