Sunset and Toes 2/4/21 at 6:05 PM

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  1. 79 degrees F till 10 pm… But you will say on the beach it feels like 70 F.. Nice sunset 👏 Hardcore gangs running the beach 😂 we call those pork rinds.. 😋

  2. Geez Mark could you rub it in alittle more here outside minneapolis were getting 3 plus inches of snow then a cold snap from canada. I envy you and cel.

  3. I’m so glad you have found happiness in the Philippines Mark. I remember 16 years ago you telling me your dreams and plans of retiring in the Philippines. I was so sad for you when things just fell apart and your dream became so far away. I really thought it wasn’t going to happen. But Mark you made it happen. In my life I feel that God moves us in different directions to creat a better dream. Like when my dreams were crushed by my x wife when she wanted a divorce. You introduced me to Josephine the love of my life. It would of never happen if it wasn’t for you insisting that I meet her. For that I will always have you to thank for that. You are a good person Mark. We will always be friends. And it is my dream to retire. In the Philippines to. I will be visiting you for sure. Thanks Mark for being a very good man that is kind and friendly to everybody.

  4. I’ve been using the VA there for my military disability. But, is there a really good hospital in the San Fernando/LA Union area for other medical care? Such as a Hematologist ?

  5. Hey Mark I’ve actually started buying new fishing gear to bring with me. I’ve seen some good points to fish from. Can wait to get back to the Philippines. Take care my friend

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