Quick Food Review.. Reel Pizza @ J Centre Mall – Mandaue, Philippines

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  1. Your Philippine videos are the best!……
    Question for you please…. When do you think general population travel will resume between the U.S. and Philippines? And, malls are still open during the pandemic? If so, great!

  2. Thanks for the review Reekay ! The sandwich and food looks delicious! I will definitely try that pace if/when I get the chance to finally go to Cebu! Keep up the good work – enjoy – stay safe and strong!

  3. Are you trying to get me hungry? LOL. I know you’re not a Beatles nut like I am, but I was wondering if you like to check out my cover version of Norwegian Wood. The link is below. I also have other songs, along with many videos from my stays in Makati/BGC, and some other areas.


  4. LINK:
    Location of Reel Pizza.. (in mall) https://goo.gl/maps/vaLv3mrDdctRzQt37
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    In this video I discuss, “Quick Food Review.. Reel Pizza @ J Centre Mall – Mandaue, Philippines”

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  5. It looks delicious, but I don’t think I would be comfortable wearing all of that headgear (almost like a full hazmat suit) in 100 degree weather just to go to eat. Otherwise it looks like a legit good place to eat authentic pizza/Italian.

  6. Yummy & Cheap! here in Florida i pay $9 for a meatball sub or chicken cheese steak.
    My next trip will be 3rd and definitely want to come to Cebu N Dumagete.

  7. I love that place my fiancé kids and I ate there. Pizza is great . Better than Greenwich and Shakey’s . There spaghetti with meat sauce was good too. But overall you want pizza or any Italian dishes it’s tops !! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing all the great places to stop and eat. I hope after the first of the year we can travel to Cebu and enjoy the great places you have recommended . Thank you again for all the great content you provide us. 😎👍

  9. Looks YUMMY! To go into Reel Pizza and enjoy “simple” Sandwich sounds weird 😄 and looking for Fries? Isn’t Carbon-hydrants, somewhat protein Sausage Meatball and Cheese enough? Seems you assimilate Philippines more and more, Always Hungry!! (Fries!?) 🤣🤣
    Big 👍👌. The Smarter One don’t fight the trolls, just find a smarter way around. I like your content and thank you for a deeper insight into this Country and SE since pre Covid-19. I hope to visit Cebu and the other > 7400 Is., and maybe live there. 👌🙏🙊🙉🙈

  10. Yeah, it’s not easy finding good pizza here since just about every place doesn’t use olive oil and pizza sauce under their cheese. Even most of the expat run places are blah. Also, I think that’s a good idea to disable likes/unlikes on your vids. Another way to stick it to your trolls that thumb everything down.

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