1. Brian – re Wolffia, is a “type” / genera of duckweed:- https://www.feedipedia.org/node/15306
    There are a number of different varieties of wolffia: Wolffia arrhiza, Wolffia australiana, Wolffia columbiana, Wolffia microscopia, Wolffia neglecta, Wolffiella caudate, Wolffiella denticulata, Wolffiella lingulata, Wolffiella oblonga, Wolffiella rotunda.

  2. The pandemic has your whole farm business plan torpedoed. I believe it will turn around next year. There’re too many countries and huge corporations working on a solution to COVID-19. I think one or more will find a cure or at least reduce the contagion to it being controllable.

  3. Bring Maricel to Alaska and she will catch ” Brian extending his arns” that big. Mid June to mid July is the warmest time and 20 hours plus of daylight.

  4. Well, that is a shame about Mitch but unfortunately, I am not surprised. No good deed goes unpunished. I had wondered why there had not been any check-up videos. Mitch may not be stupid but he is a fool. To have let that farmhand run that farm into the ground and steal and rob him so badly for so long. Then turn on you in a matter of weeks. SMH

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