Ready To Go To Udon Thani อุดรธานี

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  1. Thank You Very much for watching. We Have many videos in Udon, type notime2bsadudon for more.Things are moving in a positive way here. Hope you get back soon. Please Subscribe, see you on the next video

  2. Centara is my favorite!! breakfast buffet is a MUST!! make sure to visit the night market, there is also an amazing Chinese tea store/coffee shop with a koi pond.. a must see!!

  3. 100-120kph nice if people will actually do it and not be driving 60kph in the fast lane, James “boobies” 555 You guys crack me up. Looks like another fun day in paradise, thanks for sharing. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  4. my home town in thailand when im there with my wifes family who i married 16 years ago ,pity you did not go round the night market and enjoy the locals food /beer centara hotel very nice but you missed so much around there .udon has changed so uch in the last 16 years

  5. Great video chuck and paige. But before im gking to make a comment about this 1 i want to thank you showing me that bridge to laos several times in videos. My girlfriend is a truckdriver and she rides that bridge 4 times a week. Now i can see what she is seeing. But this video mades me laugh boobies and beer hahaha. But 1 question why you drink heineken? Ill bring the good dutch stuff when im whit my girl again. Greetz from holland.

  6. Iwas under the impression that the speed charge was for all lans on a dividend 4 lane highway. Of course kia rarely even goes 80 🤣 took her 14 hours to drive from pattaya to naung wang

  7. Your opening song is one of my favorites. I suggest you listen to Nightwish, Ghost Love Score live in Wacken on YouTube. I really think you will be impressed.

  8. just renewed my license and and still had to watch the video of thai traffic laws, no mention of a “fast lane” only that the left lanes, as u mentioned, are passing lanes– not that most drivers treat them as such, and as we know, the video could be outdated.

  9. Darn! Missed you all again. Some day. 🙂 I live just a couple of km from the airport, inside the ring road, so not far at all from where you all were.

  10. Thanks for sharing your and paige’s life in Thailand. We got to see ur father in law and soi mafia… Such a calm and loving people… Something everyone can learn from your videos 👍👍👍👍

  11. Chuck it with the speeds on track 2 is really enough they set it up but the problem is to teach the Thais it as I get often 90 km in 2 tracks and many times there is one at 60 km out there and it can cause many problems if the Thais do not start concentrating in traffic and no it is not negative thinking but the truth I do ok in traffic with my 40 years of experience in traffic and with all my driving licenses I have from dk as we have the same rules plus some more

  12. Great times as always! Is it time to roll yet? Its been 24hrs since I asked last time!! Everyone don’t forget to unleash hell on Joe haha.

  13. Waouh ! 1700 THB for one night for a bedroom in Centara in Udon ! You have money to spend ! You can have the same room for half price and less in other and more little hotels around Central Plaza ( for example [email protected] hotel ) and many fine little restaurants for example in UD Town not far …

  14. Why during this time of covid in Thailand are you travelling unecassarly , perhaps causing risks to others on your travels … l would have thought as a westerner you would have more respect for thai people and othef falangs ! .

  15. Chuck Paige Great to see you all together such a good vibe. Go to see Joe chocolate man. Love the hotel. Pizza look yummy 👍👍👍🌟

  16. Hi Chuck. Thats the hotel Yisa and I stay at every year when we visit the family. Great location and a nice place to sit and have a beer in peace. Bringing back all the memories. Enjoy your stay in our town. best from Nick & Yisa. 😉

  17. Your video editing skills are getting really really good. The music, the camera angles, etc. I really like that you don’t over edit what people say in the video. It keeps it real and I like that. Even though you can’t go partying around town, it looked like you had fun. That hotel was cool looking. Thanks again for the great video.

  18. If the Lane has a maximum and minimum speed limit there should also be a restriction on the distance between vehicles, am I asking for too much:-)

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