Sandurot Festival Walkabout, 2014 – Dumaguete, Philippines

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  1. That was nice henry looks like a little bit of everything there, call me wierd but those where some nice flowers there i do like flowers 🙂 thanks for taking me along

    1. @matt hajas some cute girls there too.  two looked like they worked at a bank (eating the corn on the cob), saw some other cuties there later on as well.  🙂

    1. @thenewcortez i can’t resist.. every time i just gotta have me some of that corn.  reminds me of family gatherings as a kid and days in rosarito/tijuana, mexico.  what they really need to get going here are the bacon-wrapped hotdogs.  😀

    1. @Rona Pestilos the biggest one is the Buglasan Festival, which is island-wide and done at Freedom Park.  2nd biggest seems to be this Sandurot Festival, which is specific to Dumaguete alone.

  2. Hi Henry, ive been feeling really down lately your video’s are a great distraction. I really love seeing all the places you visit. please keep them coming as its just great to see the philippines, thats not the highly producedd promo’s. I like seeing your life it really is great. Enjoy yourself and hope you have a very happy life if nothing else you made one person in the world smile andd thats a gift you have thank you so much.

    1. @steve taylor bottled water, sometimes some snacks or my tablet or gopro stuff if i’m out shooting.  extra clothes if i’m not sure about coming home that night.  🙂

    1. @iliketheodds i haven’t seen any wild cactus here anywhere.  only the ones in pots you saw for sale here.  here it rains at least every few days so plants never needed to change like cactus did to survive extreme, dry heat.  so, no nopales con carne lately.  🙂

  3. Hi Henry,  Discovered your videos from my friend – using her account – Long time watcher, first time commenter.  Very nice video and subtitles.  Nice music too.  I had always considered moving to Thailand, after many visits and working there for 6-months ages ago. But after watching your videos and reading your blog I think maybe Philippines is a better choice for Americans these days, especially considering the difficulty in learning the Thai language.  I am wondering if there are any hidden “Gotcha’s:, in the Philippines like in Thailand (where the vast populace is now openly disapproving of foreigners.)  I used to feel Thailand as friendly in the 80’s, 90’s but in my last visits since 2000, I have found the prevailing comments (in Thai between Thai’s – of course), to be very derogatory toward all foreigners.  And, lately I have noticed some hate crimes against foreigners, very disturbing.  So now, your videos and blog leads me to look to the Philippines.  Do you think the Phillipines populace will become as jilted against foreigners as the Thai’s?   

  4. My wife and I stayed at the Bethel on the boulevard during the same festival in November of 2009.  Really great and they had a motor scooter show as well which I enjoyed.  But I write because of the fact that your lady friends are introducing you to their friends.  It indicates to me that you are a real friend to women and that when it does click for you then it will be a very strong relationship because you have covered all of the essentials, apparently, around friendship first.  And, I was wondering….have you considered travel outside the RP?  On Facebook you had that item about Cebu Pacific air specials and I thought maybe you are considering some more adventure abroad. The RP is such a good “getting off” place for all locations far east. 

  5. Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us in not so sunny places Reekay. It all reminds me so much of Thailand and all the festivals they do there, so creative, so interesting, such nice people. 

  6. It’s nice to see Dumaguete again through your eyes/video. I know that BBQs are quite tempting, however, I do worry about the raw meat/chicken etc.. so exposed in such warm weather and is also out on display for a long period of time day and night. I’m just suggesting to be careful if you have a foreign stomach. Keep filming and have fun, looks like a life worth living.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines yeah, my family is from binan laguna, so i would see corn as a street food and i dnt knw why, its more delicious in the philippines than here in the u.s. lol.

    2. it varies just a little place to place. usually from 25-35 pesos. 40 pesos if a festival is going on. but i love corn on the cob, just salt & butter is good for me. they offer chili powder or garlic salt sometimes. i never put mayonnaise though.

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