Silence and Bad Reviews. เกาะช้าง

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  1. Guys I want to recommend a restaurant in Koh Chang called “Iyara Seafoood” ไอยราซีฟู้ด (สาขาคลองพร้าว) they make super good food and offer a free boat tour to see fireflies at night. I’ve been there a couple times. It was amazing!!

  2. Hello Chuck and Paige
    I’m glad you touched on the bad review topic. I wanted to ask you about it, but I didn’t want to start that conversation in your comments. I read an article on it and I don’t pass judgement either way yet. I think it’s a great opportunity to see the Thailand court system in action. If it’s fair the truth should come out.

  3. Hey on your way back… have you ever been to the spot where Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos meet? Emerald Triangle, Dom Pradit, Nam Yuen District, Ubon Ratchathani 34260, Thailand

  4. Don’t know what happened on your previous vid. It suddenly became unavailable. Anyway, I tried to wish you a Happy Birthday so Happy Birthday Now! We could sure use some of that rain here in California to put the fires out!

  5. I agree chuck. The breakfast and late lunch works for me….no food after though. Watching your video series I have been trying to talk my Thai wife to go to Thailand for a long winter vacation but she won’t go :-(. Get up the videos, thanks

  6. Silence is Golden. Happy Birhday Chuck. Strange thing happened. Was watching your previous video. Paused it because my phone rang, came back and it is gone. No worries, I will still get my Chuck and Paige fix somehow. Thank you for continuing to share your everyday life and adventures in Paradise. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  7. I am confused. You uploaded two videos today ? Tried to make a comment on the other video but said server problems. Any way a big Happy Birthday 🎂 to you

  8. Does anyone use mobility scooters (3 wheel or 4 wheel) in Thailand or do they take up to much space. Tours of temples and some of the resorts require a lot of walking.

  9. Pool Closed Sign, says plenty but please try to be compassionate and understanding. Respectfully, in America, many tourist locations are struggling to recover due to the extended pandemic, Las Vegas just announced terminating 30,000 workers, the Airlines and Disney Resorts are close to the same number of terminations each. Companies paying employees a sustenance that haven’t worked in a long time, is coming to an end in America.

  10. I agree with you, that is a nice well kept resort. That hamburger would choke a horse. You killed it. Forget the negative posts, after all they don’t have to watch. High five!

  11. As travelers or long term guest in foreign countries best practices are to always be on your best behavior .. or stay hope with your crappy attitude. BTW Chuck i have taken some really bad falls going down the stairs at some clubs in Pattaya thinking holly crap that’s it.. L.A Rob

  12. That resort is beautiful, paradise in a paradise! That burger and fries looked delicious 😋 I try to stay out of the drama but it wasn’t like it was 1 bad review that he posted, and the one that the travel sight took down was downright offensive and slanderous IMHO. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you both 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  13. HI , from Sydney, its 30 deg , I just had Vegemite toaste and a cup of tea for breakfast. its a public holiday the beach maybe a place to be today , notimetobesad not in Sydney at all , stay safe

  14. Great vlog ,, Personally I wouldn’t eat that Burger 🍔 , It would give me a Heart Attack , Heart burn , or Both 🙀🤔🤣😂🤣👍🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭👋🇦🇺

  15. I know that the Thailand of the 70’s is not the Thailand of today. I am impressed with your Videos and others
    that portrays this. I know that I would enjoy Thailand as it is now. Thanks to you and Paige especially.
    There are other Vloggers and people you associate with that show the Positivity of Thailand.

  16. Thanks for your comment on the article. I agree with you – Thailand is not our country and we should follow the customs, traditions and rules – whether good or bad, looking from a western lens. Though I do have to say we should not expect ‘justice’ in Thailand – as people normally perceive it.

  17. Hello Chuck from San Antonio Tx. I always come along with you guys. I really like your videos. It’s so quiet you can hear the plants grow. Excellent!!

  18. What the hell are people like that talking about?…..what channel are they watching?!…..makes no frickin’ sense!!….great vid, brother!…keep it up, dammit…hahaha…❤👍❤👍

  19. Shame on both of you ! You killed the fries & burger but did not touch the salad greens. Eat your veggies !
    Ha, ha, ha. It looked super rich and tasty. Happy Birthday ! Youngster.
    Great Video & beautiful scenery. Definitely a dream spot to relax.

  20. Hello Chuck and Paige. Great pools nice restaurant. Just an observation. For as much as it rains there they love those slippery tiles. I’ll make sure I take my rubber boots 🤣🤙

  21. You put this video out on 10/4 and said tomorrow is your birthday but I know the video was made earlier, so when actually is your birthday? Mine is 10/5 so I was wondering if we share a Birthday, either way… Happy Birthday!

  22. hi Guys, yes if you live in Thailand you have to go with the flow if you go against it then you will not be happy in THAILAND, great video Chuck and Paige, Cheers

  23. good video, except….. I was too hungry, I had to fast forward through the burger, I haven’t ate all day, wife is cooking now, lol, it looked too good.

    I am not one to leave bad reviews for anyone, never have, I will be gentle, but most of the time its all praises, but a few years ago I did make 1 of my friends leave a bad one for a restaurant, he took his wife out for a steak dinner, well he had a major allergic reaction, wound up in the hospital, he is highly allergic to shellfish. they grille a customers shellfish on same gill as his steak at same time. yeah, not separate grill to keep seafood away from other food. so yeah I made him slam restaurant, he was hospitalized for 3 days, & thought he was going to die.

  24. Happy Birthday Chuck… I enjoy ur videos and most of ur journeys. I would to see more adventures stories like CB Media, but this is me. A constructive criticism nothing personal.

  25. We got of the ferry saturday afternoon from koh samet, you were just leaving the restaurant, missed you, we ate in that pier restaurant food was not fresh, had a dissapointing few days on koh samet, hotels and food expensive, most places closed, sewerage in the sea, for a national park very dirty. Has gone down hill fast from last time we were there.

  26. Foreigner Joe would be proud of you for pumping some iron, you’ll get the 3 Ds soon. LOL This is kind of spooky since no one is there, can’t wait until this is over. People like the guy who stopped following you for posting something they dislike are usually the most intolerant while preaching how tolerant they are. Thanks again, the place looks beautiful and the breakfast looks great.

  27. Hi chuck and paige you 2 are so lucky having place to yourselves the buffet breakfast was really great was there 4 nights a year ago unfortunately restaurant was full of noisy bad mannered Chinese who have discovered koh chang now, that cheeseburger looked amazing I think annie.p dinner will get customers from your vlogs stay safe very good very good.Thai Tony

  28. Great place chuck does matter how long you live in Thailand you will always be a foreign it’s their country go with the flow as for people not liking you opinions they don’t have yo watch keep it up I love your whole take on life

  29. My wife and you have the same political views! Keep up the good work my wife and watch all your videos! I like your attitude with how you handle others negative remarks.

  30. Hello from london Chuck & Page, thank you for sharing your tropical day with the delicious Thai food. It’s a pleasure and a reminder to realise simple things in life are surrounding us. Enjoy your trip. Laurence

  31. So… Happy B Day my friend… I know you’ll enjoy it. You are aging well. I also liked your Hold my Beer watch this video… reminded me of my golf game… you know, grip it and rip it! Ha ha….. :-)) Thanks Chuck

  32. Paige’s pink handbag suit you Chuck😂😆. That was funny.
    Thank you again for allowing us to see Thailand through your vlogs,You’re awesome.Great video as always 👍🙏🏽😘

  33. Old lady in Vermont says hello Chuck & Paige plus before I forget, belated birthday good wishes Chuck. I think your astrological sun sign is Libra because my late husbands B-day was 10-01. No wonder you are so well liked. Typical Libra attitude in my experience is a live and let live generally speaking. Anyway, I like to hear your viewpoints whatever because that is how we all get to know each other. And, following vlogs we are all kind of like a community if not a family. 555

  34. Hi Chuck & Page, not not worry about the bad comments, there are and will be always people who need to be not nice because of their own situation in life. Laurence

  35. The beach may have not looked as good as the last resort but the view from the pool through the palm trees with the islands in the background was awesome 😍

  36. Well said chuck respect the Thais and behave yourself, it’s the best country I have ever visited for sure, nowheres perfect but Thailand has everything. Happy birthday and love watching you two on your journey. Thanks.

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