1. Mr Paul.I have to say thank you for showing us that we can follow our dream! I have no family here in the states and i am retired from the military at 48 years old and i am going to move to the PI as soon as the world opens up again.When i get there i will let you know in advance and i would like to buy you a beer and just have a great conversation about life,God,and all the women we have known in life Lol!! God Bless you and Mae and your family! I also have panic attacks and p.t.s.d and have had a heart attack and i have to get out of the states before it kills me! God willing.

  2. Is there a way for us to talk in private. I am getting things in order before I make the move there after this Covid virus dies out. I just have some personal questions.

  3. Why don.t you get off you arse and do the video outside mate fuck you can talk under water I like you mate but I think you and may can do good ausse pete

  4. To be objective about buying a house. The rents are so low, it won’t pencil out. In other words it cost way more money to build a house than to rent for 20 – 30 years. Let’s say you have money to buy a house in the Philippines, just use that money for an investment that will pay something like 8%. A house in

    the Philippines just won’t give any income. Some guys say they want to leave a house for “the family”. Keep in mind buying a house could shorten your life.

  5. Paul, If you do talk to an immigration expert, there is a question that comes up from time to time. Let’s say a foreigner is approaching 3 years in the Philippines on tourist status. He doesn’t want to leave the Philippines (3 year requirement) because of the restriction not being allowed back in. The word on the street is immigration will only give a

    30 day extension. Hence these guys are basically screwed. However if you could find out what the facts are, that would help. I left the Philippines October 2019, so I am good.

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