1. Good morning Chuck, Paige, soi mafia,paul red,and Thailand 😎👍
    You said it before, not many say it. When you get a chance to take them out/away you like to. That’s awesome 😎

  2. Hello Chuck, great interview.Hope Ceejay’s utube channel will someday become as brilliant and successful as your own channel – Notime2BSad 😘😘😘
    Thank you for another 👍 upload, Love your vlogs 😃👍🙏🏽😘

  3. Cee Jay SHOULD show MORE of what HE thinks NOBODY WANTS TO SEE and see what his subscriber’s think. It sounds like he kills the content BEFORE his Subscriber’s get a chance to have an opinion. He would be VERY Surprised at what Other’s want to see. Especially in a Country that they’ve NEVER Been to: For instance I would Subscribe to his Channel if all he showed was the food that He and His family consumed daily from the Restaurant’s and Even his own home Kitchen. Two or three 15 minute video’s every day on just the food would be Successful enough until he gets more popular. I know and watch LOT’S of You tube Channel’s who show NOTHING, but the food from Thailand and other Asian Country’s and they seem to be doing VERY Well. He could also ask his Subscriber’s what they want to see more of.

  4. Chuck. Great Vlog. Your interview with CJ. Was excellent. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been subscribed since you were in USA. Well before your move to Thailand. I still remember your videos in the travel trailer.

  5. Great vid as always Chuck. The interview was great. Hopefully CJ gets a good bump for his page and this will help him focus on direction.

  6. When it rains in Houston you need a canoe. Home of the Art Car parade, Goode’s BBQ, The Beer Can House, and Ima Hogg. Nice, very international city. Better than coming from Pasadena.

  7. Hi love your content, been watching you for a long time. But you have the Union flag upside down .Look at the other 2 jacks, you will see what I mean ,top left hand corner will show you. Back in the day if the flag was flown upside down the Brits would shoot the sh*t out of you.. Keep up the good work .
    Regards Chris (from Yorkshire England)

  8. 8:15 Simples. Just use a VPN and choose a USA server. 😊
    I have to do same at some time, I haven’t checked yet but I hope I can get my license sent to me 🤞

  9. CJ has the right attitude for Thailand especially with his dealings at Immigration. It is so much easier when you just do what they ask without complaining. I also have no problems with Immigration here in Roiet. Once you establish a congenial and professional relationship they go out of their way to accommodate you. Can’t sweat the small stuff or you will drive yourself and everyone else crazy.

  10. you are speaking of immigration is easy for you and no problems but, both of you have have Thai wives that speak and know the way things work. so that is basically not much help to single guys unless there is another Vlog on that. thanks.

  11. When you are on permanent vacation it’s hard to get rid of your vacation physique, living the good life Chuckee well deserved 👍🏼 great interview with CJ he seems like a down to earth guy and a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  12. As long as you are not working in thailand and over 50 a retirement visa combined with a multiple re entry permit is fine a lot of fly fly out guys use this method myself included

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