1. I have to say, soon as the video started and I saw the crow, I started laughing, especially watching him look over your shoulder while you talk. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    As for quitting jobs…I was the director of a military helping agency and encouraged employees to move on if they found better wages. I was all for helping others succeed…I also wrote recommendation letters to boost their chances, but my letters also were written according to their work ethics. But I could never get angry at anyone wanting a better life. BTW, in the 80s I quit due to sexual harassment, but don’t worry, I handled it myself…HE was the one that needed the cops OR an ambulance I should say. I was a body builder, power lifted and a black belt in Aikido and trained in boxing. πŸ˜‰

  2. been in this job twenty years trying for early retirement if figures work out deducting holidays from my retirement date i could be retired by december

  3. Where I am it’s kind of normal to quit in different ways. People quit with no notice (calling in and saying they’re not coming back), or give the full two weeks, they walk off shift (common in my line of work) sometimes they do a “no call no show”. I’ve done all of those at one point. I worked at this tiny casino once and it was boring. My trainer had decided to pick up lunch from a restaurant next door. She ordered, my coworker ordered, and I ordered. My trainer gave me money and asked me to go get the lunches. Yeah, ok, whatever, I need air. So I went and it turned out that she hadn’t given me enough money to cover her lunch and my coworkers so I had to pay for whatever was leftover out of my own pocket. Thought that they would pay me back and when I got back I told them, and they were like, “Unless the prices went up, you had plenty.” So I kind of just pouted around for awhile. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and bored, and hungry. After all of that, they never even gave me a lunch break. My lunch was cold and I just left it there and went home at the end of my shift. The next day I put my uniform on, drove there, and stopped driving. Made a quick decision to not go back so I just went home and went back to bed. Didn’t need to work for somebody who didn’t find me trustworthy and didn’t think my breaks were important. Mostly, I quit jobs to make more money elsewhere. Very common here to switch jobs frequently. By the way, where I live, an employer can terminate you without a reason unless you’re under a contract. (Usually, they give you a reason, they just don’t legally have to.)

  4. Resigned from the TSA (Thousands Standing Around), gave a 2 week notice, in writing. My last day, said goodbye to “The Shift Supervisor”, told him I enjoyed the work, (Not True). He was unaware that I had resigned, told him that I had summitted a letter 2 weeks before, he was never informed. The funny part is the TSA was sending me emails, some very threatening, turn in your uniforms etc. Had already done all of this, they kept emailing me for about year, then the phone calls started. Verbally told them, everything I had already done, then got their name. All said a done about 2 years later, finally, stopped getting stuff from the TSA. Completely dysfunctional government agency, and it’s the “Department of Homeland Security”.

  5. At least I thumbs up for you everyday…. don’t watch “everything” but some stuff…. yes. Not really active, but I do stay in the loop & informed. Best to email me if you neeeeeeeed anything…. I just don’t get out much, house hunting, new apartment hunting, exercising daily, you know retirement stuff.

  6. Hi brother! It’s so nice to see your face!! I’ve missed you ALL!! Thank you for checking in on me…….I sooo appreciate it brother! <3 I'm ready to come back. πŸ™‚ I need my family.

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