Taking Care of Your Health, in the Philippines 1of2

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  1. Health is a big concern, when you retire in the Philipines:) A mile and a half is a good distance from the city. Easy to get to the city but not in the city. My wife is in Loboc right now because of a death in the family. 

  2. Your absolutely correct about losing weight in the philippines. Every time I’m there for any length of time I usually lose about 10 -15 pounds in 3 weeks. I think it’s partially due to the humidity (sweating all the time) and smaller portions as you mentioned. Much better to keep your blood pressure and other illness you may have in check when living in the philippines. 

    1. Most expats, if not covered by the VA, opt for PhilHealth.  However there are other companies based that offer great coverage as well.  I’ll probably need to do a video just on that topic soon since there’s much to cover.  But PhilHealth is what a lot of expats use.  (can google for more info on them)

  3. Hi. How do I send a longer question to you? I see that you have a “Ask Henry” section, but I can’t find an email address or anything. I’ll donate to your Pina Colada fund if you can help me out. Thanks. 🙂 I enjoy your channel.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
       Alright, thank you. I sent you a message there.. it’ll probably be in your “other” inbox since we’re not connected/friends.

    2. I’m a bit behind on regular email, but I can respond faster from Facebook.  Just look me up there under ‘Reekay’.. same icon as here.

  4. Thank you so much for your time and help!
    I’m not sure how to reach you I’m Vietnam Vet from Calif now in Arizona
    I’m looking to meet a christian (Born Again) I’m not rich SSI and small pension
    and may return to work when 65 in OCT. I have no family no kids and after being a care giver to my dad who passed away 2010 I had a break down and retired early
    I feel safe and secure your honesty how you can make time to share
    I have skype………………john24jesus7
    [email protected]
    God bless and always remember your valuable to God and others!

  5. Great video and advice as usual Henry. I think I am almost as excited for you to get back home to Bohol as you are…I’m sure you are on point regarding both the portion sizes in the Philippines and the walking. When we go out to eat here in the states we virtually never eat our whole meal, but end up taking at least half home with us. I used to eat everything on my plate then be miserable for a couple hours. The portion sizes here are ridiculous, and we wonder (not really) why we have a virtual obesity epidemic in this country. I have a 50lb dumbbell that I use for some of my exercises (kneeling row, skull crushers etc), and often when I pick it up and realize I used to carry more than that in extra weight around 24/7/365 it is amazing to me.
    I took your advice and went from watching this video to the one where you were first landing in Mactan and with the weight you’ve lost it doesn’t even look like the same guy in the two vids 🙂 
    A little off topic, but while I was watching that first one and Mactan and Cebu were coming in view you were talking about all the times you had gone to “Google Earth” and zoomed in on all the landmarks…I found myself sort of putting myself in your place, and I’ll tell you, I would have probably been hyperventilating if it had been me. Very cool…Keep up the good work! 
    Kind Regards,

    1. As with most expats here, it’s not that we’re ‘rich’ by US standards, but are ‘rich’ by local standards because of the Peso exchange.  So we’re able to travel around, get lodging, see new places much more than we could in our own home countries.  🙂

  6. Please do a section on how you manage access to your finances.  My wife and I have really enjoyed your video blogs here on YouTube and found them both enlightening and entertaining.  Of all the topics you’ve covered, one important aspect for expats is the question “How do I access my finances back home?”.  If you don’t mind, please do a segment on this topic.  How best to transfer funds, recommended banks, pay your utilities, etc.

    Again, thanks for the insights into your adventures.  I do hope we get the opportunity to get together once we’re there as well.

    Cheers and continue the great work on your video blogs!

  7. Hi Henry believe it or not I lose a lot of weight from just riding my motorcycle . I think if you stay mounted with good posture like an old time calvary trooper and are aware of your body movements and use your core muscles properly is what does it. I was with out my tryumph for a few months and as soon as I got her up and running again I shed 20 lbs in the first tree or four weeks and didn’t really notice it till I had to start punching new holes in my belt .lol .the next time I got paid I had to go buy pants .went from a 44 to a38 waist just something to think about while riding. And its not that difficult to learn to shift it becomes second nature pretty quick and your already use to the traffic.

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