Surfboard Fishing at San Juan La Union Beach! Underwater footage and Time Lapse Video of waves.

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  1. always having a surfing in that place….please visit also my kubo house…i so love surfing with eljay and mark coachesπŸ€—βœŒβœŒβœŒ

    1. Hi, and good afternoon. Oh.. i work out at Ciabel too! I think i have seen you in there! I think Mark is the lifeguard.. right? and surf instructor. He is cool. Good surfer too. My name is Mark also.. so easy to remember. Well, i’ll see yah out in the water. No waves now. but i have been going out to paddle for exercise in the evenings.. and fish! lol.. didn’t catch anything. Thanks for watching. I subbed to your channel! Nice MMA work out! Cheers, Mark

    1. Brett’s Channel is awesome! So is his dog! Butter! Most all Philippine Vloggers really enjoy sharing the Philippines and places to go and things to do!

    1. Hi, I’m not sure how to do a link for this Camera. I got it on Lazada. It was listed for 999 Pesos. Flash sale. It doesn’t say the name of the seller. It has a picture of the camera. and Listed as: 4K package Ultra HD Action Camera. The selling had 4.5 out of 5 stars ranking. and 26 review.. oh.. there it is. Name of the seller is: Power Lab. I highly recommend them! Good service.. good product. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Like 16 great underwater footage you’ll probably need deeper water to catch nice fish well done keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Fran! I just do the fishing when the waves are small. Would be nice to catch something. but really.. i’m more of a Longboarder than fisherman.. lol.. I really like your drone shots. I’m really wanting to get one.. but on a tight budget right now. Soon though.. for now.. i’m learning watching your videos! Cheers, Mark

    1. Thank you! I had alot of fun making this video. I have a new video uploading right now. Should be available in about 40 minutes. Thanks for watching. Cheers! Mark

  3. What a great idea I never thought of using a surfboard to get out and stay out. Thats unusually calm there. If im not mistaken thats the long stretch of beach just after Kabsat and Flotsam?

    1. yes.. actually right out in front of Awesome Hotel. There is a reef just north of Final Option.. just a 10 min paddle out. I see locals catching Octopus there! and other fish!

    1. yeah.. i didn’t catch any. You kinda have to go out far to catch some! i paddled out on my longboard .. was in 8 meter deep water.. tried for 30 min. nothing.. I’ll try again soon! πŸ˜‰ pretty sunset though! πŸ˜‰

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