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  1. Lol, your so funny the wrong side police. I think soju is Korean. While stationed there three years i drank a lifetimes worth. Don’t ever ever ever ever ever drink that stuff! It’s the alcohol that could change your life in the wrong in one night! Not the whistle! Lmao!

  2. Brian it used to be 4 guest admitted on one membership card , i buy the 6 packs of Heineken and they have some tasty muffins to eat 6 cakes in a pack , my nearest s&r is lipa city Laguna.

  3. You better stay in the right lane. Don’t make them use that whistle! Thanks for price checks. I was wondering how much different prices were in the US versus the Philippines.

  4. Philippines produce a very good inexpensive rum Tanduay Dark 5year. I’m not an expert but i think Tanduay is comparable with Western produced rum, very easy on the palate.

  5. They need them in mall because as you see the people can not follow very simple instructions or follow arrows or tape lines Grown ass adults sad just sad

  6. Sadly, I kept waiting to see the prices on SanMiguel & RedHorse. That looked like a well-ventilated face mask – might get you a fine or arrested in some places.

  7. bottom’s up …..let’s all liquor up and forget about this “Wuhan Communist Virus”
    on my way to “Trader Joe’s” for some Ice Cold German Pilsner :
    the Dog Days of Summer is upon us here in LA ….let’s all lay back watch some ball game
    roll up a nice cool weed plus a Delicious Taco Loco and enjoy a nice quiet evening ….

  8. hello; you should just get you a home for your the family and stay in the philippines !!! i beleive is a good choice and less craziness like you would see in america !!!! my humble opinion !!!! still luv your videos and thanks for sharing them, enjoy them a lot. if it wasn’t for this dumb virus i would have been there months ago !! for sure i will go there early next year !!!

  9. I love that ‘Holy’ mask lol!! I wonder if anyone picked up on it?? It truly goes to show that they haven’t standardized what type of mask to wear that blocks viruses when they say it can be anything including an old shirt wrapped around one’s face. I’d be doing the same thing if I were there. In Canada here my friend it is all dependent on what Province your in… Hell you could wear one of those Middle Ages Plague masks that those quack doctors wore at the time… Good video my friend, keep up the great work!

  10. It could be the tarrifs are very high for western alcohol, and favoritism toward the Chinese products. Since i don’t drink alcohol it makes no difference to me

  11. I haven’t drank alcohol in over 30 years, but that stuff seemed pretty expensive to me, especially the beer. Wow, a whole new aspect of a mall cop. Haha. My brother had a VW van back in the 60’s. He wishes he never would have sold it, now that he sees what one in good condition brings in when sold now. Haha. That Scooby van didn’t look like a VW, probably just bought the emblem and put it on whatever kind of van it was. Y’all be safe.

  12. my wife’s niece got caught without a mask boom right to jail the president isn’t messing around watched him on the video he said if he catches you not wearing a mask he will have you arrested.

  13. Some liquors are in the Philippines a lot more expensive than here in Europe, then others are quite affordable. Usually I drink San Miquel Light or a local rum (optionally with coca cola). Besides that i think that S&R is more expensive than for example JJ, but has a far more extensive choice. Interesting to see Heineken cans be equally priced over there than here in the Netherlands.

  14. I guess the virus is serious stuff and people have to be told what is proper, not everyone is a genius that’s why you need security to tell the public which direction to go, for the better of everyone. It’s not your right to spread the virus but everyone’s right to be free of a communicable disease.

  15. Hahaha you were killing me I wanted you to show the Jim bean black label oh oh I was yelling at my phone saying go down go down lol by the way yes it’s cheap when I’m in the Philippines I buy heinekens cheap about $6 dollars nz and 1100ml bottle of Jim bean black label around $25 NZ dollars I pay here $ 45 for a bottle of it and cigarettes are very cheap there too I don’t smoke but like a drink thanks for driving me crazy hahaha take care

  16. Never been in S&R yet, hopefully when I take a vacation there I’ll give it try to see. Totally surprise they are now charging customers for a parking fee in Marquee Mall, is it the same thing in SM Clark?

  17. C’mon man it’s like adults don’t need supervision. While it does look and feel akward and funny, a few adults would just ignore the rules and signs. So yeah as much as we presume that as an adult we’re capable of self discipline, sadly we act like children more than we’d like to admit it.

  18. Lol that volkswagen it look like a dahatsu i think it is haha i mis the phils yes truh realy more fun there hopecul soon i can go again to my wife and kids

  19. Min. Scotts whisky age is 3 yrs. (cheap mainly blended (mixed) whiskies). Expensive mainly (single,not blended) malt whiskies spend 12 to 50yrs maturing in wooden casks. That is why they are so expensive.

  20. Brian next time you go to S&R give us a quick look at more of the store please if you don’t mind. As soon as I’m allowed back in I might join this store. Thanks my friend

  21. Thanks for the info πŸ˜Šβ€ΌοΈSome prices are cheaper. The top shelf ones are comparable. Good to know. I wonder if they’ll take my Costco card , lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈ

  22. Bicadi that i drank in aussie was 65 dollars a bottle cost 400 paceos anout 13 dollars on the whole liqour is so much cheeoer here a slab off beer in aussie about 50 dolarshere 26 dollars some real bargins CV here tandaway rum is made in phillipines nearlyvas cheep as water

  23. Jack Daniels is no whiskey it’s Bourbon , whiskey is made in Scotland and Ireland only it’s a protected ,whisky from Scotland. – whiskey from Ireland

  24. Most of the prices are good and some like the Jack Daniels is a bit cheap there then here in Canada. It could be an original VW bus for the Philippines just look at the Toyota vans there they look nothing like the ones in Canada or the US

  25. There fixing to LOCK DOWN Manila and the president gave SHOOT to KILL order for non listener. Fixing to get Bad over there Philly keep us posted if you can!? πŸ™

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