1. Was looking at Honda Scooters, do they not have a 250cc in scooters? Maybe another brand? I’m worried if I bought a big expensive bike down there, it would get stolen. Any thoughts?

  2. Same same in Thailand the pcx Honda is the gold standard in Thailand .
    And a Gurl can still ,,just,, Handal them .
    I’ve just brought my pH Gurl friend a Honda ,,old model,, is the scoopy
    110cc air force cooled .
    But the new one is ,,Gino,, it’s amazing the tuning is spot on without the nock nosy .and it exactly doesa 100 kmh

  3. NED ….congratulations on you and your wife having a child on the way. Buddy, not a negative …but your wife shall change in ways you never dreamed of. Plus your life will NEVER be the same. Like I said …..not all is negative but expect HUGE, HUGE changes. HUGE!!!!

  4. You should have a secure garage for your big bike.
    My friend owns a big Harley and its always in the garage when his not driving it. You can put a alarm on the bike and the garage and a wheel locker.
    GPS tracker to can be good.

  5. Yeaa i totally agree ivehadbig bikesallmy life my last bike back in australia was a harley road king and i loved it but ive been here 18 mounths in the phillipines ive got a mio soal 125 scooter itsautomatic nochangeing gears in busy cityroads my harley would be useless here but ilove my scooter its reliable cheep to run starts all the time have a honda xrm as well its good on back roads yeaa bigger bikes are nice but you need to have wh as ts praticalfor your everyday use

  6. im big im 110kg and i ride on a mio 125 look funny but i dont care i get up to 80klm speed my wife said i ride it quick i have been riding bikes now over 47yrs im old though hahaha finally your settling down now Ned hahah when i was young rider i did have big bike 750/4 350/4 250’s but i like small scooters now

  7. The Yamaha Nmax can carry a large foreigner with his Filipina even up steep hills and stay ahead of traffic. It has two positions for your feet and is much easier to ride long distances. Also has abs for when that dog or crazy jeepney driver pulls out in front of you. Honda PCX would be another alternative to the Nmax. The Honda cost more and I am not sure if they are actually any better. The Nmax I believe is more popular in the Philippines but a person would not regret either of these two choices. Nmax with abs retails for 119k php. Honda PCX is 134k php.

  8. Once again, great video Ned. Thank you. As for the cycle subject, are there many electric scooters in the islands? Looking forward to hearing, in a couple weeks, that you have a new Zoe in the family and both she and mommy are doing great! Can’t wait to see pictures πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats on the coming baby.
    I’m hoping to come there when travel opens, and i want a scooter, but I’m 6’2″ 300 lbs. Any ideas? Besides lose weight fat ass..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Many years ago I took a paramedic class. We had some training in childbirth, but I really remember one piece of advice. “You will probably be nervous and forget everything I have taught, but remember one thing: almost all the time babies will just do their own thing in coming out into the world. But they are very slippery so just catch them and don’t drop them.”

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