Run Along The Border to Chanthaburi จันทบุรี

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  1. Looks like a great route to have taken Chuck. Those little pick-ups remind me of the Mini pick-up that I used as a runaround in London in when I owned my car repair business back in the 80’s. Looks like that’s what they are styled on.

  2. I’m subscribed to about ten travel vlog channels and this is the only one that has consistent uploads. I appreciate the consistency and always look forward to these videos!

  3. What is it with the hotdogs with everyyythinggg in Thailand? I can’t get over thAt. Love riding with you and Paige, Chuck. Looking forward to tomorrows vlog. Thank you both for all the fun places you take us. 555
    Beverly, the old lady in Vermont.

  4. Another great video. Great work on the intro but u videos r great with out the all the pre-production. I’m sure log on plenty of hours in the general production & editing alone. All said it came out great.

  5. I always take a small power bar with me as some times there is only one outlet to plug a phone into..and we need 3 for our phones plus it has the 3 prongs. Safe travels 🙏 Cheers 🍻

  6. A quick question . i would like to come to thailand again on the new long stay visa for tourists ,ive been to thailand many times and love the place and the people .Ive looked at the new requirements and it seems you have to pay for everthing upfront and show proof. What happens if the visa is refused for some reason, because thai immigration can be really hard work. I could end up losing Thousands of pounds.

  7. The dogs move for no one, that spot on the road is theirs! Whenever we are in country we rent a 4 door sedan. My personal car in the states is a 4Runner, which I love, the Fortuner appears to be the Thai 4Runner. Are you happy with the vehicle and it’s performance?

  8. Chuck, I love your Vlogs. I always look forward for the next one. Keep churning out and there are plenty of viewers like me who appreciate your travel videos. Unfortunately, we cannot travel. Gives me vicarious pleasure watching your videos. Stay safe, Chuck and Paige.

  9. My iPhone google maps speaks to me in Australian, my Siri is a young Australian babe…Ex-militarty live on there stomachs, so we are always asking what is for breakfat, dinner and supper….

  10. Lovely scenery, Nice dinner, Burrrrp LOL, keep talking about Paige kicking it and she will start having kicking it dreams and you’ll be sorry hehe, next video Chuck can’t walk too well and voice in high pitch LOL. Great video Chuck thank you for bringing us along.

  11. Love this. Reminds me of my old clubbing days in the 90s… DJ Paul Oakenfold, etc., except I think Chuck got me beat. Is that Tiesto? Anyhoot, luv how the roads just look as if they were paved straight into nature to nowhere in particular.

  12. Thx again for a countryside cruise..beautiful clouds..flora and them older LandRovers..Tland has a lot of little surprises and it’s fun to be surprised..saw in 2019 that there were 40million visitors..look forward to the next trip leg..🙏🏻✌🏻👍🏻🕊

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