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  1. 999πŸ‘ You can go back after Your 1,000 Video and maybe They will give You one of those « OscarΒ Β» looking Statues for Your Filming Achievement.
    That is a lot of work.

  2. I want to say hi and I love you’re Video’s I have been a fan a long time. I also want to point out I am not a rocket Scientist But to wear a mask with two breathable vents to help protect you yet have 12 holes right above the nose seems pointless. Kind of like wearing a bulletproof vest knowing it will not stop a head shot or crotch show butt shot leg shot arms shot so on.

  3. I used to love pool parties and was a regular at the rear of Kokomos. Also, I thinks a few kudos to Mark from Shefield who arrived in early 2000’s and set up the beginnings of the now ‘Kandi’ empire. His secret to success in the early days was to provides cheap and quality accommodation to suit all pockets, which he probably still does.

  4. Nice to Reflect on better times… your old
    Two week millionaire vid was your first video I watched loved it and so spot on… looking forward to your 1000th vid

  5. I’ve got a idea for a video maybe about what they use to cook with you know cookware good quality long lasting pricewise cause my wife what’s to buy when we’re able to travel back there the cookware we can buy here in my country is total rubbish just a idea

  6. Am a YUGE fan of Kandi. I’d go to the top floor, use their gym, which yes was expensive, but also convenient. I know every inch of where you filmed that. Thanks again for update.

  7. Thanks for checking it out! It was the breakfast burger! However they make many good dishes. I’ll have to get that bagel breakfast sandwich now! LolNice content Brian!

  8. Do you have to wear that stupid face shield everywhere? Is it a conspiracy for the government to mask money selling those masks? You’re right. Breakfast can look good and taste terrible.

  9. Along with the cover charge to the pool party, you got a free buffet and a few drinks were included as I recall…the Friday night and Saturday afternoon buffets were great at Scorebirds IMO…

  10. πŸ˜ͺ miss the pool parties. If Angeles or the rest will ever open and return to the old normal? Are face shields now mandatory in public? I heard they are on public transportation.

  11. Nice 999th video. Kandi Tower complex is pretty impressive. Nice breakfasts. And the swimsuit ladies were some great eye-candy to finish off the video. Was Lot with you when you filmed the competition?

  12. Hello BRIAN, from Abilene tx., awesome looking hotel, breakfast looked delicious. Bikini contest brings us back to the “good old days “, Lol. Congratulations on video 999, and early congrats on reaching 1000 videos. Anyway, keep up great VLOGS, hello to all and stay safe.

  13. Just posted a comment on how to solve the death wobble on your trike on your “Look out,Get out of the way” new to you trike video. Might want to take a look.

  14. Thanks for your wonderful videos. Very informative. Can you someday feature pulu amsic subdivison? I heard it’s a good subd to live in. I heard they have a wonderful neighborhood and a great clubhouse. Planning on retiring in Angeles soon.. Thanks

  15. Stayed there once, won`t be going back, most over rated condo in Angeles.

    You get your own free alarm clock courtesy of the ROOSTERS at 4.00 am everyday. Ate there a few times nothing special with inflated prices.

  16. Nice place, I bet it’s pricey though. I don’t think any of those girls smiled until after they won something haha. Lot Lot would have clearly beat them all and walked away with first place.

  17. I really enjoy when you go to a new place, building, or area. Heck I enjoy watching you talk about your normal routine. Some of those buildings are very nice. They always seem to be well staffed with nice people. I like how you always show how you view the Philippines. I know you could show some very ugly things, but you have a nice mixture if real life and then some very nice places. Thank you Philly, Lot Lot, and Hannah.

  18. These score birds pool party are ridiculous and degrading for the girls. They were only set up to entertain those perv foreigners. The girls go along bcoz they have no choice and don’t know better, shameful. I’m surprised Lot let you post that again, she let’s you get away with some bad stuff, no wonder she calls you boss. I don’t think Lot would let Hannah Grace participate in that, if she did I would be very disappointed. But I think Hannah Grace is smarter than that

  19. Does anybody else get the feeling Philly is a closet monger? He loves the prostitution circle, says its just bc people ask him about it, but that doesnt mean he has to do laps in the hooker hole all the time, even reminiscing about the past whoring days. Closet-monger is my vote, no toher explanation, just BS excuses why he does it. I have no problem with anybdoy beng a monger, btw, but I dont care for hypocrites.

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