1. glad you insisted on her trying the b-ball as she was having great fun. it’s sad you have to bribe the parent but i think you needed to it. I like the no nonsense Troy approach.

  2. This little girl looks very intelligent, confident and street smart. With education she can go far. Maybe you can hire some high school kid who wants to earn some pocket money to tutor her. Just to get her started.

  3. Yea…. I don’t know Troy … if it were me I would really lean into these parents I would do my very best NOT leave their kids uneducated .. I grew up on a Native American Indian reservation .. I saw first hand the damage of not going to school can have on a child’s life …. I would never take no for an answer .. which would only serve to make me unpopular in instances like these….. I would offer to take the child and get them enrolled the next day, the child can walk to school & when school is out rejoin the parent(s) soon as school is out for the day… she’s only 8 so she can catch up. But once they’re like 10 they will be so stubborn to learn… tragedy !!

  4. Yes a real shame that sweet little girl isn’t able to read let alone going to school 🙁 Her future is one of doubt & dread without some kinda education. Not her fault at her age either, it’s her mother’s 100%. You’ve given some hope though Troy, let’s hope it works out.

  5. One day all these kids will grow up, meet all together and build you a big nice school in your name. TROY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. haha, just imagining…

  6. The little girl is so energetic and adorable ☺️ She should be educated as keep on trying to convince her mother to send her school 👍🏻
    Keep up your great work Troy as the needy people hoping your attention & help 🙏
    With lots of best wishes and 💖💟💖💟 from 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  7. I got my daily dose of marching arms. Feel better.
    I agree language has to be started young, so much harder later in life

    Money talks… Troy walks

  8. I’m not against the so called education system , they teach you the basics ( how to read and write your language and also some math ) but everything else is just crap . What I mean by it no real historical facts , whatever related to it , it’s only superficial . When it comes to Ut Nho I know she needs to be tough how to read and write and also understand the language , but she’s privileged to live in a big city entertain by selling lottery tickets ( don’t get me wrong ) isn’t the right thing to do for a young child , but around the world there’s a lot of children starving , no pure water to drink and worse than that sick . But the question pops up : Are we allowing that to happen ? Just think about it . 👍🏻🙏✌️👏👋🏻😁❤️ .

  9. Never walked a mile in their shoes so I cannot judge them. Let’s hope she goes to school. You are correct she needs a step up and education is a good step up.

  10. damn its just disgusting and super sad knowing that nowadays there’s still parts of the world where children are unable to read etc… or dont even go to school to know at least the basics, where the fuck did we just fail ffs…. anyways I hope that motivated her enough for her own future ^^

  11. The mom isn’t putting any effort into getting her child an education. Compare her to the mom and child in your other videos. The mom rarely speaks and feels overwhelmed all the time but is taking great care of her child and she is getting an education.

  12. Education and interaction with fellow students and friends is so important. I hope and pray that this girl, as well as Chau Anh can go back to school.

  13. She can read a little but what a polite child. She bow and say thank you upon receiving gifts. I think Mom did a pretty good job teaching her about manners.

  14. Nice that she got to try that basketball, she did really good for her age. She needs to be in school. I hope you can find some way to persuade the mother to get her to school the sooner the better.

  15. It’s true it depends on the mother if she will follow through and put her in school I’m sensing a change in attitude might be required with the mother. Lol Troy with the bribes any means necessary I guess lol. The kid is really bright

  16. The little girl was transfixed with that basketball game. I hope she has a few toys at home to occupy her when she is not working. I hasten to add that hopefully her Mom will try to do something about her lack of education, but as we all know, sometimes education is secondary to having the income when one is that poor……..

  17. Bad parenting…parents in the US have it good cuz its free, but it also is mandatory. Most dont help/teach nor push their kids to do well. They’re just happy they get free baby sitting af school basically. But it’s just must tougher in places like Vietnam
    But you’re right, some parents will do whatever it takes to send their kids to school. Too bad it’s not “free” there.

  18. You’re absolutely right Troy, many of these kids learn or get pushed to making quick money on the streets, instead of going to school. That’s why most charitable organizations tell you to never buy from kids, since it encourages them not to go to school. It’s hard to do, since they’re cute and you’re only trying to help. People’s good intentions often are more harmful than good.

  19. Yes. She definitely is a bright kid.Many parents will sacrifice a lot in order to keep their kids in school and get them the best education they can. Unfortunately, there are some that would only consider sending the kid to school if they perceive that the income the kid brings into the household is more than replaced by someone ‘bribing’ them to send the kid to school. The most despicable are those parents that are just too lazy to get their kids to school even in countries where it is free, like in the UK (and I am sure in other countries as well).

  20. I love your game to encourage her to learn to read. Maybe she likes superheroes or something? Maybe buy her comic books? Gotta find some way to make it fun to learn to read.

  21. You mentioned there is a 99% literacy rate there? Does that mean some of your other recipients can read and write well? If so, maybe hire one of them to teach her instead of just giving them money? It would be a short term job for them, but its something they can then say they’ve done and may lead them to other work.

  22. How adorable is the little girl- she is clearly very smart just needs some good positive encouragement I’m sure. I would be happy to help support them both when you next see them. Will look out for when you see them again. Great work as always Troy

  23. If your child doesn’t go to school here in the USA you will go to jail..idk if its till grade 12 or they can drop out at a certain age..that little girl needs to learn 😩 im shocked that her mother hasn’t even taught her the alfabet ..we teach that to our children at age two and some younger..its sad the mother doesn’t want to teach her for her own future 😔 😪 😕 hopefully you gave them a large enough amount if she learns..i have no idea how much your money is so im clueless but would be nice if you also showed US dollars!!!! Im always wondering how much you give people…

  24. Threaten with a stick…. This is abuse, reading should be fun!!!
    Please don’t leave before her mom can find a better way to teach, because her daughter will not enjoy this one bit…
    But rewarding her, will make her want to read more so she can get what she wants, you should at least be able to get this message through to her mom.

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