SM City Cebu Mall – Main Entry with GoPro Hero3

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  1. Henry you have shown your many viewers lots of upscale malls, and I for one would like to also see more of the commoner markets that the working class people of the Philippines use in their daily lives, just an observation and gentle suggestion. I appreciate all your videos, salamat.

    1. @roysjoy here’s a video i did at the open air merkado as well..   🙂    The Tagbilaran Fish ‘n Veggies Market — Philippines

    2. @roysjoy Here is a video I did of the Coop Mall, one of the more poorer versions of a mall for vendors with little money to afford for a lease.  This one is located on Bohol..   Different Types of Malls in the Philippines: Open Merkado

  2. Hi Henry,

    Where you entered the SM Mall is actually called the North Wing of the Mall. It might have been a later addition.
    I too have been there many times, just not much recently. The reason for that is the new SM Mall in Consolacion, much closer to me.

    If you look at this map:,123.9185199,17z
    you will see a small purse icon at an area called Cabalen-SM Cebu. That is the North Wing entrance.

    On the southeast corner of A. Soriano Ave. and Juan Luna Avenue Extension is a place where you can get busses/multicabs/PUJs to many different places.

    On the northwest side towards the southeast corner is another main entrance.
    Along the southwest side at two locations are entrances.
    There is also a multicab/PUJ station located there along the southeast side of the mall building.
    At the southern most corner on the east side is another main entrance. 
    These other entrances are not as grandiose as the North Wing that is why I think the North Wing was a later addition to the mall. 

    If you want to add some additional reference info for your videos a link, like the above link to Google Maps is a good idea.

    I often gave LAT/LONG coordinates in my reports to groups stateside while travelling the world. This made it much easier for people to see where I was as many place names where unknown to people.

    Take care Henry and keep up the good work.

  3. I’m curious how all of these malls popping up over there are going to thrive in the years to come? I heard of their growing middle class but there’s still a lot of poverty mentioned. What’s driving their economy? Here in the states Wal-Mart and dollar stores are reporting a downturn in business. A questionnaire by the Federal Reserve Board reports that over 30% of the Americans polled checked “just barely getting by” compared to how they were doing five years ago. At least it’s nice to see other folks shopping.

    1. @黄邦康
      Most upper class here are part of dynasties. The owners of SM malls, Ayala malls, Robinsons malls and all airline companies in the philippines are part of them.
      During the 90’s and early 2000, the percentage of the upper class fluctuated between 1% to 5%.

    2. @黄邦康
      Based on population (as of 2013), the percentages are as follows :
      Upper Class : 10%
      Upper Middle Class : 23%
      Lower Middle Class : 17%
      Lower Class : 50%

    3. Keep in mind that plenty of filipinos get large remittances from relatives overseas.

      it is suprising to walk through mall in the Philippines, since the stores are more or less the same level as those in a typical American mall.  Since more malls are going up everywhere you look in cities in the Philippines, they obviously are doing very well.

  4. the other bigger mall being constructed is called “SM Seaside City Cebu”. Actually it’s 2 times bigger than this SM City Cebu mall and Ayala Cebu mall. SM Seaside City Cebu is also bigger than the “Mall of Asia” in Manila…   SM Seaside City, Cebu’s Future Attraction?

  5. 1st and most important thing i learned about the malls in philippines…you do not have to look for 10-15 mins to find someone to help or wait on you.all malls in the usa suck big time and saying they suck big time,is being nice about it!!

  6. good post.  The movie theaters are nice.  I’m looking looking forward to the new Seaside City mall which will dwarf SM and Ayala!  Henry, did you notice Dr. Pepper in the mall?  My gf lives in Cebu and she has never tasted Dr. Pepper!

  7. The huge difference between malls in the USA and the Philippines is the amount of food outlets.  

    Although only a small percentage of the shoppers on any given day can afford to buy merchandise in the more upscale stores, McDonalds, Jollibee, KFC, and dozens of other food outlets are very affordable.  As opposed to an American mall that might have one food court, a mall in Cebu or Manila will have several, with many restaurants interspersed throughout the mall as well.

    When it is 90 degrees outside, with 90% humidity, and you are relatively poor, there really is only one place to head to for filipinos who want a little relief.  A nice air conditioned mall with inexpensive food options, very affordable first run movies (i saw Amazing Spiderman 2 for 150p in May), and great people watching and window shopping opportunities.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yes Henry…i agree with you about that.  Ayala is an upscale mall..especially the Terraces part of it. 

      I am almost certain Ayala has a jollibee, Mcdonalds, and KFC or two.

      A few months ago, i was staying in Makati at the New World Rennaissance hotel, which was directly across the street from the Galleria.   My girlfriend (since gone), just wanted an in-expensive meal, we walked to that mall (one of several parts of the Galleria), and there were no-fast food outlets… just a couple of dozen up-scale restaurants with USA prices.   

      However, the vast majority of malls have inexpensive food options.  $240 a month.. $8 a day is still fairly inexpensive, but after watching your videos, i know you eat fairly well.

      Also, i noticed the movie prices vary from mall-to-mall as well.

    2. @Al Russell yes.. lots of competition for the food industry.  makes for cheap meals even though food is the highest thing in my budget per month.  (about $240 usd)  Ayala is not as cheap for food as other places though.. kinda pricey there even in the food court.  But most other malls and eateries, especially in smaller towns.. pretty affordable to eat out every day.

  8. I go to the Ayala mall everyday and the first restaurant I see in your SM mall video is Bread Talk which also has a restaurant at Ayala. I often wonder about the economic demographics while at the mall and see Filipinos with Starbucks beverages. A tall (small) drip (regular brew) cost 100 peso, I think the middle class is growing, PH has the fastest growing Call Centers even out stripping India and these are good jobs, I think there are over 600,000 call centers now in the PH. So, I see hope for middle class, but no hope for abject poverty. But, then again who knows. One thing I do know education is PH only hope and should be PH top priority.

  9. I like how the video looks so clear with your GOPRO…I am thinking of buying the Hero 3+ Black…Do they make batteries that will last longer than the 45 minutes, that you mentioned, if I buy the high speed SD card? I will either get a 32 or 64 GB card for it…Ideally, I would like to shoot video that might last 2 hours or more…A live concert, for example…Also, does the battery come pre charged or do I have to charge it myself before I can use it? Any info and tips you can give me on this camera would be great…Thanks, Henry…

    1. @Foreverman1962 i’m not sure but i think there is a fat-back battery that has more capacity.  battery came pre-charged when i got it.

  10. I don’t believe Filipinos are poor in a whole and they just going to a mall for free aircon,lol. I do believe in the concept of supply and demand, SM operates 39 branches in whole archipelago but many of them located in Metro Manila. I think Filipinos love shopping.

  11. Nice video, I just visited SM mall and Ayala. I liked Ayala better but both malls are way better then in the states. They are so nice I also wonder how they keep the doors open. Maybe the economy in Phils is doing better then we all expected.

    Anyway for a quick movie or bowling SM is the place. Both malls are so big I got lost.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines one thing i will add… no one knows how to give directions there hahahaha the security guards aren’t that helpful either. i asked ” hey where is the bowling” and he just looked and pointed saying”its just that way” LOL

    2. @Reginald Nedd i tried not to panic after being lost in SM more than an hour, and asking directions.  i could find my way out.. but not to the place i wanted to get to.  ha!

  12. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines 
    Lol, Fun Fact Sm Malls are not considered
     by many Filipinos as upscale
    The Upscale ones would be the Ayala Malls, ( lifestyle malls as well)

    1. @j FERN ayala and ‘mall of asia’ are truly upscale.. but when i refer to sm as upscale, i’m comparing it to the smaller malls like grand mall, island mall, lee’s plaza, that sort of mall which is smaller and not always as well maintained.

  13. hi, Henry! I have  question about shopping at the malls in phillipines. Are clothes more expensive to buy there compare to united state? Like dresses, jeans and tops. I will be coming to phillipines in December. I am wondering if it is cheaper to buy here instead of there.

    1. good to hear that the malls have cute dresses for girls! I problemly will buy gifts when I am there for her family. I was worry that it would be expensive to buy there because I figure most things are imported from all over the world there.

    2. +Jeff Houser to me the prices are about the same for large men’s clothing, at least at the malls. the real challenge is finding anything in your own size, such as american size L, XL or XXL. it just doesn’t exist in most malls, and when it does it’s usually a $20 shirt or more. but women’s clothes are very inexpensive compared to western prices. they can get cute dresses for 200 pesos or less.

  14. Hi Henry, I am your avid follower of your channel…I’m living in Bulacan, somewhere east of Quezon City in Central Luzon, and I’m a Filipino…When will you visit Manila, or are you have been here in Manila before?…

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