1. Dan, your girlfriend is right the coffee at McDonald’s is excellent, I travel to China 🇨🇳 often and the coffee at McDonald’s is the only item always consistent! Enjoy your videos!

  2. That was good! I didn’t realize you went that long without insurance. But yeah, treatments are so cheap (outside the US where I’m from) that it’s hard to justify paying for it.

  3. Ha I nearly fell off my chair coughing in my coconut juice Hui. Believe me from the mouth of a long term SE Asian expat (that’s Expat, not Sexpat) what’s on the menu and the vast number of long haired dictionaries available in SE Asia keeps us occupied, and they ALL cost money. It doesn’t matter if it’s food or a language lesson, the one sitting on the other side of the table or between the sheets always costs money. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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