Strolling the Malatapay Merkado (2of3)

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    1. @easymoneynch i began eating street food (cooked bbq) my first week i arrived and never had a problem.  ironically, the one time i did get the runs was from a resto owned by a swiss foreigner.  ha!  i didn’t begin buying meat from the open merkado though until a year later, when i moved to Bohol and a few times here in Dumaguete.  no problems, for me.  maybe the year i spent here first got my body used to it.  and of course, cook meat thoroughly.  what you see in the merkado is usually butchered that morning. 

    1. @lonnie nail i haven’t been there yet, but i have seen they have very beautiful women.  the language barrier is a little tougher though.  PH teaches english to all it’s kids in school.  Thailand doesn’t.

  1. Great vid Henry. Love the top view from your gopro. Would like to see you wheel and deal to get the lowest price from some of the vendors ha ha.

    1. @Jo Jo i really didn’t mind though.  the heat/humidity only bothered me my first 2 months here.  but then i was about 50 pounds heavier back then.

  2. Henry is your name I presume. My name is: Joey. Been watching your videos lately and its very intriguing. I’m not an expat as you are but I was born in Dumaguete City though my 2nd residence is in Bacong where my family and relatives live. Now residing in Belleville, IL. It has been 16 yrs. I haven’t been home though I do kept up with your travel videos. Hopefully we can meet up somewhere in Dumaguete when I do visit my hometown again.I miss my town Bacong very much.

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