Preparing To Leave on Our Next Journey

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  1. I think a lot of people who comment about your family drinking etc are missing the point of just important mental health is. My mum is 80 and she has 2 glasses of wine a night and smokes 6 cigarettes per day. Every time she goes to the doctors she is told not to do those things, If those were taken away it would have a huge impact on her mental health, she’s 80 , she’s not trying to live to 100.

  2. Lol,,, I also forget the mask every time and have to walk back after few steps , I am glad you didn’t say anything unlike me as you walking back,,, lol

  3. Hey …I have not seen Kingsford charcoal in Thailand, do they have anywhere ? Also curious why you guys never fly. I’m leaving for Krabi today, cost is 1630 baht for us both one way from BKK. Amazing! ✈

  4. Chuck! You’re always mistreating everyone! It’s so obvious, because everyone is always laughing and having a great time! Especially your Princess Paige! So, your penalty for being so cruel…no White Cock for you! 🤣😂🤣
    Seriously though, some people just get butt hurt over the simplest things!
    Anyway, keep doing what you do! Say Hello to Princess Paige and Mafia! Have fun!


  6. Whoa… Congrats Chuck & Paige. I noticed that you just gained 7K subscribers basically in 24 hrs. I guess YouTube & its algorithm are starting to take notice of your contents, hard work & contribution to humanity and finally recommended your VLOGs to a whole lot of new audiences who normally wouldn’t even know your channel existed. (Just my guess working as an online teacher/SEO) Cheers as always!

  7. As you have pointed out Chuck everyone dies but in the mean time enjoy yourself and try to keep your health in check, But also not too cuaght up in everyday life not to ticket off your bucket list as you go along, Have seen may pass away unexpectedly waiting for retirement to do these things but never able to.

  8. Hey Chuck, looking forward to your upcoming adventures.
    When you get back home, would you consider joining a local gym to get back in shape? That would make for some interesting viewing and probably inspire a lot of us who feel the same about our health and well-being. You’d no doubt meet some interesting people in the gym as well, who we would also get to know.

  9. Hi folks, enjoy your videos. Red and black cock made me chuckle. Whisky taste does vary quite dramatically. Treat yourself to the whisky bible which is a great source of info on the various makes, tastes etc. Enjoy your trip and keep on being you with no explanation required. Best wishes.

  10. Chuck who cares how you address Paige and you. Grammatically, it’s supposed to be Paige and I. But really you put it anyway you want. We understand you and NO We don’t think you’re Disrespecting Paige. Your referral to your automobile as a Truck is correct. It looks like a Truck but to others it’s a SUV. Big Deal. Have a safe Trip

  11. I am excited to be going on another vacation with you and Paige,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it beats the heck about worrying about CV, the vaccine and USA crazy, divided politics.

  12. People may be addressing grammar when you say Me and Paige. I studied linguistics at Uni and we we’re taught that at high school we are taught prescriptive grammar – Paige and I. Rules to help us learn. When we get into the real world then it becomes me and Paige. If we go to Uni we then learn both of these do not matter. People just try to control language, another part of feeling certainty. By the way, I call my Toyota Corolla a truck because it makes me laugh. Looking forward to the next trip.

  13. Morning Chuck… keep an eye on the weather on your trip… Gip says there’s something brewing. I think we may take the girl somewhere. She gets a school break after testing this week. Not sure where but not as far south as you guys. But I will follow you guys here. :-))

  14. If I ever start correcting your speech or telling you what to call YOUR vehicle please call emergency services for me because I have lost my mind 🤪 looking forward to the trip to Krabi, such a beautiful drive. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  15. IF you want to bring fishing stuff, more camera gear than you need. A case of Leos…. It’s totally up to you and nobody else’s business. I do whatever i want to do also. Be it whiskey, or chinese food, etc

  16. Loved the first ten minutes of talking you brought up many great points and truth. Then to the red cook and black
    cock and they must not like white cock I fell out laughing!! I’d fit in good going on one of the trips because I hate having a schedule and just like to wing it. I’m excited to watch this trip!

  17. Always a great perspective bro. Just chill peeps. Lifes good in Thailand and we’re all gonna die someday, might as well enjoy it! See ya on road soon!

  18. I just got email my shirts are in the way. Putting out your youtube page in Winter Haven. I have actually met 4 other men from WH that travels too Thailand , I was shocked but now we all hang out together .

  19. You and Paige have a great life. Give us a great since of future for American and Thai relationship . Thank you. My Thai girlfriend also watches your videos, haha.

  20. can see you buy fisher man kandi have you tried them with chocolate and orange and they make one with chocolate and mint they can be bought o Big C and in all 7 elleven

  21. hi chuck and page…. cut back on the amount of cameras you use …. less stuff to worry about….. and isn’t that sort of the idea?
    if you’ve tried 2 or 3 brands of scotch and not liked them ….there’s a good chance you don’t like scotch….
    odds on actually using fishing gear?
    grammar police ….. you talk the way you talk
    just noticed big jump in subscribers cool on your way to 100.
    soon emails and comments will be overwhelming……..the price of fame i guess.
    listen to your doctor..good idea…. anyone else can get bent

  22. Looking forward to your krabi trip 😁 I love that place 😁 and my Motto is live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow because it’s ‘better to burn out than fade away’ (Highlander 84) lol

  23. Safe Travels Chuck & Paige. Have fun. Looking forward to footage of your travels.
    Don’t forget to check the oil in your SUTruck (5-5-5) before heading out too far.

  24. 6:25 I think one reason folks in Thailand (and Southeast Asia in general) are healthier than in the west is the lack of automation. Most folks I know do more activity (walking, cooking, cleaning, etc.) in a day than people in the North America do in a week. Also people here in Asia eat a lot less processed food. That gives people here leeway to knock back alcohol at levels that’d be hazardous elsewhere.

  25. Chuck. The reason your card doesn’t work is because you wallet has molded a curve to the card. This curve stops the security chip from laying flat and being readable. You need to turn the card around in your wallet to bend it the other way essentially making it flat again.

  26. I am the Thai person that has been living away from Thailand long time ago. I immigrated to USA in 1967 when I was 29 years old living in Los Angeles area nerd Long Beach. I come to visit my home country ever now and then. I appreciate you shows and everything about your trips and the activities in your family and friends just like I’m part of them. Just watching your shows on 55 inches TV. Great and particularly your up coming trip in which I haven’t been there. Now Thailand has progressed in most of traveling aspects such as very good highways, hotels etc. just like in the States. As you know Esan dialect is different than the middle part of Thailand, thus when your folks speak Esan, I don’t understand, just to let you know. Close your eyes and think about the year 1962 and onward, there were a lot of American in Udon and Nakornpanom. All of them were the Air Force personnels ready for Vietnam war. During the Vietnam war 1965 to 1975 there were 3 American airbases in Thailand one in Udon, the others in Taklee and Utapoa near Pattaya. The Army was in Korat. Many of then married Thai women and brought them to the States when the war was over. Some of them came back back to live in Thailand. Check it out you might have come across on some of them and they might be in the old age now or they might have their offspring living there. In 1968 Bob Hope used to come on USO tours to entertain the troop in Udon and Nakorn Panom and he couldn’t pronounce the name of the city making a lot of fun for the GI’s.

  27. Happiness is a choice is not cultural. Im colombian and my culture is very happy people but my American husband chose to be miserable and no matter where he travels he always are going to be miserable. Also I have met a lot happy American people and families. Happiness is within you.

  28. Chuck and Paige, I’m ready to go, let’s go. Everybody not going, stay safe. We’ll be back by Christmas. Everybody wear your mask, follow social distancing, wash your hands. Like the Duke always said, “We burning daylight.”

  29. Krabi my favourite place most amazing scenery ,love the drive from Ao Nang to krabi town the rocks just loom out of no where amazing to see ! the roads are really good as well

  30. iv’e got the go pro 8 got to really like it ,quality of the picture i find amazing , like the look of the nine with front screen ,but ,8 ok for now !

  31. Hi,Chuck Greetings …I just see a Indian Flag on the door 👍..Iam a Indian traveller and solo travelled Most of South East Asia .presently in MUMBAI – India .you can add me as Indian friend and wish I could meet-up with you and spend some time to relax.Please let me know if I can do anythings from India ..Thanks

  32. Chuck , snowflakes are everywhere… And they are always people that don’t know you .. Your friends and family are the ones that really know you,as the Thai people say “ You have a good heart “. As for the grammar 👮‍♀️ .. They need to get a life .👍😀.. Great vlog as always . Keep them coming 👍. Enjoy your trip 👍🙏😄

  33. You treat Paige like a 👸🏼 I envy that as I have been treated most of my life like a piece of 💩in an abusive controlling relationship 😢 ….Love to you all❤️🥰

  34. I just came back from 1 week vacation in northern Thailand, love it, would be really nice if I have freedom to travel like you, still have to raise 2 kids for another 12 years. Have fun and safe trip!

  35. You made an interesting comment 4:55 . In Australia there was talk of classifying extreme child obesity as a form of child abuse. Under the child welfare laws it would require that professionals working with children, such as teachers, doctors, law enforcement, would be bound by law to report such incidents. Most would think that parents in a free country would simply not allow such government power over their personal rights, however in Australia healthcare is free, so the government can make the argument that these children are going to need much healthcare in their lives and become a burden on the state, not to mention the governments duty to promote health. As far as I know, no such laws have passed yet.

  36. Just a suggestion Chuck, have you ever tried Irish whiskey? Supposed to be the best in the world I hear although I have heard that Japanese whiskey is very good too.

  37. How the two of you communicate is your business. Remembering my school days in English class, my teacher said using slang showed how lazy I was. I prefer to think its shows my independence. Be happy enjoy life!

  38. So funny, second job on the road crew. Great thai family! Enjoy your trip, drive safe. As always, thanks for the update and background thai music. D

  39. Chuck it doesn’t matter if you say Paige and me or my wife and I, The only I know is you and your wife are always enjoying life, chuck and Paige , me and the wife appreciate you sharing your days with us thru your camera,hopefully when I get back we can all meet up somewhere and have a few beers 🍺 much Respect ✊have a safe trip, looking forward for some awesome videos 🙏

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