1. Rod good to see some life coming back in the Philippines…still so glad i got here last November…did my 6 more months and they gave me permission to do my 13a. I’m here to stay after two years of back and forth…as always great video my friend.

  2. What a time to open up a restaurant. It’s hard enough to be a new business owner. I hope he gets through it. If he does, his business will be able to survive anything typical. I’ll drop by and eat there next time I am in Cebu.

  3. Rod, I have someone telling me things are getting back to normal, but I think he’s just being optimistic. Can you confirm if things are improving? This is what he says:

    “But things are getting better here. Special in Camotes there are no restrictions any more. I have been in Cebu. No more check points and normal life. With or without masks. It looks things are getting in order.”

  4. I hope he makes it. What really stood out is the cleanliness the water purification. I imagine those rooms would be good to rent also. As they appear to be spotless and new. He seems like a real go get her. Even rent a motor scooter fantastique. Like you said the timing was horrible

  5. That is a serious water filtration system, Major over kill, 3 of the 20″x4″ blue canisters there is what I install in many places with 1 Sediment , loose carbon and a solid block carbon does and outstanding job. What he has done here is good enough for a large water sales location, super impressive. I love overkill πŸ™‚

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