1. Pass the $ to the kid, and the kid passes the $ to Mom. We’re all hoping for a bright future for the kid.
    *Thanks to Shuyang Meng and Troy for the the donation and video.*

  2. I don’t understand the behaviour of the woman at 4’20 ! It’s so stupidly mean ! What was the problem, she saw that Troy was with the little girl.

  3. Donโ€™t sweat it Troy, your heart was in the right place, the kid will always remember that special day when she got the toy she wanted. BTW what was said at the end between Troy & mother? No subtitles

  4. Her parents taught her well. Many kids in Vietnam nowadays don’t greet and thank with their arms crossed in front of them anymore (it’s very polite for Viet children). That trolley lady in that temple is very mean though, she said pretty degrading stuff to such a small kid.

    About the toys, I think many Viets, especially poorer families, consider it a luxury that they could not afford. Even back when I was a child, my family wasn’t poor but buying toys was still a very rare thing.

    Quick translation of the convo at the end: just the mother answering why she left the other children in the countryside (she says she sends them funds from the city instead of dragging them all along). Also she asks him why he hasn’t been to Hanoi yet.

    Also she says she wasn’t mad at Troy much, just scolding the kid that she should have told mom so they didn’t have to frantically search for her and also not following any adult around since there are kidnappers who would sell her into slavery or take her organs. Troy agrees and also tells the kid as well to not follow any stranger because not all of them are nice like him.

  5. I hate to say that the mother most likely sold that scooter ๐Ÿ˜’ I dont believe for one minute that she gave it away knowing how much it cost but I didn’t think she was going to let her keep it even though she could take the child to various places to ride it..she didn’t want to be bothered all the time having to take her to ride it and I agree that isnt a place to ride on the sidewalks knowing people ride their bikes on it and drive crazy as heck..I just wish the child was in school..i don’t believe her mother even cares if she gets an Education as long as she can make her sell them dam tickets..where do they live? Are they homeless ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿค”

  6. *Her mother, in stark contrast to most of the ladies you normally help, appears to be rather healthy. The others are very thin. I hope the scooter will not be sold, and the child can get a little use of it, at least. High regards to Shuyang Meng for the donation. EDIT—I’m curious why the mother can’t take her to that beautiful park you taped the other day to ride the scooter?????*

  7. Not a foolhardy call to buy her the scooter, she’s so hyper a regular toy wouldn’t be right. She loved riding the scooter and throwing the basketball with her funny facial expressions. This girl needs much more help than usual. Anyway her twin sister would love the scooter equally.

  8. Im relieved the mother was okay and understanding about you helping her daughter. Big weight off my shoulders that she didnt make a scene. Im sure she will will be forever grateful for your help.

  9. Everything i have bought for my Vietnamese neighbors is given to an unknown friend, Should i feel rejected? And mice are not cool, Because they poop in the kitchen.

  10. The kid chose the scooter, and she was very happy with it. The mother probably think it as a unnecessary luxury. Don’t regret your decision.

  11. mother dont really love the daughter just sees her as an asset keeps her down and uses her till she gets old thats her fate is what i see

  12. HEY TROY ,,,,,,,,if you are so worried about the ADULTS taking the money , there should be a place set up where u give the kid and only the kid money in their hands to buy what they want….the money if its a big sum of money should be released slowly each day or each week depending on what the kid wants …….WHY not hire a person to deliver to the kids directly either money or things that they want or need….that should go further with the money u give them…..

  13. HEY TROY u should use that money to buy new TOYS…….TOYS can then be giving out to kids then if the kid gets tired of playing with it they can exchange for other TOYS available…..

  14. So, the mother said “I was frantic that day” She didn’t mentioned the father. I also didn’t see the father up till now. The mother specifically mentioned “I” not “we” as in together (parents) The security guard must have thought that HER PARENTS were looking for her, while it was just her mother who was looking for her. The security guard merely assumed she had a father. I was right all along by saying, not her father looked for her but just her mother. Told you so, case closed!

  15. THE kids can get good meals too if you take the money and spread it for weeks ….LIKE you can only take out 5 or 10 bucks each day for a good meal….that would help the kids out alot and they also have good food to eat…BUT by giving it to their parents you are not guaranteed that kids will receive that money in any form….

  16. TROY by giving them a few hundred dollars especially to their parents is a big NO NO…..that money should be put in a place like a bankj and then a person in charge with your directions TROY can release that money to the kids slowly so as to buy food or clothing or toys guaranteeing that parents can not control that or put that money in their own pockets

  17. Troy was the best thing to come into that child life. Thanks for the donation for helping her. But the mother is in the toilet way. The child need an education.

  18. Disagree with you on the toy thing, Troy. They really are unnecessary and they backfire so often. Maybe your attitude comes from your own upbringing in Australia where kids are envious of other kidโ€™s toys. Maybe you were, haha. Parent and family is the best hope for kids, and you donโ€™t want to interfere with that. If family doesnโ€™t work then youโ€™ve tailored yourself a massive suit of responsibility, and you yourself would admit youโ€™re not mature enough for that. Cheers Troy and thanks as ever to the generous donors.

  19. Troy no need to be stressed out because you satisfied the kid with a present. While I agree that the money should go to the parents, it doesn’t mean that the child gets nothing at all out it. That’s why most people donate because they want to bring some joy into the child’s life. Denying the child basic education will be a handicap for her the rest of her life, very short-sighted in my opinion. Troy have you done any videos of Danang. It seems to be a city that is well run and is the place to go if you want to live an enjoyable experience in Vietnam. Despite covid they have done a very good job. If you haven’t done Danang, maybe you can put it on your itinerary and give us your impression of the city in comparison to Hanoi and Saigon. Keep up the good work.

  20. My son in laws parents are from South Korea. He was born in the USA. He said when he was a child he didn’t have one toy. It may be a cultural thing and not just about money. Also, I doubt the mom had any toys as a kid. She doesn’t see the benefit of toys. My son in law did go to college and was 1st chair in band all 4 years. He’s a great man and husband and father. 2 of the children aren’t his and he is great to them. I doubt the mom went to school, so she doesn’t see why her child needs to. I think getting this child in school is so important. She will learn and be around other kids. But it’s not Troy’s responsibility. It will be a difficult road to go down. I wonder if her sister goes to school? If so, the child may be better off living there. The mom may be using the child to make money. We may never know. Bottom line is I’ve never seen a cuter child with so much energy and so happy with so little.

  21. Hi Troy , could you ask her what her favorite food like meat , you can buy her a little snack , bring her to eat Pho or some seafood and fresh meat for the Mom to cook for Ut , some nice clothes, shoes … , good luck and thank you for your kindness !


  23. I wonder if you can get close enough to one of these kids to invest hours into teaching them English? It could take a long time, months (kids learn faster) but imagine the benefits she’d have of knowing English when she’s 18+. She can live a much better life just because of that.

  24. Ut is a cute and respectful child. She’s also intelligent by the way she carried herself even though she went with Troy to buy toys without her mother knowledge. But that’s a good lesson for her to learn not to just trust anyone that wanted to offer to buy her toys. She’s lucky it was Troy and not creepy guy trying to take advantage of her. Thanks to Shuyang Meng for the donation and Troy for helping the unfortunate.

  25. I missed the vid when you buying scooter and now someone’s upset? I was wondering why you little cutie went with you without mother but I also know you would never harm a little person like this, so who gave you back lash???

  26. The woman who got mad in the temple is really bad PR for that temple! It could make people think that the ones who are associated with or run that temple are insincere and rude or mean. Who would want to join any religion or organization associated with that kind of rude behavior?

  27. Buying toys isnโ€™t a bad idea but you just have to think about the circumstances and pick a toy or little game that they can sit in one place and use. Etc

  28. Your heart was in the right place. You did good apologizeing to to the Mother. Little girl such a sweet child that has manners as well. Like how she bows and says thank you.

  29. Troy… are you able to do an economic and cultural comparison between Japan and Vietnam? Both. Countries ravaged by war? Japan experiencing 2 Atom Bombs?

  30. I have to agree with the parents. When you’re homeless and struggling to make $200K a day selling tickets, it is not a wise thing to spend $1.5M on a toy for a kid. Toys are depreciating assets and eventually go in to the garbage. I would’ve taken it back to the store and tried to get a refund or a take a loss selling it back to the store. It’s unfortunate that kids don’t get to be kids in 3rd world countries, but survival takes precedent over fun/toys.

  31. well, they needed the necessities nice thought not practical though the mom knew it was not what they needed. When you guys were shopping I was thinking a doll or something nice but inexpensive…

  32. That poor kid, her mother gave away her 3.5mils scooter. I know it dangerous for them to ride on the traffic street, but she can still ride around the side walk and house. She was so happy when riding it in the mall, she clearly know how to ride it, not like the mother said she doesn’t know how to. The mother may have also sold it for cash. Like damn, let the the kid have some fun too while they are still young.

  33. Lil munchkin is so adorable. And she’s got a twin.

    Too bad about the scooter, I wonder if she cried when it was taken away. Maybe the mom can letter her have it back, but munchkin can only ride it when the mom is there? Would that still be too dangerous? Dunno. Maybe.

    So sad, another kid that really doesnt have a chance. This is one place where govt should step in for kids. Start taxation and put the money in for mandatory schooling for all kids? It’d be an investment to get Vietnam out of the situation they’re in and improvements for the countries future.

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