Sunday Afternoon Getaway to Liquid Dive Resort, Dauin, Negros Oriental

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  1. I never seen you so happy in my life that little one will make you happy both of you for the rest of your life and I hope you have more dreams together I am so happy for both of you just be safe and I know one day I will be back there I just have to keep my chin up everyday that’s what my brother told me today πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  2. Wow, 7 months already. Time flies Ned so soak it all in now before she grows up.
    Thanks for the update, cheers and πŸ¦„πŸΆπŸŒˆ πŸ‘

  3. Zoe is growing soooo fast! You’re a lucky man, to have 2 beautiful girls in ur life.. never take it fir granted. Still like your intro music, n I swear…..still sounds like into to “Jack n Diane”! Lol.

  4. Yall got the brownie? I thought yall were going for the Blueberry cheesecake? Lol. You’ll have to get that next visit. $23 not bad for the days’ stay there.

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