Sunday Evening at the Dumaguete Church & Park

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  1. It looks like a nice event to check out¬†on Sundays that has several things happening, but not elbow to elbow with everyone else. Room to roam and “people” watch.

    1. @Scott Parnell it’s a toss up.. i’m sure there are some good ones there.¬† (and some bad ones there for confession.)¬†¬† ūüôā

  2. Brother Henry, all the fire on the table @ :55: where they sacrificing “virgins” (term still used loosely) again? ¬†LOL.

    Henry, let me ask you: can you lose the backpack so you look a little less touristy?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yeah, good point. I mean being a “tourist” won’t help with the good girls, but a few VERY bad girls along the way won’t hurt. LOL!

    2. @DemocracyDoctor1 nah.. those are just candles.¬† ūüôā¬† as for the backpack, it’s a necessity to carry my tripod, monopod, digital camera, water, snacks.¬† besides, if the girls think i’m a tourist, all the better for me.¬† ūüôā

  3. If you want to be precise, this isn’t just a “church”. This is a Cathedral; the seat of the Bishop in Dumaguete. The Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria. – the patron saint of Dumaguete.

    1. To be honest the only Muslims I’ve seen in the visayas are the ones selling bootleg DVD’s in the stalls… not very radical at all. Even the Muslims down south in Mindanao are not too radical when compared to the extremists in the middle east. The ones in Mindanao usually kidnap westerners for ransom, not ideology.

    2. Lapulapu…on Mactan…increased interracial immigration and housing….But increased violence and robberies in across the bridge in Mandue city and Cebu city believed to be unrelated to changing ethnic makeup…just big city ferment.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Thanks for your observations.   We have had to change our plans on where we were going to live because of a changing social environment and more murders, break-ins and inter-racial hostility.   It happened so suddenly in an area of Cebu where I have walked freely alone for six winters.

    4. @prairie mark not much of a muslim presence, relatively speaking, here in dumaguete.¬† i can’t even remember the last time i noticed one.¬† maybe a month ago.¬† further in southern mindanao is where you really need to be concerned.¬† me, i just don’t go there.¬† as for intl students, mostly it’s korean students, a few vietnamese, mostly filipino.

    1. @AM95564¬†Those performances are organized by the City every Sunday to entertain people who are roaming around….also to develop local talents, keep the children away from bad doings…. all for the greater good.

      Every Sunday is sponsored by different entities from the City, from High school, Colleges, Universities, all sorts of sectors.

    2. @AM95564 almost every sunday, weather permitting, there is something going on at the stage there.  lots of high school kids are into choreography and song, so.. lots of talent around.

  4. Sunday is definitely Family day and a day of worship. Devout Catholics are all over in the Philippines. The country is roughly 80%  Roman Catholic. I just call myself a semi-practicing Christian but not religiously committed or devout.  

  5. Henry, do you happen to know the name of that church? Making plans for my second trip to PH (Boracay and Dumaguete) and would really like to see this in person. Love all the videos that you do, keep up the excellent work

  6. Wow great video and a lot of fun to watch, I saw several friendly smiles from some very attractive pinay, thanks Henry that was really cool.

    1. @Syd Ray btw.. i do use tap water for brushing teeth and after the bohol earthquake, i used tap water to make soup, again with no problems at all.¬† but my water on bohol came from a local well.¬† in the big cities i’d imagine they get their water using different resevoirs and delivery methods for tap water.

    2. @Syd Ray me, personally.. never had a problem.¬† then again, i’ve had street-food in mexico and los angeles without issues all my life, so maybe i have a tolerance.¬† other people, if they so much as brush their teeth with tap water they get the runs.¬† ha!¬† but i can’t think of the last person who said they had issues with it, but i imagine some people do.

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