Surf Report for San Juan La Union, Video of Today’s South swell 2 to 4 feet Local surfers having fun

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  1. Nice video 👍. Beautiful day, wish I was there! That was pretty messed up that those people sat right in front of the camera and blocked the view of the surf though – they had the whole beach it looked like, so that was very inconsiderate. 🤷‍♂️

  2. About time I found a surfer . My gf is in Caloocan planning to move somewhere with waves . Grew up bodyboarding The Wedge and thousands steps . Trying to get back to the Philippines hard with the pandemic. Love the surf reports and the area ur in . Maybe we can catch some barrels sometime take it easy . Cloud 9 general Luna looks like an awesome break 😎

  3. Actually the beach goers made your video that much more enjoyable. Vacationed there in 2017 stayed at Villas Buena Vista Resort next to the old Spanish Watchtower. Hope to run into you when I retire in 16 months.

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