Railay Peninsula Beach Thailand – Life Is Good

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  1. one of the greatest places on earth. you can actually trek there, sounds like hardwork though if you kept walking 5 minutes past the bars there is another port where the boats go and some inexpensive rooms there.

  2. Will never forget the insane scenery we saw on this trip! Bad Badger and his wife Lisa are some good peeps. I hope everyone gives his page a look! Still got me on the fence about a drone. Maybe I’ll just keep stealing the vids lol!

  3. Thanks again Joe – amazing Railay – great to hear some of Tony’s story , luv hearing from expats living in THL – Many Thanks to you and Gift 🍻🇦🇺🙏👍

  4. Sorry to hear about your sister. Life throws us lots of curve balls. Like your sister’s, those experiences change us forever… now making you uncomfortable on the ocean. I have spent my entire life sailing and have come to only feel safe on the water. 7/10th’s of the earth is covered with water, the remaining 3/10’s is covered with people… water seems less risky. Glad your in a good place, happy and with good people. It’s 3 am and here I am watching your videos and writing… this is a crazy year.

  5. When you get back to Ao Nang, check out Hippies restaurant and bar. It’s on the other side of the street from The Beach restaurant you were last time. About 5 minute walk to the right as you face the ocean. Great food and cocktails by a really nice owner. Cool vibes there.

  6. You shouldn’t be embarrased to wear a life jacket Joe. A couple did drown on the trip to railay beach in 2017 when their longtail capsized and they weren’t wearing life vests.

  7. Great vlog as usual Joe, Im terrified of the sea too, dont know why, maybe its so vast or its unknown depth, anyway, i find a few beers before i go island hopping calms the nerves, God Bless

  8. Great video Joe
    Love the intro, drone footage and music.
    Me and my family had a great time with everyone that we meet on the trip. We are so happy and lucky to have had a chance to be there.
    Thanks Joe for having a big heart. Also thanks you for making it happen for my little girl (Cora) 7th birthday.

  9. Hi gift and joe another great blog as always beautiful island lovely scenery great beach leaky boat hope you are both well stay safe from frank in the uk London

  10. Thanks for sharing Joe, sorry about your sister. Glad to see you had a safe boat rides thanks to gift plugging the leak in the boat with her foot. Just an outstanding beach, with those beautiful limestone cliffs on each side, wow!

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