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  1. Emirates airlines is now flying out of cebu too Dubai. on Tuesday and Thursday. Qatar airways is flying out of cebu too Qatar three times a week.

  2. yes and most normal people won’t subject themselves to 14 day inhuman quarantines at the local covered gym so even if they where to open up its not like 50,000 people are going to show up. i am motivated to see my child so they should allow people like me entry.

  3. What’s going on with real estate there now? There has been a bubble for quite a while with the condos. Has that started to crash because of the pandemic? I remember people buying condos and paying for them with air bnb. With no tourists, I’m not sure how they could make their payments. And the same thing with people who financed cars and were working as grab car drivers. Any news on whats going on in this area?

  4. the domestic tourism is a small part of economy. The PH had 8 million tourist last year with population 120 million. This can be compered to HK that have 4 million pp l and 60 million tourist or Spain that has more tourist then inhabitants per years, What is important for the PH is the production of microchips for China and outsourcing for western companies. The current problem for the PH is that constitution do not allow for over budgeting without added income. But the coming 3 years an extra 60 million per year have been set aside to battle the consequences .

  5. on a positive note, international tourism will start when a good vaccine is available around May 2021might to be a pre-requisite before entering any country.

  6. Bad economy. .bad for bribes too..3rd world BS. That goes for Commiefornia too…especially ticket happy. Your video is really clear, just super!

  7. The problem with domestic travel to the tourist spots is all of the hoops that you have to jump through. Q-pass, heath certificate, travel pass, just to name a few . I don’t many people that are willing to put up with all of that just to whale watch even if they can afford .

  8. Good clear video Ron.
    I can’t see tourism opening up properly for a very long time..
    Preference for flights inbound are for Nationals returning home and their families..
    When it does open I think it will be a whole new ball game..’
    I think the old style seedy side is finished……..
    It is going to be mostly Asian…….Chinese and Korean..

  9. The ph economy is dead, the politicians doesn’t care because they can always print the money for their salaries.
    In case you are not yet aware, there was an article blaming the DoH for the rise on the cases of virus.
    The DoH has been very incompetent on doing their testing and dissemination of the test results to those they have tested.
    And not surprisingly, no politician has criticized the DoH. Mainly because every branch of the government
    Is under the thumb of the U.N./china partnership, hence the censorship and tyrannical policies that is killing the country.

  10. Hey Rod! Always informative sir! Like many others not sure when I will retire and even today not sure which country. LOL Your information is always so helpful for inquiring minds. God Bless

  11. Thanks always sir Rodney for keeping us updated with the draconian situation in the Philippines. Your work has been enlightening over the last few years as to the true nature of life on the ground. So sad to see the poorest people endure so much.

    What a stifling hardship reactionary leaders in social media have imposed upon clinicians in the medical field who have tried to enlighten us as to the true nature of this phenomenon we are having to endure! How many have died as a result of the world wide oppression created by those who acted for our safety! Hello I’m the government and I’m here to help. Now wear this mask, take this test and before you can travel here’s your vaccine and your chip! You will be forever supervised and monitored by government contact tracers and we now want all your income and your wealth and we will determine your income allowance. Lol 😆 I thought I was going to say nothing!

  12. Traffic fines are not crimes in America and are supposed be held in DMV court not criminal courts. It is and has been a complete scam from the beginning. And everyone is supposed to be able to travel, freely, while only driving is supposed to be considered commerce not traveling. The US is full of bs rules, mandates and false laws on the books that should not apply to anyone born there.

  13. Possibly no rego on that bike, Rod. These low level traffic offences should, in my opinion, be relaxed somewhat during this difficult time the people are going through. What we don’t see is the bigger picture here, with that young man’s bike being impounded this will probably create hardship for his family as they will no longer have the bike use when going looking for food? Additionally, he may be a habalhabal rider in his outlying barangay. Note how it was loaded onto the ute, leaving space for two more bikes. Regards, Bob.

  14. Hard to go Whale watching when one person can go at a time. Maybe, it’s better to use tourist money to build temporary wards. As the lock down in Manila. Is not working. With it having most cases in Asia. They be lucky if they get tourists back.

  15. As many have said since the inception… “The ‘cure’ is going to be worse than the disease”. They’ll be stacking bodies in the streets from the ‘cure’.

  16. I just received all the requirements to get a visa to return back in to the philippines . Prof of many things to many to cover everything now. Including financial bank statement and all married certificate and birth certificate of your child. All official P.S.A. Documents + more
    So be up to date before you leave !!!

  17. No tourist allowed now. And if your married and on a tourist visa and leave the country you will need many documents to secure a visa to be allowed to return . I have a friend . Married that was turned away at the cebu airport. Back to Singapore , three days in the airport to get a flight back to Australia. Now hes in quarantine for 14 days… So do your homework and beware!!!

  18. Rod they got you coming or going. All you can do is get pissed off and pay the fine. Here where I live if you take it to court and you lose it cost you even more. I know I was want to go by well to principal. But I finally realized my time is more valuable then the principal. They’re going to get you one way or another. Rotten bastards LOL

  19. Rod you’re 100% correct. Why would I want to travel any place if I cannot be comfortable and have a good time. I can be miserable at home a lot cheaper

  20. Great walk a round Rod!
    Speed was a little fast but nice to see that area.
    What is the rental cost of that one dorm that had a sign posted near the start of your video? Near 7:03.

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