Spur of Moment Trip: Dumaguete to Cebu

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    1. I remember a hugely long train ride in Italy in ’81.  From Venice to Florence.  I had forgotten to take water, and only had white wine!  Believe me, wine doesn’t quench thirst.  There were no vendors who came up to the train windows on the rare stops we made.  Did I ever learn my lesson!  I don’t travel here in France, even on fancy bullet trains, without my own water and some light, healthful portable food, even if it’s just almonds and raisins or some dried fruit or something.  Those fancy trains often don’t have much (the posted menus are useless) and they run out quickly.  Anyway, who wants to spend 20 euros extra?

    2. They make one CR break along the way.  And a vendor does come on at one point to sell water and snacks.  Usually the snacks are rice-crispy squares and chicharones, maybe some cookies so.. best bet is to take your own water/flavored-drink and snacks.  I brought fried chicken and lumpia that I grabbed at the terminal before boarding in Cebu.   🙂

  1. I only took about 15 minutes to plan this trip.. and it shows.  It turns out there is an easier way to make this journey.   🙂

  2. p.s.  The cost for the Bus fare, from Dumaguete to Cebu is 205 pesos.  So, that plus the 63 pesos to cross the channel in the ferry makes for a total of 268 pesos.  (about $7 USD)  This is one-way.   🙂

  3. Tascam;  in california, i worked 30 days a month just to ‘keep up’ with expenses.  in the PH, i don’t really ‘work’ (although i do maintain my channel and several websites).. and i spend a lot of my time just exploring new places and meeting lots of cool people.  so.. i much prefer living in the PH over Cali, and i lived in Cali all my life.  Lower costs of living, very friendly girls, active social life, beaches, mountains, islands, snorkeling, bbq and warm, summer evenings all year round.  inexpensive beer too, usually less than a buck in most places.

    1. @BLACKMINER73 The cost for the Bus fare, from Dumaguete to Cebu is 205 pesos.  So, that plus the 63 pesos to cross the channel in the ferry makes for a total of 268 pesos.  (about $7 USD)  This is one-way.  

    1. Or just pay for an extra seat so you’re not all bunched up. Its cheaper that having it all for yourself with the same comfort as going solo. 😉

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines When visiting Boracay PH back in Feb we had been told by one of he locals that this is standard practice on tricycles. He said, because I am white, I need to flag down a tricycle with passengers already in it, otherwise the driver assumes you want the tricycle for yourself and charges you what he would make if the vehicle had been full.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I see, it might be that it is not a common route, best in those cases is to ask the price in advance and then either take it or leave it. If you are in a hurry of course the bargaining power is all gone 😉

    4. @Patrick Schaufelberger as a foreigner, i’ve found that if i ride a tricycle with other passengers aboard.. i only pay about 7-9 pesos depending on how far i’m going.  but.. if i want a tricycle to myself, it ends up being about 60-80 pesos.  (same gas, less riders so.. kinda understandable.)

  4. I think you met some hot looking sweetie online from Cebu, and
    your just dying to tell us viewers all about her. We’ll be waiting for
    the “news” Henry. Enjoy your trip to Cebu.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines -well good luck with that Henry. Of course
      she’ll have to realize that being in the “limelight” comes with the territory when
      it comes to being with you. Hopefully all works well with you and her, and I’ll be
      dying to see her on future videos. Just be sure to get her good looking friend’s
      phone numbers for me–I don’t mind taking seconds!!!

    2. @Grant Bedard actually, that’s exactly what it is.  ha!  but i want to see how her and i do together before bringing her into the limelight, even if on a limited basis.  🙂   so far, looks good so.. i’m hopeful.

  5. Uprated.  Eh, well, part of the fun for me has been traveling alone in new places (such as where I expatriated to from the USA) and taking the less-than-direct route by accident, even for awhile.  It just made it more fun to figure out on my own that there was a better route.  Traveling alone as much as I have, and expatriating, has been good for my self-esteem, but not for my nerves, I must say, ha ha!! 

  6. I love your videos and your lifestyle.  Have you ever traveled to Mindinao?  I heard about Americans being kidnapped there by muslems to fund their operations.  I’m actually interested in a girl from Mindinao  near Oroqueta city whom I  plan to meet in Cebu.

    1. @infoquestor i, personally, have reservations about going to mindanao.. but plenty of expats visit and live there without issues in davao and CDO.  the southern areas are no muy bueno though.. lots of bad mojo down there for foreigners.

    1. @Jim Jimm i’ve ridden in some nice ones.. and a lot of old beaters that couldn’t go more than 5mph.  ha!  i once had a trike take me only half-way and stop, but still wanted the full fare!  i asked him, “why?  why would i pay you full fare for only half the trip?”  and his reason was, “because my trike is no good.”  ha!  (i gave him only half the money and left.)

  7. Henry you could have also taken your scooter with you and ride the boat that takes the bus to Cebu. 😉 We call it that boat the “Ro-ro.”

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