Santa Fe Cliff Diving Spot & Great Food in Bantayan

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    In this video I discuss, “Santa Fe Cliff Diving Spot & Great Food in Bantayan”

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  2. That was pretty amazing with the two kids getting fed like that I’m so curious how they just showed up at your table did they just pop by and start conversation with her or just to starving kids coming up to you or did y’all come up to them

  3. Being ex-military I am definitely observer of human nature and watching people it would be an amazing to have a video or a short clip telling a little bit about these kids if you have any info on them of course

  4. Those are some of the biggest coconuts I’ve ever seen. And I grew up in the tropics drinking coconut water. Did they have a lot of water? And was it sweet?

  5. Hello Reekay, I am a little bit envious watching your daily clips from Bantayan Island. I stayed there in Santa Fe for some weeks in 2019. Now I feel like in a ‘Corona-Prison’ (in Germany, we now got an exit lock at nighttime!). I was sitting and eating also at this place you were eating at. There is a good restaurant nearby offering fresh grilled fish and seafood, very good if you like it. Inexpensive and a lot of locals there…, – hope you will find it (with this some vague description). Peak time is ~8pm, don’t come to late.. greetings from germany πŸ™‚
    -Ingo Baab

  6. Up the NE coast is Anika resort… best white sand beach in that area and if you ask around you can get a day rental boat with 2 boys for less than P1000. They will take you to Virgin Island and better cliff diving spot. I can’t wait to get back there…

  7. Great video. Do you think you can get around in bantayan without renting a motorbike? At least between hotel, restaurant and beach and maybe if there’s a city area.

  8. Hello Henry and Vi and glad you guys enjoyed that beautiful cliff beach area! That food also looked delicious and way too much food so great job on sharing your meal with the kids! I would of done the same! Have a blessed mini vacation!

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