Safety First, or a Smoke Screen. What has Changed and Hasn’t Changed Here.

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  1. See you in July Chuck.. Curtis in Las Vegas.. moving to Jomtien BUT planning lots of Thai exploring and travel. Looking for cheap golf. haha

  2. They have said the vaccines only last 12 months , you need two shots , what a mess , I guess it’s part of life these days just like getting the flu shot every year ,

  3. It’s all good, I watch for the payana (sp?) updates. It will be a jewel. I hope to be part of 2022 tourist return.
    The morning walk was most enjoyable. You Rock!

  4. I could actually leave for Thailand in a few weeks once my daughter graduates. Yet it’s been impossible to get good information on bringing my dog during the quarantine. So I am actually looking at Mexico, Costa Rica and maybe Serbia for a year and see how things go.

  5. Would like to go there but I will not take the vaccine because you can still get covid and you can still spread it. False Spence of security

  6. FYI, here in DFW, Texas Ranger baseball games have anywhere from 20k+ to almost 30K yelling, happy fans (some wear masks when not drinking beer and eating or yelling or people watching)…….you can imagine having 30,000 fans and yet CV is supposed to be enemy number one (folks are getting vaccinated and somehow we need to get back to normal IMO)

  7. Chuck, I have no illusions about ever coming to Thailand, however I depend upon your wonderful videos about life there, and specifically your life there, because it allows me for a very few moments to escape the absurdity and lunacy that passes for civility here in the US.

  8. Thailand is such a beautiful country. I cannot understand how the government can allow the burning season to continue. Thousands of people are dying, tourists will not travel to Thailand during the burning season. The government needs to subsidize and expedite the use of harvesting machines. Farmers burn because it is cheap, and they have serious time constraints. Chiang Mai was my second favored place to retire (DaLat was No.1), but at the moment it is the 3rd most polluted city in the world, so not happening. Sorry, first ever rant. Have a great day.

  9. You mentioned people stopping watching because they miss Thailand, but for me watching helps keep me connected and reminds me of the life that I’m working to build, even if it is still a few years off.

  10. Hi thailand Chuck 😃
    Good video, yes we are all very tired with the covid thing.
    Toronto is getting kind of bad again. Kind of crappy.
    My wife is at her mums in phetubun. Having trouble getting back to canada.
    Any way keep making you videos. Both channels.
    Best wishes to you and the family.
    Rob Toronto 🇨🇦

  11. NOT unsubscribed!……staying positive!!….People!..Let’s put only positive vibes, prayers, intentions out there!!…We can turn this around!!❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏👍

  12. Chuck, even though I don’t agree with your views on Covid I still respect them and you. Keep being you wouldn’t want it any other way. Your videos are always entertaining. Still amazes me how much the Thai ladies can eat and still remain skinny. Thanks for sharing your life with the world!

  13. Thanks Chuck for all your wonderful blogs and trying to keep things positive and productive. Please try and keep yourself positive and up beat cause I know you things get you down to but your attitude in life will help you through these unpredictable times. Thanks again my man. Les Australia.

  14. I really enjoy your town walk about videos. On the subject of the fires. Anyone who has grown up in a third world country or somewhere very rural will understand why they burn fields and garbage. It is a major inconvenience but necessary. I grew up in the Caribbean, right next to a massive sugar cane field. Every year they had to burn the crop before harvesting. Because it killed all the nasty snakes and bugs, plus it got rid of the cane leaves. Ever been cut by a sugar cane leaf? It’s not fun. So yeah, you’ll have to tolerate that until they stop producing rice, but I think that would be worse than smoke once a year ;-P

  15. 👋🏻Hello Chuck and Paige👋🏻 I can’t wait for the world to open up for travel again miss Thailand so much your channel along with a few other channels help me with that. BC Canada is getting bad again we are not allowed to travel out of our health regions. Stay Safe 🙏 and Stay Great 😎 keep the videos coming on both channels👍. ❤️🇨🇦

  16. No matter what the issue of the day is, a good feast of Thai food and a cold beer sure helps keep people smiling! A great ending to this video!

  17. Wanted to come visit but village chief here in Chanuman said 14 day quarantine. 🤪 Folks are scared around here especially when they see Falang!
    Love the torrential downpours, thunder and lighting around here. So refreshing! Okay, back to planting Cassava! 👍🇹🇭🇺🇸

  18. Hi Chuck, I don’t mean to bother you on this… Is there a shopping website where I can buy a That Phanom or Nakhon Phanom shirt … like the colorful shirts you wear?

  19. Still here… Florida is slammed as all vacate there lock down states for the Sunshine State… Viva La 305 Miami/Dade, Monroe and Broward.
    “Mia ao prik”

  20. In the early 80s I had a picture of a Lamborghini Countach as a motivator for what I was working towards, I now have your videos to do that, thanks 😊 many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  21. Australia has almost no community transmission, but those returning to Australia and going into two weeks of quarantine have a very high percentage of infection. Australia and New Zealand have opened up the borders without quarantine. A little bubble in a closed world, but great to see.

  22. This video really is out of sync, the TAT have changed their minds 1,235,489 times since then 😉🤣

    Using the mention of the ‘Sandbox’ approach as a guide as to when this was made it was filmed 2-3 weeks ago. Its announcement was, imo, the 1st real positive announcement regarding reopening for tourism but I fear it still won’t be enough for our planned trip to Koh Chang for November but with the Thai authorities holding the world record for “most changes of mind in history” who is to say eh. We’ll be flying in from the UK ( with a 4 day stop in Singapore on the way) for 3.5 weeks but everything is fully cancelable. We even booked the flight’s with miles so they can be cancelled all the way up to 24hrs before the flight without penalty. For us it’s all about ZERO quarantine. I’m not flying half way around the world to stay even 24hrs in a Q facility especially not to then pay for the ‘privilege’ of doing so. I don’t want the damn jab but im willing to take it if it allows me to travel but in return I expect to be able to travel freely.

    That said we are keeping our fingers crossed and because of the way we’ve booked everything we do have the luxury of leaving it real late to decide if we go or not. We’ve pencilled in 14th October as a ‘go-no-go’ date & hopefully things will have improved by then coz Novembers my birthday month and I wanna pop my ‘Anni P’s Cherry’ and have her and Dave serve me up one of those big ass meat feast platters for the 4 of us not to mention do our bit by dropping a chunk of change into the islands economy ( eg: we’ve gone out our way not to stay in global hotel chain properties this stay specifically so that part of the spend goes to locals more).

    We’re all still subscribed to the channel and we’ll continue to be. You show us REAL Thai content and that’s always a good thing. Love and positivity to Paige, the Mafia’s and of course yourself.

  23. Hey Chuck and Paige and all the rest. Only one thing to say. That house around the 1:40 minute mark, I think they put the garage door in the wrong place. It looks like They can’t move the gate to be able to get anything in or out of the garage.
    Lol 😆

  24. Luckily for Thailand, they haven’t followed America in handling the corona virus.
    I see Texas is still getting 3500 cases a day even with all the vaccinations.

  25. Trials and tribulations, isn’t life wonderful Chuck…. Paige is so many tops, you’ll are the rainbow children of Thailand, Yeah!…..

  26. Chuck, seems Thailand is only NOW getting the backlash of “19”. Scenarios of what USA has forewarned us about last 9 months. Please listen and be careful in your travels.

  27. In UK they keep moving the goalposts further and further in a drive to get everyone the injections. By the way, it is not a vaccine. It neither stops transmission nor infection, it merely reduces symptoms. It’s a new mnra gene therapy treatment. And for a virus that 99.94% of those will a positive test survive. Average age of death is 82. 4.5 million now waiting for hospital treatments here in UK for a virus that wiped out around 100,000. Cancer and heart operations and diagnosis all got pushed aside. Lateral flow tests 7 percent accuracy. All roads lead back to the man who invented Windows OS.

  28. Everything is going to be better. Thailand will be open safely by July of 2022 and most of the world 🙏🙏. Thank you for the video,we always enjoy your videos.

  29. Love learning a word here there 👍I’m definitely a Mai Pbet guy for sure
    Paige’s sunglasses be awesome 😎
    Thank you both as always 🙏

  30. Maybe if Thailand achieves 70+% vaccinations by January 2022, other countries might allow their citizens to go there without requiring quarantine on return.

  31. I am one of those people that is having a hard time watching Thailand videos. I love your videos and have no problem with you. I have focused on Las Vegas instead.

  32. Yea. Sit in front of the camera and shove those shrimp in your mouth. You make me drool on myself. Pay backs a bitch.
    Love your channel. Have learned a lot. See ya soon. Aloha from Hawaii. Chuck

  33. I always thought that I could eat spicy until I was invited to dinner by a Thai couple. I think I had steam coming out of my ears. I tried other dishes .even worse! Alan

  34. Good walk around town, ending with terrific onolicious meal, as usual. You’re right, you say something today, it can change tomorrow. I handle many military personnel coming to Hawaii, I have them all call me 4 days before arrival, for updated changes on COVID. Be Safe, Stay Safe “you all.” 🙏🏼🌟🌟👍

  35. Looking at it from a different angle… I believe that your blog and the other vloggers show us the light at the end of the tunnel. Get my second jab next week then intend to travel, quarantine and retire in Khorat! Keep bringing all your life experiences. All Good advice for me. 😊

  36. I do not agree with your views on Covid19, mainly because I have been touched by it, as well as several family members and I have lost friends and loved ones to this thing. Initially I started to unsubscribe to your channel like I have other vloggers that started up about it. BUT, eventhough I’ve had 1st hand experience with this virus, I will respect your opinion because you are entitled to them. I pray that you and your family continue in good health.

  37. Great Video Bud, here its pretty messed up, oh well stay home and Finish of my Brandy, lol kidding take care Chuck and Paige miss you guys

  38. I’m on the same way of thinking as you Chuck covid not near as bad as they thought but being politicians they can’t admit their wrong and and let us get back to normal.

  39. Rigger, do you really think you need a JAB for a sore throat and sniffles .
    Please don’t take it that stuff it’s
    bad for you! Investigate!! 🖖

  40. Lets not do politics the WHO was established in order to assist less developed nations with their medical capability’s. It has no power in regulating medicine.

  41. Hi, Chuck N Paige & Mafias enjoyed the video the food looked so well presented if it tastes half of what it looks like you’re onto a winner. Chuck if you don’t need to leave the country right now I would stay put so you don’t have to go the vaccine route. I know so many bad things about this so-called vaccine but I am not going into it here. I personally think the vaccine is far more dangerous than convid19. I don’t trust the test because of the high rate of false positives and the need for them to go so deep into the nostril that it breaks the membrane between the nose and brain why? If you die of it your life insurance is invalid because you volunteered to take part in an experimental gene therapy program. Don’t look good does it. Each man to their own conscience to decide what is best for them. Take care GOD Bless you and yours. M

  42. Chuck & Page, your great videos are helping keep the dream of coming back to Thailand for a long stay holiday alive. Many many thanks you two 😄😄

  43. Hi Chuck…I watch your videos so I can be part of the dream lol. My wife is Thai and I miss her so much. I was hoping to get back in October but watching this video seems they have moved the goalposts yet again to January. Changes every week lol. Hopefully with the vaccine roll out Thailand will be rid of this dreadful disease once and for all so we can get back to normal.

  44. The reaction to Covid outside of Thailand has been chaotic, disjointed and dangerously ignorant. Please don’t assume other countries approach has been as organized and effective as Thailand … temp checks, contact tracing … intelligent response from general population. Thailand followed the science, with only 102 deaths to date versus the ignorant ass approach in the US with over 500 thousand deaths …
    Chuck, whether you agree with it or not my brother, Please get the shots, not for you or Paige, but to protect
    Mafia and her crew … an entire group of at risk folks. It’s a virus, it mutates, it will make people sick or kill them. Happy you guys are in Thailand where sanity prevails. Don’t make it political, please just get it.

  45. Still watching and won’t unsubscribe as your videos keeps me connected and informed. Working to make my future life in Thailand successful and stress free. Keep the videos coming!

  46. Chuck, good guy, strait shooter and probably had covid.
    The WHO wants this to go on for ever so the can milk more donations and seem important.

  47. I don’t blame governments for trying to stop the spread. But some rules are downright idiotic and maybe counterproductive. Yes, covid is real, it spreads pervasively and does kill. Especially the elderly that have health issues that make it worse. On my father’s side a whole bunch of his elderly cousins died of covid because they decided to have a birthday thing last year with a large gathering mix of young and old. The only thing I can see that will give people some measure of safety is a vaccine. Like you said, we will be living with it, just like the flu, car accidents and whatever else that comes.

  48. I’m still here, still subscribed, love your attitude, opinions, travels, and looking forward to at least visiting there when I retire. I don’t always comment, but I catch up and watch all your vlogs. They’re informative and you don’t have a defeatist attitude, always very positive! My best wishes to you, Paige, and your family & friends.

  49. California has the lowest infection rate in the US. This is due to most, not all, of the population taking this very seriously. As we get vaccinated, the hope is we can open up with some normalcy by the end of June.

  50. Well i’m 50% there on the jabs need 1 more then i’m good to go as they say. Then it’s just the country’s rules that have to be followed, mine and their’s. As for quarantine or shut downs we still have 2 weeks out of a month to go. An maybe longer if the numbers don’t go down. Plus Canada just closed air travel from India an Pakistan down i think for a month due to numbers again. Stay healthy enjoy life one day at a time, this too shall pass, fingers crossed

  51. Everyone has there own opinion on the C situation which should be respected altough in some countries free speach has been banned 😉 it´s not easy but we will go through with all the requirements we have to do to get to Thailand ASAP, we live in Europe where freedom will soon mean nothing anymore that´s no joke! Stay save chok dee phet maak aroy 😉

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